Summer '11

He wasn't a surfer, nor a skater, or even a hipster.
I guess he just liked the beach.


1. His Introduction

“Does he always hang around here, or is it just me imagining things?”


She turned her head to see that familiar head of dirty blonde hair bobbing in the water, his arms swaying about to keep himself afloat.


“No you’re definitely not imaging things.”


Charlie Evans was a typical surfer. With her sun kissed skin, her locks of blonde beach waves and her bright blue eyes. She practically lived down at the beach, ever since she could stand up on her surfboard.

Her best friend, Logan Cossack, was undeniably just like her, except for the thick mattered dreadlocks of brown hair she had on her head, always held back by a bandana.


“Why’s he always down here, he does nothing but bob in the water for a bit, before sitting on the sand and staring at the sunset.”


Charlie stared at the back of his head as he continued to doggy paddle through the surf.


“Let him do what he wants, we have more important things to do, like helping you work on that hang ten.”


Logan shrugged and grabbed her long board by its rails, before jobbing over to the shoreline.


“Alright, watch me a rate me on a scale of 1-10.” 


Charlie watched as Logan paddled out to the wave that was coming up, that was reasonable size. Charlie clasped her hands together, as if she was praying, and watched intensively as Logan stood up on her long board.


“S’that your friend?”


Charlie turned her head sideways in shock by the raspy voice to see the dirty blonde haired guy staring at her. His features became engraved in her mind and her tongue got all tied up.

So freaking gorgeous.


“Huh?” Charlie asked stupidly, as the boy emitted a chuckle.


“Is that your friend, surfing the long board and trying a hang ten?”


Charlie was shocked how he knew all this about surfing, as in her lifetime, she hadn’t seen him step on a board once.


“Oh yeah, Logan, she’s my friend.”


The guy just nodded and watched her too, as Logan took tiny shuffling steps towards the nose of the board.

Charlie cupped the sides of her mouth before screaming out some encouraging words to Logan, who successfully made it to the nose of the board. After a few seconds unfortunately, the wave hang around her head and she was wiped out.


Both Charlie and the boy let out a discouraging “oooohhh”, before staring at each other with cringing faces.


“That’s gotta hurt.”


Charlie covered her mouth with her hand before she saw Logan’s dreadlocks through the water. She let out a sigh of relief before she saw Logan limp to shore.


“I lost my board.” She cried, referring to the leg rope that was wrapped around her ankle, without the board attached to the other side.


“Oh shit, really?” The boy asked her, as Logan gave him a confused stare.


“Who are you?” she asked, before her eyes widened in shock.


“I’m Justin.” He shrugged, sticking his hands into the soaking pockets of his board shorts. He ran hand through his cut short hair before smiling sheepishly.


“Oh Justin, so that’s your name!” Logan chuckled, before wincing from the pain in her ankle.


“Ouch Lo, look I think we oughta get you home.” Charlie sighed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.


They both said a brief “see ya later” to Justin, before Logan started sulking to Charlie about her board.


“Hey wait!”


They both stopped and turned around to see Justin jogging towards them.


“Yeah?” Charlie asked him slightly annoyed.


“I ugh, I have an old long board, in my dad’s shed… I don’t use it, obviously, and if you want… you can uh come around and get it? No charge of course.”


Logan stared at him as if he was some saint, and Charlie stood back gob smacked.


“Oh my gosh, really?” Logan asked her mouth gaping slightly.


“Logan… we can’t just take his board…” Charlie muttered to her best friend, as Justin shook his head.


“So seriously it’s ok.” he stated, smiling to the girls.


“C’mon Charlotte!” Logan whined, using Charlie’s full name.


Charlie hated when people used her full name, as she stated it just wasn’t her. Charlie nudged Logan in the ribs before turning to Justin and nodding slightly.


I mean come on; this hot guy was offering Logan his old board free of charge, that’s a pretty good deal.

“Awesome. Come by my house tomorrow, it’s the house across from the park a block away from here with a red fence. I’ll see ya at five!”


With that, Justin left a very excited Logan and a slightly confused Charlie.


Word count: 780

not edited.

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