Wind, Fire and Blood

In a world where humans live amongst fire wielding vampires, one girl has the power to change everything.


4. They Turned On Me

The next day, school was pretty much the same. Kids still stared at me and whispered, but not that many asked what happened, probably because they already knew. No one asked about the bite, but that was probably because I was wearing a scarf. At lunch, Junko and I sat at our normal table with our normal friends. The TV was on and turned to the news channel. I hoped I was yesterday’s news, but I was wrong, though it wasn’t me on the screen.


“We’re just spending the day in town since we have to pick up something here later.”


The boy with dark hair and blue eyes said on the TV. No matter how many times I heard his voice, it still made me shiver. I dropped my chopsticks and stared at the TV with my mouth hanging open. Junko turned her head towards me.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. I motioned towards the TV.

“Hey, there’s a vampire on the news! That’s one brave newscaster.” She said, impressed.

“That’s him. That’s Kaito.” I choked, something stuck in my throat.

“Oh my God. Is he talking about you?” she wondered.

“Let’s hope he’s not and that it’s just a big coincidence.” I said, crossing my fingers. I picked up my chopsticks and took another bite.


“Yukimara? Oh, the human girl. We’re gonna train her.”


I gasped and started choking. Was he trying to ruin my life? Junko started patting on my back and saying “breathe. Toki, relax.” How could I relax? He just told the whole town what was going on. I hoped it wasn’t the national news. Junko handed me my water and in between coughs I took a sip.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, fine.” I answered. “Did you hear what he said?”

“Yeah, I think everybody did. And there are subtitles if they didn’t.”

“That’s it. I’m gonna die.” I moaned. She laughed at me.

“You’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it.” She assured me.

“I think I wanna go to the nurse. Maybe she’ll send me home.”

“And you’re gonna walk home?” Junko asked sarcastically.

 I groaned again. I guess I’d just have to bear through it. And that’s what I did. I spent the rest of the day doodling in class to keep my mind off of things, well, until my teacher yelled at me to pay attention. When the final bell rang, I sprinted out of class and to my locker, then met Junko and Shiro by the main door.

“So, when are they picking you up?” Junko asked.

“I don’t know. Hopefully never.” I complained.

“They know where you live? That’s kinda creepy.” Shiro added.

“Well I never told them-” I was interrupted by a car horn.

“Hey, Human!” I heard someone yell. I looked up to see Kaito waving his arm at me from the sleek black car. It stood out against the old pale cars in the lot.

“Oh God.” I covered my face with my books, hoping he’d go away.

“Everyone’s staring at us.” Shiro commented.

“No, half are staring at us; the girls are all staring at the hot guy in the cool car.” Junko corrected.

“I should probably go.” I said and reluctantly walked away from them and towards the car. But a second later, they were at my side again.

“We’ll walk ya.” Shiro said.

“Yeah, what are friends for other than to lead you to a car full of vampires.” Junko teased.

“Thanks.” I said, my voice thick with sarcasm. Everyone watched as the three of us walked up to the car. When we got close enough, I could see that Toshi was in the passenger seat, and I was glad I wouldn’t be alone with Kaito.

“Have fun.” Shiro said with a smile. I shot him a dirty look and he backed away.

“Text me.” Junko instructed. It wasn’t just a friendly goodbye; she wanted to make sure I’d be safe later. I nodded. She stuck out her finger for pinkies swear and I locked my pinky with hers. We held the pose longer than necessary, but she didn’t want me to leave and I certainly didn’t want to go. We finally let go and I got in the car. They smiled and waved at me as we drove away and I could see a group of students ambushing them for details as we turned the corner.

“You know, your friends could have come along.” Kaito said once we got out of the parking lot. “I’m sure the others would love to have them.”

“No!” I shouted too loudly. I didn’t want anyone involved in this matter. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt. He snickered to himself in front and stomped on the gas pedal. I flew back in my seat as we sped up faster and faster. I looked at the speedometer; we were almost at one hundred. I closed my eyes and kept them shut the rest of the ride and I could hear the two in the front laughing.

We got there in about half the time as yesterday, at the cost of half my life. Like yesterday, when we pulled up there was a crowd in front of the house. I stepped out of the car along with the other two and they led me through the crowd and into the backyard. It was huge and filled with all sorts of training equipment. Punching bags, dummies, a shooting range and even swords set up for training. It was a little intimidating.

“Where’s Masahiko?” I asked quietly.

“Running some errands.” I heard someone say and turned to see Tatsuya walking out of the back door. He came and stood next to Toshi. I didn’t want to hear that Masahiko was out. He was the only one to protect me, even though he was a threat himself. But without him here, the others could do whatever they wanted. I was glad that Kenta didn’t seem to be anywhere nearby at least. The three all turned to me and stared at me with those frightening eyes.

