The hardnesss in our hearts

I see many people like MLP My little Pony so i have decided to make a MLP Movellas!

Sweetie Belle finds her sister as betrated her.


1. Prologue

 Send her in.  Said a Horace voice.  Right yes ma'am.  A pony with long blonde hair and red eyes came in.  You needed me Queen?  Yes yes.........Said the voice.  I have waited and waited. But I haven't been able to control twilight.  Twi-li-ght!?  Stuttered the servant.  As in Princess Twilight sparkle!  Yes yes yes.  Said the voice again.  We need another unicorn.  One that would be easy to control.  One that would take over Equestria.  But I have something I'm looking for.  The pony has to have a older sibling, or a younger sibling.  Said The voice.  Only then will They follow my orders.  Said the voice.  The blonde pony pushed back her hair.  It's possible.  I do think I have a pony in mind......... Excellent.  Said the voice.  Who?  A pony in ponyville.  Said the pony.  





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