Cliché Love, hugging by the school lockers. Kissing in the rain. Goodnight kisses. Morning texts. Its not reality. Its Cliché


1. Chapter 1

Everyone wants Cliché love. To kiss romantically in the rain, its Cliché. The nerd falls for the popular guy, its Cliché. The bad boy falls for the good girl. All Clichés. But these things only  happen in the movies. Life isn't a movie, it's reality. Society has the perfect idea of beautiful: Curves in the right places, long silky hair, a thigh gap, popular at school. When I look into the mirror my reflection is distorted by society's idea of beauty. I used to not wear make-up or care what I looked like. I used to not care if I didn't have a boyfriend. I used to think there was no such thing as popularity. I used to think everyone was my best friend. I used to love going to school. But society has changed that completely. Now I have to spend hours on my hair and waste my money on make-up to cover up all my flaws. I've learnt that not everyone I meet is going to like me. I've learnt that not everything is Cliché


Its 6:15, and I'm already up getting ready for school. I rub a facial cream on and rush downstairs to make some toast. That's all I eat. I don't want to get fat. Back upstairs I go and fling open my closet. My hands brush against the plethora of clothes. What dress will go with my eyes I wonder. .I carefully select a short black dress and hold it in front of me. Hmmm, nope not this one. Back into the closet it goes. A glimpse of red catches my eye. Eager to know what it was I rummage around. It's a short silky red dress with a matching pair of shoes below. I silently squeal. Looking at the clock I see its 7:30. Im behind schedule. Flinging the dress onto my bed I rush into the bathroom. I look a mess!  Brushing my hair frantically I try to apply mascara at the same time. Hair done time to cover up those pimples. Foundation on, concealer under eyes done. Lets attempt a Smokey eye. Beep Beep Beep. My phone alarm goes off, signalling me that my friend Sophie should be knocking on my door any minute. Running into my bedroom I put on the dress and shoes. A quick spray of body mist and I'm downstairs. 8:00 I'm out the door. That's the life of Holly Tithe    

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