In Your Wildest Dreams

Tiffany never had any luck. She was the good girl that always ended up with the wrong boy. After her last relationship comes to a messy end, she's given up not only on love but also life. However, chance brings her to someone who is about to change her mind on everything...and bring her wildest dreams to life.


4. Chapter 3

I was snapped alert when my doorbell rang.  Must be the wrong apartment I thought and rolled over.  Then it rang again, this time more frantically.  I stood up and tried to catch my balance.  The ringing had stopped, but now, whoever it was, was pounding on the door.  And yelling.  I groaned.  Couldn't a girl be left to die alone in peace?  I stumbled to the door, unlocked it, and stepped back in shock when it opened.

"Mark?!  What are you doing here?" 

He frowned at me and for a moment I thought he actually looked sad.  He quickly covered it up.

"Are you okay, Tiffany?"

I nodded and stepped back to let him in.

"What did you do?" he asked.

"Nothing," I mumbled.

"Do you need to go to the doctor?"

"No!" I almost screamed at him.  I didn't want to be saved.  I wanted to be left alone to die in peace.  I headed towards my head.  Part of me was hoping he would follow; the other part wished he would just disappear out of my life.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on which part of me was winning, he followed.  I just wanted to get to my bed so I could rest...and never wake up.

"Tiffany, I really think you need to go to the doctor..." 

"Mark," I interrupted, "really, I don't.  What I do need is for you to go away.  You didn't care two hours ago.  Why do you care now?"

I turned to look at him.  He stared at me, apparently appalled.

"Tiffany,'s," he started.

I stopped him quickly.  "No apologies.  Really, it's not necessary.  I got it; I understand.  You will officially be ride of me forever.  Now kindly stop pretending you feel bad.  And fucking leave!"

He just stood there.  I wasn't sure whether he really felt bad or was just surprised at the bite in my words.  Right now, I really didn't care.  I climbed into my bed and snuggled down into the covers.  Oddly enough, with him here, the pain was gone.  Even though nothing had changed, my heart thought otherwise.  That bastard.  99.9% of the time it was wrong.  It needed to go away too.  It was going to get my hopes up; I really didn't want that.

"I guess I'll go then.  Sure you're okay?"

I nodded.  And then he was gone.

"I hope you never come back," I whispered to the empty air as I drifted off.  But in my heart, I knew I didn't mean that.

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