SAS: Shadows in the Falklands

The elite team of the SAS known as the 'Shadows' are finally called into active service following the start of an invasion of the Falkland Islands by the Argentinians. Will this be their final mission together as one Squadron?


4. Close call

The men had been dropped behind enemy lines in a hostile forest.

"Broken Shadows report in, then stack up on my six!" requested Brewer

"Burgundy reporting in!"

"Dark Shadow is Oscar-mike."

"Clooney, im converging on you're position."

"Techie, already here."

"f**k im caught in my para-cord, Brewer" cried Newbie

"Copy that Newbie, men lets get over there and help out the youngster, watch for enemy patrols."

The men all watching a different direction started moving towards Newbie in a wedge formation when suddenly Burgundy heard a snapping twig behind them.

"Everyone drop to the ground very slowly we are being followed," whispered Burgundy "Brewer do I have permission to check it out?"

"Affirmative, hold your fire unless I give the order though."

"Copy that sir," responded Burgundy.

Burgundy slowly got into a low crouching position and started moving towards the sound and discovered a little boy following them.

"um, excuse me, what are you doing out here?"

"I wanted to see who you were, I saw you jump out of that helicopter." replied the boy

"Well do you mind going back home now because you could be put in a lot of danger if you follow us."

"Ok." he responded

The boy started running off when suddenly a sniper bullet ripped through his skull instantly killing him.

"S**T!" cried Burgundy "Sir it was a little boy that was following us, I told him to go home and when he went into that field to the west he was shot by a sniper from that house on the hill, I can't believe it, it was all my fault!"

"Calm down Jack, there was nothing you could have done but, we've got to go past that house later so we can give that sniper a chance to feel the sorrow that comes from killing a civilian. Let's get moving, we still need to help Newbie."

The squad started towards Newbie when without warning 5 Argentinian soldiers appeared and were pointing their weapons at him.

"Oh s**t, ok there are 5 of them and 5 of us get your knives out, pick a target, get behind him and wait for the execution word 'Trafalgar'.

They all pick a man and then get their knives close to their necks and wait for the order.


Argentinian blood spilt on the green grass from their throats staining the grass with a murky red colour.

"Quickly untangle him, we don't want to risk more soldiers turning up."

The 5 men speedily got to work untangling Newbie. after 4 minutes they were done and were on their way to their first objective, The House on the Hill.





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