He is, and will always be my Prince Charming. But, I. Will never be his Cinderella.


1. Prolouge

January, 13th. It's amazing how something can stop before it even begins, how you can be immune to rejection, how something could be immortal, how an affection could hurt, how hope becomes more deadly than death. Maybe those things above didn't happen to any of you guys but it did happened for me. I've tried pursueing love, and I've earned it for a second but then the next day I have to ask his friends about how he's doing, is he okay? When he doesn't give a shit about me. Probably, it's because I always thought we could be forever, I tought that our last kiss would be the last for the both of us, but like I said, hope could be more deadly than death. And now, I've given up on love because one day you're just gioing to realize that you had given so much for love, that the only possible step is to stop. Stop loving. Leave it alone. But it isn't that you shouldn't tried, you should. It is just how you need to draw a line between desperation and determenation. And I've realized that. So I left. And now I've realized that he is my prince charming, and will always be. But I am not, and never will be his cinderella. And that our 'eternity' would just be another 'mortality' The only wish I have right now is that he would learn from his mistake: Don't take anyone or anything for granted. Just because you know that no matter how many times you push them away, they'll always come running back. Because someday, they won't. With lots of regrets, J.W 'Always remember'
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