“First we have to figure out what fuels your powers.” Toshi began. “For us fire wielders it’s usually anger, some more than others.” He glanced at Kaito, who shot him a dirty look. Suddenly all three of their heads snapped to the direction of the house. I looked too and saw Kenta staring out of a window, still with that creepy smile on his face. Kaito’s eyebrows pulled down in a scowl and a noise that sounded like a hiss escaped from his mouth. Kenta seemed to have heard and started to laugh. Then his face disappeared from the window. I breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully he wouldn’t come back. They all looked back at me.

“Don’t worry. Masahiko-sama ordered him to stay inside.” Tatsuya assured me after seeing the look on my face. Hopefully that was enough to keep him away.

“Like I was saying,” Toshi continued, “we must find out the source of your power. Do you have any idea what that might be?” I thought about it for a minute. The past two times my powers appeared were when they grabbed me in the office and when Kenta attacked me. I’ve always kind of known that my powers were brought on by strong emotions, usually fear or anger. But if I told them I used my powers when I was scared, they’d try to recreate that. And I didn’t want that to happen. So I just shook my head. They’d have to find out on their own.

“I know.” I heard a voice say that sent shivers down my spine. I turned my head and saw Kenta walking towards us from the house. 

“Get back inside.” Kaito growled. “Unless you want Masahiko-sama to kill you.”

“You don’t want to know?” Kenta taunted and stopped a few feet from us.

“Let’s hear it.” Toshi said after a few seconds. Kaito stared at him angrily.

“Fear.” Kenta replied. At first I was worried, but then I felt an unexpected burst of courage.

“I’m not afraid of you.” I told him, hoping that would prevent him from doing anything. But suddenly he was right in front of me. He moved my hair aside and whispered into my ear.

“You’re not?” I felt his cool breath on the side of my face. I was frozen. He bent his head towards my neck. But as soon as he came, he was gone. Tatsuya was pulling him away and Kaito stood with his back to me, acting as a barrier between us.

“Wait.” Toshi said with a smile. “Maybe he’s right. We should give it a shot. You understand, don’t you Yukimura-chan? It’s the best way.” The sudden relief I felt was gone.

“I don’t think Masahiko-sama would be very happy if we killed her.” Kaito argued.

“We’re not going to kill her.” Tatsuya said as he let go of Kenta and went back to stand next to Toshi.

“And he’s going to be even more unhappy if we don’t find the source of her power like he told us to.” Toshi reasoned. “Do you have a problem with that? Kaito?”

“Of course not.” He answered, and walked away to stand next to the others, seeming almost reluctant. I looked at their faces. Besides Kaito, they were all smiling, smug. It’s like they were waiting for this, like it was their plan all along. It’s not like I didn’t expect something like this to happen. But whose idea was it?

“Why don’t you guys go tell everyone to go inside? We don’t want to start a frenzy.” Toshi insisted. Kaito looked at Tatsuya and nodded his head for him to go without him.

“I don’t want to miss it.” Tatsuya complained.

“Then you better hurry.” Kaito replied.

While they all watched Tatsuya leave, I slowly started to back away. Maybe I could get out of there if I was quick. But then Kenta turned around and saw me. I quickly turned and started to run away, but before I even got a few feet, he caught me by the shoulders and turned me around.

“Gotcha.” He whispered and pulled the scarf off my neck. He ripped off the bandage and sunk his fangs into my throat. But no wind formed around me this time. I needed to get better control of my powers. My mind was thinking about all the things they might do to me. I could hear him sucking the blood from my neck and when I tried to scream he put his hand over my mouth. But I wouldn’t let it be the same this time. I opened my mouth and bit down on his hand as hard as I could. He pulled away.

“Freaking bitch!” he said and laughed. I took the opportunity to turn and run as fast as I could. I looked back and saw him licking the blood off his hand, his eyes glowing red. But suddenly he disappeared. After a second, I tripped over something and fell hard on the ground. Someone grabbed my wrist and turned me onto my back. I looked up and saw that sinister smile, his wild red hair and fangs glistening red with blood. He was on top of me, with one hand pinning my wrist to the ground and the other on my waist. And then his mouth was at my neck again. I felt his sharp fangs pierce my already punctured skin. I didn’t bother screaming; only ground my teeth together, fighting the pain. I didn’t have the strength to fight so I just waited for him to get off of me, but he didn’t. Still biting my throat, he grabbed the collar of my shirt and ripped it open, tearing the buttons off. He lifted his head only to laugh and then pressed his lips hard against mine. I could taste my own blood on his mouth. He finally lifted his head and smiled at me, like we were playing a game, and then sunk his teeth into my collarbone. He squeezed my wrist tighter and tighter, crushing it under his hand. I could feel the bones breaking and I couldn’t help but scream a blood curdling scream. I heard him snicker against my skin. His other hand slithered around my bare stomach, searching for something. I felt him grab the band of my bra and bite down even deeper.  I screamed, and struggled underneath him. I wasn’t going to let this happen.

