Undestined Love?

We met. We became friends. We turned to lovers. But it seems like destiny's not upon us. I loved him. I will always love him. People tried to separate us. People said our love is undestined. It will soon end.

"I love you." He said to me. Is that love enough to make our happy-ever-after? Is that love enough to prove the people that we're not undestined? What if that love suddenly fades away? In just a blink of an eye, our everything became nothing at all. Is it a sign that we're really undestined?

I am a girl who always dream to be with my real prince. I'm a happy-ever-after believer. Step into my world and discover that love is not only about happiness. It's not all about the 'I love you's' but it's all about sacrifice and fight. Because love is worth fighting for.


29. Broken Hearted

Chapter 29

Broken Hearted

Harry’s P.O.V.

I ring the doorbell. Vayne’s mom opened the door. She looks so glad that I’m here.

“Hi Tita.”

“Why didn’t you come last time?”

“I was in the hospital. Car accident.”

“Oh. I remember, I watched it a while ago. You had amnesia.”

“Yes. But I didn’t forget my girlfriend Vayne.”

Vayne went down and she looks so happy. She’s really beautiful.

“Hi Babe.” I greeted. She looks so surprise upon hearing it. She hugged me. I miss her. I really miss my first love.

“What brings you here?” she asked.

“Am I not allowed to visit my girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” she asked.

“Yes.” I replied. She looks so confuse. Is she trying to apply her joking skill?

“Ah. Yes. Sorry babe. I’m just kidding.” She replied.

Everyday, I go to their house. I visit her. I am very happy being with her. Hannah kept on looking for me but unfortunately, she’s wrong timing. Thank God she can’t find me every time she goes to our house. She’s so naughty. She keeps on saying that she’s my girlfriend. But my mind says that Vayne is my girlfriend. She’s really my girlfriend. She even demonstrates the way I hold her hand, everything about our relationship. She tells many stories which I have no idea. I can’t really remember. He even showed a bracelet to me. Her name was engraved in it and according to her; I gave it back to her when she lost it before we met on the wedding. I tried. I tried to remember her but still... I can’t.

I keep on hiding, whenever I saw her. I hate naughty girls. Gemma and mom always remind me not to go to Vayne because there will be time my memory will come back. But, I don’t care. I want to see Vayne.

“Goodbye babe.” She said when I drive her home. It’s already 7:00 P.M.

“Bye.” I said then she kissed me on the lips. We kissed. We kissed passionately.

“I Love you.” I whispered.

“I love you too Harry.” She responded.

“Ah...” my head suddenly hurts. I picture something. I remember something. ‘I Love you.’ I whispered to her. ‘I love you too.’ We kissed. Urggg... I am with a girl but her face is blurred. I can’t see her clearly. Ah... I massage my head.

“Are you okay?” Vayne asked.

“Yes. I’m okay.”

“Bye.” She waved goodbye then went inside their house.

Hannah’s P.O.V.

Every time I go to Harry’s house, he is not there. I always ask Gemma but she doesn’t know too. Then I begged his mom to tell me where is going every time. It seems like he’s hiding.

“Tita, please tell me where Harry is. Please.”

“Please. Don’t get angry if I’ll tell you the truth.”

“Yes tita. I will not.”

“He’s always going to Vayne’s house. We tried to convince and warn him not to go because his memory might bring back but still... he doesn’t listen to us. Sorry Hannah for hurting you. Sorry for what my son did.” I cried upon hearing it. Vayne and Harry are meeting everyday. It’s been a week they are meeting. Ouch. Maybe, Harry kissed her the way he kissed me. Maybe Harry held her hand the way he held mine. Maybe Harry loved her the way he loved me. Ouch. My heart is broken again. When will this end? When will my suffering end? What did I do that this will happen to me? Why? Ahhhh... I want to shout. I want to shout and tell the whole world that I want to die. I want to die. My love, my inspiration and my life left me already. He forgot me. He forgot everything about us. Harry! Please come back. Harry! Promise, I’ll always kiss you whenever you wish. I’ll be a better girlfriend. I’ll be your slave. Just please come back. I miss my bee. I miss my star. I miss my baby.

