Wind, Fire and Blood

In a world where humans live amongst fire wielding vampires, one girl has the power to change everything.


1. They Found Out

“Tokiko, Tokiko!” I heard someone calling my name. I looked down the hall and saw my friend Junko running towards me, her orange hair dancing around her.

“Junko.” I said. She ran up to me and pulled out her phone.

“Look, they’re looking for you.”                   

“Who?” I asked. She didn’t answer and instead handed her phone to me as a video loaded. I hit play. It was a newscaster.


“Top story, the vampires are looking for a girl named Yukimura Tokiko, who is said to be able to control wind.”


I let go of the phone, shocked, but Junko caught it before it hit the ground. I didn’t want to hear the rest. For as long as anyone has remembered, we have lived peacefully among vampires. Although everyone is terrified of them, so it’s not really peaceful. They kill who they want, and the humans just want to avoid a war, so they’re left alone. All vampires can control fire, and since I was born, I could control wind, well sort of. I’m not really good at it. It was kept a secret my whole life. The only people who knew were my mother and my best friend Junko. We were always afraid something like this might happen, that maybe the vampires might get curious, or might think I was a threat.

“How did they find out?” I asked quietly, still in shock.      

“I don’t know. What are you gonna do?” she asked. The bell rang and brought me back to reality.           

            “I don’t know.” I grabbed her arm. “Come on, we have to go to class.”

            As we walked into the room, everyone was staring at us. I don’t know if it was because we were late or because I was suddenly famous. We hurried to our seats. Class continued like normal, except for the occasional stare. At about 8:30, someone made an announcement, but it wasn’t the principal.


Good morning. Will Yukimura Tokiko please come down to the office? The principal isn’t here at the moment, but I’m sure he’d appreciate it.


A young male voice said. Everyone started talking and Junko and I looked at each other in the confusion. She knew what I was thinking.

“You can’t go.” She said to me.

“I have to. They’ll do something to the principal!” I replied.                                                

“But they could kill you!”

“I don’t care. I can’t have them killing people over me. I don’t want that on my conscience.” I stood up but she reached across her desk and grabbed my arm.

“Toki” she pleaded. I pulled away.

“I’m sorry.” I grabbed my books and walked out of the room. I don’t even know if anyone saw me leave.

I walked down the hallway in silence; the only sound was my shoes hitting the floor. I could feel eyes on me every time I passed a classroom. I guess the teachers were all too scared to apprehend me for roaming the halls without a pass. When I got to the office, I stood at the door with my hand on the handle, hesitant to open it. After a moment, I took a deep breath and pushed it open. All the office attendants were gone, and the principal was lying on the ground, hopefully unconscious and not dead. There were four vampires in front of me, all unbelievably gorgeous, and all unbelievably frightening. There was one with blonde hair and green eyes who was a little shorter than the rest, one of average stature with red hair that swept over his eyes, another tall and muscular one with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, and one also average sized with dark hair and blue eyes that looked at me with a particularly sinister expression. When I walked in, he smiled.

“So you’re the wind girl.” He said. The red-haired one sniffed the air.

“She smells good.” He said.

“She sure does.” The dark-haired boy replied. His eyes narrowed. The blonde one stared at me.

“She’s cute too.” He said.

“For a human.” The tall one argued.

“I don’t know.” The red-haired one debated. I didn’t like the way he was looking at me. I was starting to think this was a bad idea. In a split second, the dark-haired one was right in front of me, so close we were almost touching. He grabbed a strand of my hair and lifted it to his nose.

“You do smell good.” He said. I turned away from him. “Oh come on. Don’t be like that.” He was right in my face. I turned away again. He grabbed my chin and I closed my eyes. “You’re just a fragile little human.” I felt his breath on my neck.

“Kaito.” One of them said. I opened my eyes and his mouth was at my throat. “We have to bring her back unharmed.” He sighed and backed away.

“Alright, let’s go.” He said as he let go of me and walked away. The blonde-haired one followed and I felt the other two grab me from behind.                                                                                                  

“No!” I shouted. Suddenly, a spinning whirlwind formed around me, blowing the books out of my arms and knocking the two vampires to the ground before quickly diminishing. I wasn’t very good at controlling my power, but bad things tended to happen when I got a little emotional. I took it for a blessing and ran for the door. I opened it, but as soon as I took a step out, someone grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me back in. I turned my head and saw the black-haired boy’s face, Kaito.

“Well that was unexpected.” He said. I felt him hit the back of my neck and everything went black.

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