18 Years (Ashton Irwin FanFic)

What would you do if you learned you mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?

*This is the original story written by me on another site*


8. Drum Off

Lily's POV-

"A bed...a real bed." I say climbing under the covers on the hotel bed. Oh I never loved a hotel bed more.

"You're crazy." Luke says climbing into his bed.

"Shut up and go to sleep like the rest of us." I say closing my eyes.

We landed in Toronto and came straight to the hotel, we battled fans to get here and well me being sleepy I'm sure I just got a hearty dose of hate from fans. I may of cussed one girl out because she grabbed onto me. Luke made me share a room with him, but I really didn't mind because who else would I bunk with. We all made Ashton bunk with Niall; I'm sure Ash will be well fed so no worries. Mikey and Cal bunked together and I guess Harry and Louis bunked as did Liam and Zayn.


"Wake up." I hear someone shout before hitting me. Only brave one that would do that is Luke.

"What?" I ask sitting up and glaring at him.

"We have to go eat and then go to the arena." He says walking into the bathroom. I lay back down; I can get at least 15 more minutes of sleep when he is in the shower.

"I'm out the shower, now get up and get one." Luke says loudly.

I groan and lazily walk to the steamy bathroom; at least it is now warm and not cold. I climb in and take a long shower until I feel the water grow cold. I whine and get out. I wrap a towel around me and walk back out to see Luke waiting to do his hair. I laugh and grab some clothes before walking into the small closet to change in private. I put on leather pants and red tank before walking out and putting on my red studded heels. I put on some gold ring and owl necklace and walk into the bathroom and fix my hair into a braided bun.

"You're both just alike!" I hear someone shout from outside the bathroom. We turn with our hands frozen in midair and see Niall and Ash standing there. Niall was the one that shouted. Okay I'm cool; Niall is in my hotel room. Well those dreams are finally becoming real.

"Is she okay?" I hear Niall mumble to Ash. I start laughing and turn back to the mirror and spray my hair with hairspray. I spray Luke in the face making him cough...oops!

"You play drums to?" Niall asks holding up my drumsticks.

"Yeah, I played snare drum in the marching band, but I can also play regular drums like Ash over there." I say to Niall as he gives me my drumsticks. I slip them pocket and walk out with them to the room where we are eating I walk in and see other members of 5sos and One Direction sitting around. I follow Luke and sit between him and Ash.

"So, you can play drums like me?" Ash smirks.

"Maybe even better." I say smirking as I smell breakfast coming our way.

"Food!" I shout happy.

"She must be kin to Niall as well." Cal says as a plate is put in front of him. We all get the same meal.

"I feel like I'm in a nursing home, them making me eat the same crap as y'all." I say biting a strawberry. Once we are done we go to the arena. I sit backstage for a while before walking onto the stage

"So you must be Lily!" Louis shouts running over to me and giving me a bear hug.

"The one and only." I smile to him. He laughs and soon I am in a dog pile.

"Guys get off her; she can't breathe with all you lads on top of her." I hear a voice shout. Whoever said that is an angel. I see hands help me up off the floor.

"Thank you..." I trail off looking up to see who helped me.

"Paul." The man says.

"Thank you Paul for saving my life." I say walking off to find Luke. I end up finding Ash dancing around.

"Hey, you're staying for the show right?" He asks once he sees me. I nod my head and sit on the couch. Cal comes in and lays on the other one.

"I didn't get any sleep last night, thanks to troll dude over there." He mumbles as Mikey walks in laughing.

"I apparently snored and kept him up, but I have a feeling it was you." He says pointing to me.

"Luke did I keep you up with my snoring?" I ask worried.

"No, I had earplugs to tune you out." He laughs blaring music.

"I think your hearing is bad b/c of that volume!" I scream over the music. He shrugs as I walk out to see an empty stage. I reach into my pocket and grab my sticks before climbing up to the drums. I need to let off some steam.

"You not that bad." I hear a voice yell climbing up the stairs. I see Ash's bandana pop up before anything else.

"Thanks, I just needed to blow off some steam." I say resting my sticks on the drum.

"Well, imma have to kick you off the seat, but you can stay up here if you want." He says. I laugh and switch places with him. I don't think I have ever heard him play.


"I have a proposition!" Ash says coming down from the drums after they finish their last song. Lord what is he about to do? The fans scream and shout to him. "I want Lily Hemmings to grab a microphone and come on this stage." He says looking at me.

"Damn you" I mouth to him as someone gives me a microphone and pushes me off stage. I see the Ireland flag on the bottom, I’ll get ya back Niall!

"She plays drums and I want to have a drum off!" He shouts. I know my mouth goes wide open.

"If I do this, what do I get if I win?" I ask into the microphone. I hear fans cheer.

"I’ll let you play the drums the next show?" He says more as a question.

"And if I lose?" I ask smirking.

"Simple, I get a date from you." He smirks. Well played Irwin, well played.

"I don't know should I do it?" I ask looking at all the fans. The scream a mixtures of yes and awes because of what he said. "You're going down!" I shout as I turn and see they have brought out another drum set.

"First one to drop off loses!" Harry shouts to us. I nod and smirk at Ash as we begin. We ended up doing to many tricks causing me to get offbeat. I ended up losing, damn. Ash raises his arms in victory as he knows he won.

"I broke a drumstick again!" he shouts holding up a broken drumstick. The crowd roars with laughter. "So how about that date Hemmings?" He asks smirking.

"Luke time for your date, you're a Hemmings!" I shout into the microphone. The fans laugh causing me to laugh. "Ok kidding, I get to pick where we go since I'm being forced to go with you in public." I say trying to keep a straight face.

"a'ight!" He says walking off stage.

"I hope you never try that accent again!" I say walking off behind him.

"Well you're funny unlike your brother." Liam says. I laugh and chug a water bottle that Luke gives me.

"It is really hot on stage when you are in leather!" I whine as we walk off to the car to go back to the hotel.

"Did you like drumming for all the fans?" Ash asks as we get in the car.

"Yeah, I didn't hear any boos." I say leaning my head back as they turn the air on high. Lord what have I got myself into. I have a date with Ashton doing God knows what.


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