Don't look back

Rose is back from rehab, and are trying to forget about her ex, Marc, who treated her like shit. When she meets her old friend Harry again, there are getting feelings involved. Are Rose ready to get serious with Harry, or at least ready to love again? But she keep thinking of Marc... But Harry love her, and are ready to come and safe her, when danger comes.


3. Last first kiss

It was really nice seein Harry Again, he hadn't changed a bit, which i actually thought he would have because of fame and everything, but no; he was still the same old and awkwardly adorable Harry.  

We talked a lot about him and his career, but I didnt mind; I loved to hear about his life and the band and everything,it was really excitting, and he had some great stories to tell. We talked about all of our memories together, back in our hometown, and i couldnt stop smiling, when we talked about, how I were Harry's first kiss, and how awkward it was, because he couldnt stop talking about how 'I didnt have to do it' and that 'he would understand, if I didnt want to kiss him' and all of that shit. ''I only kissed you, to make you shut up'' I said to him laughing. ''I were just nervous, dont judge me!'' he said back, laughing just as much as I did. ''You know, it wasn't even that bad. Except for the part where your tongue was halfways down my throat'' i said still laughing. He just looked at me with shining eyes, before he said: ''Well, why dont i just kiss you now, and then you'll see if i've got any better''. He leaned in, and so did I: my lips soon met his, and i could feel his hands at the back of my head. The kiss was magic and hot, and i had fireworks inside. I felt Harry slowly biting my lip, asking for permition to let his tongue in, and I let him. It was such a passionate kiss, and it felt like my body were on fire, and I just wanted to stay in that moment forever, but after a while Harry stopped, and smirked at me  before asking: ''any good?'' I smiled ''well i guess it was okay.'' then we both laughed, before we ended up kissing again. as we laid there kissing, i felt Harrys hands at my back, unzipping my bra. I then notice the big bulge in his pants, and i felt my body burning. i helped him take of my shirt, before he took his own off aswell. He started kissing med down my neck, then chest and then my stomach and he wasnt stopping. He gave me so much pleasure and my Whole body was under his control.

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