english love affair // h.s

a harry styles fanfic :')


4. three.

~ three ~

It's been three days since Catherine's arrived in England. But she's only been to her grandmother's outside garden for a tour... With Granny.

She's been occupied with Granny's garden, knitting’s, cats and cooking since her arrival. Even though Granny is married to the most wonderful man on Earth (according to herself), a lady can still have their cats, whether she's crazy or not.

Gramps was sitting at the kitchen table while Granny was knitting away another sweater for her cats. Catherine was washing the dishes as a reminder popped into Granny's mind.

'Oh, Heath, remember we were invited to that dinner Anne and her family were having?'

'Yes, what about it my dear?'

'Have you found an outfit to wear? We have to take Catherine. Do you think Anne would mind?'

'What dinner? If you don't mind me asking?' Catherine interrupted.

'Oh my dear, it's a dinner for Anne's son and since we work together and best friend, she's invited us over. But I haven't mentioned you were here, so I better go call if I want you to tag along.'

Catherine watched her grandmother quickly walk out of the room, grabbing the landline, dialing what she thinks is Anne's number.

'And by the way, I've picked my grey suit!' Gramps yelled out after Granny.


'Okay, since you're coming, thank God for Anne saying yes, you are going to pick a dress from one of these stores.'

Granny had made Catherine get changed and go into Westfield’s to pick a nice dress for the dinner that will be held in exactly four days.

Catherine's jaw dropped immediately as soon as Granny said those words. She wasn't that much of a shopper, like most teenage girls are, so she was overwhelmed by how many shops included clothes.


Anne's dinner - three days later

When Catherine's grandmother said they were going to a dinner, she though it would be a small dinner, with Anne's closest family and friends, Granny, Gramps, herself and a few more other guests, not an event with over fifty guests.

'Wow' was the only word that Catherine had in mind while walking up towards the Twist's Residence. She was amazed by how big this house was, and how they could afford it.

'I know what you're thinking,' Granny told her with a wink. 'Robin Twist, Anne's husband is the CEO of all the 'Light-o-barn' stores and well; he makes a lot of money just being that.'

That would explain the amount of guests. This Robin guy must know everybody.


'Yeah, whoa to that.'

Granny, Gramps and Catherine made their way to the foyer, ready to have their names marked off.

As soon as they're let through, Catherine couldn't believe her eyes. She had never seen anything like this before! Not even in her neighbourhood back in Australia. This house would be at least triple her double storey house back home.

The house was bright, the walls a light cream colour. Very beautiful. Past the foyer was this small hall, just where a massive chandelier is hanging. Not far from that, was a balcony, a second level to the house, a spiral staircase joining. While scanning the balcony's beautiful bars, there was a young man, standing there, looking over at the people below him. Catherine and the man at the balcony shared a glance for a while. Not an awkward glance, but just a glance at each other's presence. He was beautiful. In a dark navy suit, his hair immaculate for the occasion, his hair pushed back, making it look like a quiff, his eyes staring back had made the young lady's legs shake.

Why was she feeling this way? They had just met. They both had just seen each other for the first time and he's already made her legs feel like jelly.

The young man smiled at the girl who he'd been staring at. But before Catherine could return the gesture, he was being whisked away by a lady in a slimming pink dress.

Catherine, who had been standing there for quite a while, looked around for her guardians, who were a few feet in front of her. She quickly caught up to them.

'AMELIA, HEATH, DARLINGS!' A lady with gorgeous green eyes, and black hair that was styled in a bun, and wearing a stunning, shimmery black dress had made her way to Granny and Gramps by the time Catherine arrived to her grandparents.

'Hello Anne!'

Both ladies (and man) were more than happy to see each other, embracing each other in a hug that could be looked at as bone-crushing.

'How are you? I hope you're all doing well. Oh and dear must be Catherine!' Anne squeals as she turns slightly to her left to see Catherine in a floral dress that reached up above her knees. The dear friend of Amelia and Heath smiled down at the 18-year-young lady and embraced her into a softer hug. Both of them let go at the same time, Anne squeezing her shoulders as she pulled her into another hug.

Yeah, Anne may be a hugger :)

'Amelia has told me a lot about you ever since she's asked for you to join our dinner. So glad you can all make it. Heath you look a little uncomfortable, Robin's at the bar if you'd like to talk to him.'

Gramps gave a small thank-you before making his way to the bar through the large doors to the dining room.


Everyone was outside in the garden, on this warm night of the engagement.

'May we now announce the married-to-be-couple Carmen West and Harry Styles?' Anne announced loudly after giving her introduction speech.

Everyone clapped and cheered as the couple stepped out behind the white curtains hand in hand.

Catherine's heart stopped as she lay eyes on the male brunette she once made eye contact with at the balcony. He's engaged.

'Uh, hello,' his beautiful voice sounded through the microphone and into the speakers in the large space the couple and the rest of the guests were in.

His bride-to-be pushed him slightly out of the microphone's reach and stepped up to put her lips close enough for her to speak into the mic.

'Hello. First, we'd like to thank Anne and Robin for holding this dinner tonight and for always being with us every step of the way! And we'd like to thank you all for coming to celebrate our engagement! We hope you enjoy the night and we'll see you soon!'

Well that ended quickly!

Everyone in the room cheered and clapped once more before the sound died down and everyone going their separate ways, people going inside, or staying outside, talking to other people.

Granny smiled at Anne who was now walking towards them, with people following closely behind her.

'Brace yourself honey, he's coming!' Granny whispered into Catherine's ear before giggling. The older lady's granddaughter just rolled her eyes at her grandmother was acting like a teenage girl.


I like Granny :)

& i'll edit later :D x

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