“Let go!” I screamed as loud as I could. And the wind finally came. I felt it rush around me, blowing my hair around my face, and the weight was lifted off my body. I struggled to sit up, making sure not to put any weight on my injured wrist. He was on the ground fifteen feet from me, a gash in his stomach bled profusely. He felt it and then brought his hand to his face. He laughed at the blood and licked it off his fingers. He had lost what little humanity he had. I could see it in his eyes. He was like a wild animal, laughing not only at my pain, but at his own. So that’s the true nature of vampires. It was terrifying. After a minute he got up. That’s when I realized I couldn’t stop him. He’d just keep getting up and coming back for more. He crouched down, ready to sprint towards me. I was about to give up, not knowing what else to do, when I saw Kaito grab his arm.

“What? Are you jealous?” Kenta asked him. He didn’t answer. “Why don’t you jump in? It’ll be fun.” He looked disappointed at the blank look Kaito had so he stuck his bloody hand in his face. After a moment, Kaito growled and bit down on Kenta’s finger. He didn’t even flinch. Behind them, Tatsuya, who had apparently returned, and Toshi had their hands covering their noses and mouths. I tried to get up and run away when they were all preoccupied but I couldn’t get up. When Kenta saw me trying to leave he pulled his hand away and ran towards me, but before he could reach me, I felt someone pick me up. I looked up and saw Kaito’s face. He had a pained look in his eyes and his jaw was clenched. He bit down on his lip until blood ran down his chin. I looked back at the others but no one was there. I realized that it wasn’t them who moved though, it was us. He carried me away from them so quickly and swiftly, that everything around us was a blur.

In a matter of seconds, the breeze I felt was gone and we were no longer outside. He quickly set me down on the floor and stood as far away from me as possible. I looked around. It was kind of dark but it looked like we were in some sort of shed. I didn’t know whether he had rescued me from the others or just wanted me for himself, so I tried to stay alert, though I was a bit dizzy.

“What do you want with me?” I asked quietly.

“What? Do you want me to give you back to Kenta?” he said rhetorically. I closed my eyes and shook my head and felt something light get thrown at my face. I pulled it off and looked at it. It was a shirt. I looked over and saw that it was Kaito’s, who was now shirtless. I couldn’t help but blush at his perfect body. I hope he didn’t notice. “Get dressed.” He said sternly. I looked down and suddenly remembered that my shirt was torn open.

“Oh!” I gasped loudly and quickly tried to pull my shirt together with my good hand, but it didn’t have any buttons. Kaito was suddenly right in front of me with his hand over my mouth. “Shh!” he demanded. “Do you want them to find us?” I saw him quickly look down from my face. Whether he was looking at my chest or the bloody bite mark on it I wasn’t sure, but after looking for a second he quickly went back to the opposite corner of the room.

I weakly pulled on his t-shirt, trying to avoid the bite marks on my neck and chest, and tried to stand up again. This time I had better luck. But as soon as I got to my feet, I felt my knees buckle underneath me. I thought I was going to hit the ground, but Kaito caught me.

“What are you doing?” he scolded me. “Don’t try to stand up. You’re too weak.” He sat me back down on the floor.

“I gotta get out of here.” I said.

“Fine. Let’s go.” He picked me up and opened the door a crack to look out. Then we were moving again and before I even knew where I was, he set me back down. I looked around. I was in the backseat of a car and Kaito was already in the driver’s seat, putting the key in the ignition. We quickly pulled out of the driveway and sped away.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I’m taking you to the hospital.” He replied.

“The hospital?!” I yelled.

“You’ve lost too much blood, and I think you have a broken wrist.” He explained.

“No! My mom’s working there!”

“Well what do you want me to do? I’m not a healer.”

“A healer? Well do you know any?”

“No. They’re really rare. And even if I did, you’d still need a blood transfusion. Healers can only heal injuries, not give back what was lost.”

Of course. But I couldn’t go to the hospital. What would my mom do when she saw me? Maybe we could go back and see that vampire doctor.

“Daisuke!” I said.

“What?” he looked at me through the rearview mirror.

“The medic. Back at the mansion.” I explained.

“We can’t go back to the mansion, are you insane? And even if we did, and we knew what blood type you were, things wouldn’t turn out very well if he tried to give you a blood transfusion. He is a vampire. And he couldn’t do anything about your wrist either. We don’t have the right equipment there. Any other bright ideas?

I guess he had a point. That medic seemed like he was having a hard time even bandaging me up last time. But I don’t have any other options.

“We’re going to the hospital. Stop being so stubborn.” He said, and I didn’t feel like arguing anymore. Once everything was over and the adrenaline left my veins, I started to feel weak from the loss of blood. I closed my eyes and tried to relax and sometime before we arrived at the hospital, I fell asleep.

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