18 Years (Ashton Irwin FanFic)

What would you do if you learned you mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?

*This is the original story written by me on another site*


2. DNA Testing

July, 17, 2014 -18 years later                       

Lilac's POV-

"Okay class partner up!" Mrs. Rivers shouted to the class. She was a nice teacher except when she was told she had to do something in her class. Today we were hold to sample our blood for blood type and it would be sent for DNA later. I wonder how many kids are gonna find out dad isn't their real dad?

"We’re partner's right?" Meghan says looking at me. I nod my head to her.

"Read instructions and do it correctly. Does anyone know why we are doing this?" She asks looking over all of us. We all shake our heads. "18 years ago today a baby was abducted and we are doing this at ever school around the world in hopes of finding her DNA or partial DNA."

"I would think with her being 18 now she would be dead." I say to Meghan.

"My mom said some sick woman is raising the poor kid now." She says pulling apart the box and reading the paper.

"Yeah, that could also be true." I say looking at the needle. I shiver at the thought of that going in my skin. 

"Okay Sid the science kid you have to do this." Meghan says holding up the needle and poking it into my arm. 

"Oww!" I shriek along with some other kids. She smirks because of pure enjoyment. 

"Once you are done bring it up here and your parents will be notified when the response." Mrs. Rivers says sitting at her desk. 

"So I was thinking we could take you for dinner tonight as my parent’s birthday present since they just got back." Meghan says finishing up the kit for both of us and standing up. I nod my head and take my phone out. That was one thing I loved about Mrs. Rivers she didn't care if you were on your phone or not. I go on twitter and go to some people’s profile. I click on one that someone RTed. 

@Luke5SOS: I can't believe it has been 18 years today since you were taken from us. 

That just breaks my heart. He chased his dreams and didn't have his twin sister to follow them with him. He is cute I will admit that, but something just feels weird when I look at his picture. 


"Hey mom." I say putting my bag on the counter. 

"Hey sweetie how was school?" Mom asks washing last night's dishes.

"Good besides having to take blood for DNA stuff." I say. I see mom stiffen up.

"Why would they do that?" Dad asks walking into sight.

"I have no idea, something everyone was doing in hopes of finding that Victoria girl. It's been 18 years you would think they would quit." I say not looking up from my phone. When I do look up it's like mom and dad are having a silent conversations with their eyes.

"I'm sure it's nothing." Mom says smiling a big fake smile to me. That is creepy.

"I'm just going to go to my room now." I say grabbing my bag and walking slowly away from them and up the stairs.

Mom has never acted like that until now. I pull out my Pre-Cal homework and attempt to do it. I was never good at math. I was always better at science. It was my best subject, but I barley passed math without the help of a tutor. Mom insisted I get one and three weeks of nothing, mom finally told me find my own. The time I need him, he better answer.

"Hello?" He asks into the phone.

"Yeeeah, I need help." I say into the phone looking at the confusion of numbers.

"I'll be right over." He laughs into the phone.

I had never met someone on the football team that was smarter than me. He is also the quarterback and aren't they supposed to fuck every girl in sight and be a bully? If so, he is not your average football player, he is nice to everyone and even when the teacher offered he helped me he had no problem doing it. 

"Hey, you mom let me up." Stan says walking into my room with his book bag.

"I didn't even hear the doorbell." I say laughing. He shrugs and sits beside me. He grabs the book to see what problem I am on.

"Did you not listen in class today?" He asks laughing. I shake my head and he pulls out today’s notes. "He gave us answers to most of them." 

"Really?" I ask surprised, that old fart probably didn't realize he did. He nods and hand me his paper. I read over it and understand it better with his notes. He never wrote down the notes word for word. He combined the book and the teacher notes to get these simple notes.

"Copy them down and try to work this one out." He says pointing to a fairly easy looking problem. I nod and start writing. I stop writing and look up when I hear pounding on the door and yelling. I look to see Stan looking worried. He walks down with me.

"Eve Donovan?" A cop asks looking at mom. Oh, it's just a wrong house.

"No I'm Tracy Baucom." Mom states as she opens the door wider. Dad walks in from his office to see what is going on.

"Are you David Donovan?" The smae cop asks. Dad hesitated for a minute. He looks at me than to mom. He slowly nods his head. What is going on? A cop comes backing by them and over to me. He looks me in the eyes and holds a picture up to my face.

"I found Lilac, I mean Victoria." He says. 

"Mom what is going on?" I shout to her as they handcuff her and dad.

"Sweetie she was sick and you looked so much like Lilac that we lost, you soon became her and we had to have you." Dad says sobbing. 

"We are gonna need you to come to the station sweetie." A female cop in a suit says walking to me.

"I'll come with you." Stan says in a tiny voice. I have no idea what the hell is going on.

We slide into the back of a police car as mom and dad get into another one. Neighbors are looking somewhat happy and mothers are crying tears of joy. The policewoman turns on the radio as it streams breaking news.

"As of today, 18 years later, Victoria Hemmings has been found in small town of Montpelier, Idaho. She has been growing up under false name along with her abductors. She has become known as Lilac Baucom." The man says in his radio voice. The woman quickly turns off the radio. Stan and I look at each other in confusion and fear. 

"Follow me sweetie." She says opening the door for us to get out. I see a lot of people look at me and Stan as we walk into the police, Meghan runs up to me and hugs me. She is pulled away along with Stan to a waiting area. They sit me in a small room with a metal table. 

"You name is Victoria Hemmings, you were abducted at the age of 1 day old by Eve Donovan and David Donovan. You were taken from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia.  You were taken to the U.S, where your mother changed identities as well as underwent surgery to look more like you." She says showing me multiple pictures. One stands out the most. Eve Donovan is on the top of the photo in bold lettering. The woman has long brown hair and brown eyes. The one beside it is a photo of my mom. When the put them together it is still my mom. 

"So you’re saying that I am that girl that was taken from her family in 1996?" I ask. I put my head in my hands and start crying. How is this possible? I look like my mom and now they are telling me my mom purposely made herself look like me. 

"Yes and your father knows everything, your mother however is mentally sick and doesn’t even know she took you. She thinks you are the Lilac she gave birth to." She says. This all is starting to make since. The reason mom nor dad could never give me blood when I was sick and dying in the hospital was because we weren’t the same blood type.

“Mom knows more than you think, she was acted weird when I told her about today at school.” I mutter. She must of heard me because she writes it down.

"What about the Hemmings?" I ask her looking up. She has watery eyes as well.

"They are flying out here. Their names are Liz and Andrew, you have brothers Ben and Jack. Luke is your twin brother." She says handing me a photo of the family. 

"How did you find this out?" I ask referring to them taking 18 years to find me. 

 "A friend of yours tipped of police that you looked like the girl in the modified picture. We set the DNA testing up for your school. We picked it up and you matched perfectly to Victoria Hemmings DNA." She says. I shake my head and lean on the table. My whole life has been a big lie for 18 years!

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