Don't look back

Rose is back from rehab, and are trying to forget about her ex, Marc, who treated her like shit. When she meets her old friend Harry again, there are getting feelings involved. Are Rose ready to get serious with Harry, or at least ready to love again? But she keep thinking of Marc... But Harry love her, and are ready to come and safe her, when danger comes.


4. a.m. conversations

we were laying naked on the floor, my head on his chest, just breathing in and out in the same rythm. i could hear his Heart. bum-bum. bum-bum. i felt so safe and peaceful.

after a while Harry interrupted the sillence: ''I missed you Rose.''

I said ''I missed you too, Harry. so much.''

then it was sillence again for awhile.

''I heard what Marc did to you.''

my Heart dropped.

he continued: ''I should have been there for you''

''i-im okay''

''No, youre not. and its my fault''

''Harry, what are you talking about? how could it be your fault? youve never done me anything.''

''I saw your wrists... and i saw the marks on your face. I knew what was going on, and i didnt do anything. i could've stopped him, and i didnt.''

i sat up. ''I never told you about it. i never told anyone about it. it was my fault, i should've gone to the police sooner.''

''Rose he abused you. He hurt you. he raped you. how can that be your fault? I should kill that mother fucker'' he sat up angrily, with tears in his eyes.

''Harry dont say that. dont ever do anything like that. youre not like that, dont be like him.''

He looked at me with wet eyes ''I love you Rose. ill do anything to keep you safe''

A few tears made their way down my cheeks, as i looked him in the eyes, not saying anything. i just honestly didnt know what to say. he said he loved me...

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