english love affair // h.s

a harry styles fanfic :')


1. prologue.

~ prologue ~


His breath was warm on her skin.

She really should get going, but he has her in a trance with just his eyes.

She can't do this. Not to them, no.

'I can't do this.'

'Why not?'


'Why not?'

'Because you'll just be hurting the people around you.'

'And who might those people be?'

'Carmen, your family, especially Anne,' she paused, debating in her head whether or not to say what she had in mind, but she said it anyway. 'And me.'

'I won't hurt you, But it's you. You're the one that I want. Ever since I've laid eyes on you at the dinner... Please. Let me love you.'

'I know people like you. You have all these flings with other women, say you'll be there for them. Promises after promises, after promises. But you'll leave them shattered. I don't want to be that person.'

She couldn't take it, she had to leave now.




-- hi :D

i was kinda debating myself whether i should post this idea up on here, bc a friend of mine sometimes uses this website and she was like, "USE MOVELLAS!"

so yeah :D

hope you like this idea, tho if you want me to update, they may be slow bc school and h/w and life off the computer, haha.

comment and like and more comments :D i think comments will help me more on this story :')

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