18 Years (Ashton Irwin FanFic)

What would you do if you learned you mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?

*This is the original story written by me on another site*


7. Drumsticks

Ashton's POV-

I watch from Lily's doorway as she plays her drum. I knock on her doorframe causing her to come out of her little world she was in. She looks up and smiles until she sees it's me, and then she frowns. I will admit the past times I have been around her I almost wrecked and I broke her drumsticks. 

"Don't you dare break these, these are my backup pair."  She says pointing to me with them. I nod my head and pull out the little wrapped box. I had looked around her room and seen a lot of blue and tie-dye. I decided to give her a little gift as a repayment. 

"Speaking of drumsticks, this is for you." I say giving her the box. She looks at it before hesitantly grabbing it. 

"What is it?" She asks looking at the box skeptical. I laugh at her and just untie the little bow.

"Just open it and look." I say gesturing to the box. She opens it and slowly a smile appears on her face. Score for Irwin! 

"You got me these?" She asks picking up the tie-dyed drumsticks with her name on it. She stares at the name on it for a long time.

"Did I put the wrong name down? If so we can get it changed." I say worried.

"No, you got everything right." She says quietly. I smile as I see a tear almost escape her eye. 

"I didn't mean to make you cry." I say feeling bad. Next thing I know I feel tiny arms wrap around me. 

"Thank you; it's the best gift ever." She whispers hugging me tighter.

"Can you let go, I can't breathe." I say. She laughs and let’s go of me.

"So you ready to leave home on the 30th?" I ask sitting down.

"Kinda am, kinda not. I don't really want to leave my parents I am now just getting to know." She says sitting on her bed across from me.

"You have fun I promise, considering it's with One Direction and us." I say emphasizing the “and”.

"Oh my, I get 9 boys all to myself, whatever will I do?" She says keeping a straight face until I laugh at her. 

"Anywho, where is Luke?" I ask standing up. She rolls her eyes at me and stands up.

"Should have known you had an ulterior motive." She says walking down the hall and into the kitchen where Luke is trying to cook.

"Help me here!" He yells to us. We laugh and look at him failing on making pancakes.

"Aren't they supposed to be circles?" I ask looking at one that looks like a chicken leg. 

"Just move." Lily says pushing him aside with her hip before making a somewhat circular pancake.

"It must run in the family." I say sitting at the counter with Luke.

"Hush it Irwin." She says. I watch her and she sticks out her tongue and she pours the batter. That's a cute little thing she does when she is concentrating, I noticed her doing it when she played the drum. 

Lily's POV-

I hug my mom for the last time for a long time. I climb into the car and watch my parents get smaller and smaller in the distance. I feel bad for leaving them, but I also felt bad telling Luke no.

"Will you two stop?" Cal ask from in between me and Ash. We look at him and see him going mad.

"What?" I ask him trying to keep from laughing.

"Quit that spinning thing with your drumsticks." He says waving his hands.

I look down and sure enough I am spinning my drumstick in my hand. It started to do that during band awards, I developed it as a nervous habit. I put my drumstick in my lap and look out the window. Those are some badass drumsticks though. 

We get to the airport and board a plane heading to Toronto. I have never been to Toronto; I hear it was cold there. I am nervous to see one of Luke's concerts. I am even more nervous to meet One Direction boys. I just need a drum to bang on and forget everything right now. I wonder if Ash would let me play his drums when we land. I'll ask him later, when I feel like getting up. This is a twenty hour flight that I plan on sleeping since it is already 1am and I need sleep. I love sleep more than food. I'll just be ready when I land in Toronto and can sleep in a bed.

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