Cliché Love, hugging by the school lockers. Kissing in the rain. Goodnight kisses. Morning texts. Its not reality. Its Cliché


5. Chapter 5

Im a soldier at war ,  I can't believe how much of a jerk Rohan is, at least I've learnt my lesson. Looks are deceiving. I'm sat here against my wall shaking and crying trying to get away from this hell hole, in other words. Life. The taunting words that were spoken are flying around in my head, like a radio stuck on repeat. People are still laughing outside my house, knocking on my door and trying to get my attention. All the photos taken are probably all over the internet now. I got seen with no makeup, the worst outfit ever and me acting like an idiot when I was with Rohan. I don't get it, I was never horrid to Rohan or any of his friends, yet they were the ones who got me to believe that I was going to be kissed. But no, it was all just one big stupid prank.  

My phone is buzzing with messages and notification, but I don't dare to look at it. I'm living my nightmare again. I'm just a joke, friends are suppose to be there for you, Yet Sophie was in the crowd and she was laughing and taking pictures of me. I thought I was popular, one of those girl that people would love to be friends with. No, that's imagination this is reality. Society is going to judge me against all my flaws now. My pimple on my chin, the blackhead on my nose, the scar on my neck, my eyebrows that can never be perfect. All of them and more.


Looking in my mirror I see how ugly I am. How fat I am. How I can't be perfect no matter how much I try, no all the beauty products in the world could make me 'acceptable' in this world. I'm sick and tired of how I'm being treated. People have seen the real me. And its the real me they'll have to deal with. Not the fake Holly that has no flaws. The real Holly Tithe.

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