I Finally Found You!!!

"I can't believe that after all this time I finally found you Sara!!!" She looked at me with fear in her eyes. "How do you know my name? Who are you?" I felt my heart snap. "You don't know who I am?"


1. Is it really you

Sara's pov:

I was hiding by a dumpster when this boy with blond hair and another with brown started to walk up to me. The blond boy looked like he was really worried about me. "Hey sweetie what's your name again?" "My name is Emily why?" He started to scream like crazy.  I pulled my self closer to the wall by me scared of might happen to me. I guess the boy saw this cause he took my hand in his. "Emily It's okay. I don't know what happened to you before you meet me. What I do know is that your safe now. No harm will come to you I can promise you that for sure." He smiled at me causing me to let my self slip away. 

Niall's pov:

I was so excited that I finally found my sister!!!! Or at least i think i found my sister. It wasn't until I looked back at her that i saw that we were scaring her. I felt so bad for her i didn't mean to scare her like that. "Emily it's okay. I don't know what happened to you before you meet me. What I do know is that your safe now. No harm will come to you I can promise you that for sure." I smiled at her to show that I meant what I told her. To my suprise she really seemed to relax around me.

"Look I know for a fact that you don't want to spend the night here. You know for a fact that I won't let you spend the night here. So why don't you come home with me and my friend Liam. We'll introudce you to our friends and give you clean cloths to wear tonight. Plus well clean your cloths for you then if you want to go home tomorrow well bring you home. Does that sound like a deal?" "I would say yes but I don't know you." I felt my face turn bright red when she said that. "Right sorry about that.  My name is Niall." I smiled at her and she smiled at her. She smiled back at me.

I took her hand and helped her up. When I let go of her hand she feel back to the floor in pain. "EMA ARE YOU OKAY???!!!" She shook her head no. "No I think I fractured my ankle." I looked at Liam than back at her. "O wait I have an idea!!!" I turned around so my back was facing her. "Here climb on my back. I'll piggy back you all the way to my flat." I waited as Emily climbed on my back. "Okay I'm ready Niall." I smiled and started to walk back to my flat with Liam.

*Half way to his flat*

"I don't mean to make you feel bad about your self by saying this but your really heavy." I didn't hear anything back so I asked Liam, "Can you check on her and make sure that she's okay." Liam nodded and started to walk behind me. "Well is she okay?" I asked as he started to make his way back by my side. "She fell asleep on you." I sighed with relief and kept walking.

*When they reach his flat*

When we got home it was about 1:00 at night. I carried Emily up stairs and layed/tucked her into my bed. Then I went back down stairs to hang with the lads.


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