I tried to go to Vayne’s house. Liam accompanied me. We went there at 7:00 P.M. because I called Gemma and she told me she’s not yet at home. There I saw him with Vayne. They are...kissing. I’m crying again. When will these tears stop?

“Liam...” I hugged him.

“Li—Liam, let’s go home. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Be strong Hannah. I know you are still my pie. My pie that is strong to face the challenges.”

“I think I give up now. This is the time to surrender.” I sobbed.

“No. You shouldn’t give up. Prove to all that your love is not undestined. Prove to them that you are meant to be. The amnesia should not be the reason for your love to fade. Remember Hannah, the heart will remember what the mind seem to forget.” Liam is really the best adviser. Thank you Liam. I felt relieved. Just a little.

“Let’s go home.” I told him.

“No. Let’s go to Harry’s house. Let’s watch movies. Let’s bring back the past.”

“But... What if...”

“No more but’s. No more what if’s. The boys are already there.”

We went to Harry’s house. We turned off the lights and prepared the movie to watch and we are now waiting for Harry to come home.

“Why are the lights turned off?” he asked himself as soon as he open the door. He turned on the light. He looks shocked upon seeing us.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Let’s watch a movie buddy. Come one. Sit beside Hannah.” Zayn said. He went and sit beside me. How I wish he will remember everything now.

 “3 idiots.” Liam said. Again? They are really repeating our movie marathon last year in Paris. I wish it’s I could bring back that time.

Like before, I cried during the time one of the protagonist fell on the building. His friends did their best to make him okay. I love their friendship. I wish Harry will ask me why I am crying. Bu to my disappointment he didn’t.

“Titanic.” One of my favourite movies. I remember our anniversary celebration. I am very happy that time. But then... tragic event came. I think people are right, after happiness comes the sadness. Ouch. I miss my jack.

“I’ll go to my room now. I have a headache.” Harry said.

“No. Harry stay here. This is the last movie.” Gemma said.

“Insidious.” Louis said excitedly. I screamed while watching the movie and held Harry’s hand. Sorry. That’s my habit.

“Have we done this before?” he asked. I’m shocked on what he said.

“Can you remember already?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes. Vayne, Zayn, Louis and I watched a movie before.” he explained. Ouch. I thought it’s... we also watched a movie with them before. maybe what he did to Vayne before is like what we did last time in Palawan. My heart is broken again. Again. Again. He went up to his room. Ouch. He can’t still remember.

“It’s fine Hannah. We’ll do another tomorrow.” Louis assured.

“Thanks.” They are really kind and supportive. Although it seems like there’s no hope, they still believe. I hope in the end, I’ll always have my happy-ever-after. For now, I need to do my best to fix my broken heart by not giving up.

Harry’s P.O.V.

The boys with Hannah and Gemma invited me to watch movies. I don’t want to watch because I had a headache. but Gemma told me not to. Okay. We watched 3 idiots, Titanic and Insidious. My head is starting to hurt again. But I don’t want to let them know that’s why I just kept quiet. Hannah screamed and held my hand. I remember a girl holding my hand whenever she’s scared. But the face is blurred again. I’m really confused.

 “Have we done this before?” I asked.

“Can you remember already?” Hannah asked.

“Yes. Vayne, Zayn, Louis and I watched a movie before.” I don’t want to tell them that I remember something. They are having a good time. I shouldn’t disturb them. I went up to my room without uttering any word. I want to sleep. I have to plan on how I will propose to Vayne. Yes. I’m serious. I don’t want to let her go. I want to be with her. I finally realized that she’s the one for me. I don’t care if my memories will come back. I love Vayne. I will always love her more than Hannah. Vayne showed me a lot of pictures about her. She showed me the issues about her. she’s a whore, flirt, and I read on a tweet she showed that Hannah’s just using me to be popular. Is she really like that? How could I love a girl like her?

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