A Warrior's Heart

Rohan. An incredible warrior, is he a great king though? Rebellious attacks have stopped for many weeks. Could this be leading up to something big?
Thanks to Crown of Shadownight for the great cover.


1. Introduction To The Kingdom

Algatron is home to over 40,000, some living on wealth and great achievement, others living on the cold harsh streets hiding from the troops for fear of slavery and imprisonment. Rohan was a good king, strict but fair, there were sides to him that only his enemies had witnessed but they are no longer around now so no one will know. Rohans wife, the Queen of Algatron, hasn't even witnessed this side. Her name is Rosa, she and Rohan have been married for 14 years and it is one month until their anniversary, every year they would have a great feast and the whole kingdom would be invited, except of course the rebels who would be planning to overthrow King Rohan.

Slaves were often required to polish Rohan's armour and weapons, once one tried to polish Rohan's favourite sword, DragonBlade, the next servant was wiping blood of the floor with a cloth. Many slaves were murdered because of the naivety or mostly because of the frustration of them not being able to do the jobs that were asked of them. It was nasty being the poor and helpless ones in this kingdom because you had nothing and if caught were going to have nothing for the rest of your pointless lives as slaves.

Rumours were common in Algatron, it was extremely rare for them to be true though. False allegations were made on people that had been victim of a rumour or many. Many people were punished because of these and it mostly resulted in the hangings of the victims.

Anyway this kingdom could be a deathtrap most of the time, the population is slowly decreasing and soon it will be vulnerable to attack from rebels or other islands, either way Rohan and his men will have to put up a fight.


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