SAS: Shadows in the Falklands

The elite team of the SAS known as the 'Shadows' are finally called into active service following the start of an invasion of the Falkland Islands by the Argentinians. Will this be their final mission together as one Squadron?


3. Unexpected Change

"Wake up! Wake up!" screamed Brewer "There's been a change of plan, the storm has blocked all air traffic in the area so we are being diverted directly to the island COME ON GET MOVING GEAR UP! We've got 20 minutes! Newbie don't forget your khaki."

"On it sir!" replied Newbie 

"I want this mission to go cleanly men! and that isn't happening so far."

The men all start getting their equipment on and strap on all of their weapons and last but not least they all put their parachutes on and start checking each other's straps.

"E.T.A. 10 Minutes Captain, be ready for my green light to jump"

"Copy that, we are prepped and ready when you are" responded Brewer "Men activate night vision and your strobe beacons, I want a clean jump and landing ok? don't mess up boys"

"E.T.A. 5 Minutes"

"Check each others Chutes one last time men!"

"E.T.A. 4 Minutes"

"Look lively! don't get caught on any trees"

"E.T.A. 3 Minutes"

"Check your equipment is strapped on tightly"

"E.T.A. 2 MINUTES, E.T.A.1 Minutes"


"Broken Shadows, You have a green light to jump, I repeat you have a Green light to jump! Good luck out there I want to see you back at Hereford alive and not on the clock tower!"

"GO! GO! GO! Thanks Mate we will see you there, you better buy us a round when we get there!"

The men all jumped out of the Wessex Heli. Now in a warzone they have to be as stealthy and unseen as possible if they do want to report back to Hereford in one piece.







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