Trying to get close {luke fanfic}

Julie Higgins

Luke 'playboy' Hemmings
•obviously a playboy
•sexy af

Two different people that no one thought would date. Luke wanted to just get to Julie just to use her and throw her away like everyone else. But there's one problem with Luke's plan. Julie won't even look at luke let alone talk to him, anyway she is best friends with Michael Clifford. Luke hates Michael so what do you think is going to happen? Could jealousy just get to him hard? Could he love Julie? Or is he gonna try and be friend Michael just to get to Julie. Find out in this story!


3. chapter 2

Ugh after I looked at the note I crumbled it up and put it in my binder and seriously ignored him. After class had ended I walked out of the class as fast as I could then Luke walks right behind me and pushed me back and said, "hey babe so you gonna talk or am I gonna have to make you talk?"

He said in such a tone that made me want to puke. I replied, "please leave me alone I don't like you and I'd think you can find some other girl to try and get in her pants but there is no way in hell you are gonna get in mi-" he just starts roughly making out with me and I try and push him back but he doesn't move so I'm stuck here until he is done not long after he finally stop and walks out of the room.

I was pretty glad he left because I was so very confused as to why he did that. Not long after my last period it was now detention and sadly it was just him and me that got detentions from this teacher. I whispered, "damn it" and took a seat and he was right she is fast asleep until the end of detention. I am just bored sitting in this damn un-comfy seats. I am about to start sketching when Mr. Perfect comes in the classroom.

"Hey Julie"


That was all I wanted to say, as he sat next to me, he moved closer to me and tried to put his desk right smack dab next to me then I get up from my seat and move to the one of the seats closer to the window, and I don't look at him at all until he kept throwing stuff at me for my attention. I look over to him and give him the death glare and say, " What do you want from me? What do I have to do to make you just leave me alone?" 

He gave me a evil look and luckily the teacher woke up and looked at her phone it was 4:30.

She said, " Okay you two I don't want to see you guys for a while other than class so get out of this room NOW!"

I grabbed my stuff and headed out of the classroom before Luke could talk to me again but that ship sailed and he chased after me and said, "Wait Julie, go on a date with me on Friday at 7:30, wear something nice but comfy. I'll see you then and I won't take no for an answer."

"But why me?"

"Because I've grown to like you."

"How so?"

" Just say yes."

"Fine, I guess so."

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