1. Chapter One

Rose's POV

I groaned as I got out of bed and headed into the shower. The hot warm water that ran down my back felt so good. Today was my first day at Brook high school and I was not excited at all because I knew no one there. I was upset thst we had to move from New York to California because I had made amazing freinds there and I had an amazing job and now I have nothing I have to start all over. 

"Shit," I curse as I accidentally drop the shampoo bottle on my toe.

After the showering and brushing my teeth I checked the time and seeing that it was barley 5:45 am I decided to take my time picking my outfit for the day. Since today was the first day I decided to pick something not to classy but not to trashy. I dont know why girls try so hard to look hot just to get a guys attention when in reality they are making a fool out of themselves it quit funny if you ask me. So I decided on a gray knitted sweater with a pair of black jeans and my favorite black doc martens. Next I blowed dried my hair and let it fall in its natural waves. After fixing my hair I decided on putting on a little of mascara, blush, and a tiny bit of foundation to give a flawfree look. I was finally done so I headed down stairs where I found my dad on the couch drinking coffe and watching news. Boring.

"Morning dad," I said while making my way to the kitchen.

"Morning kiddo, your mom should be in the kitchen making breakfast," he said not taking his eyes off the screen like seriously what so intresting about watching some boring men talk about the weather. 

As I walked into the kitchen I was greeted with the smell of bacon and eggs.

"Mmm it smells so good mom."

"Good morning to you too, so are you excited." 

"Maybe not excited but definitely nervous and hungry."

My mom just chuckled and handed me a plate of food.


When I finished my breakfast it was time to head to school. I got into my car and drove off to this new school of mine I had to admit I was nenervous I could fell sweat forming in my palms as I grabbed the steering wheel.

As I came to a red light my favorite song came up "Mrs. All American" by 5 seconds of summer I just feel connected to it. Just as I was gonna sing my favorite part I hear a beep from the car next to me. I rolled down my window to see that thr "car" next to me wasnt a car but a motorcycle and there was a guy riding it although I couldn't see his face since it was hidden behind his helmet. 

"Can I help you," I said very politely. 

The guy then took off his helmet and I was meet with the most beautiful green pair of eyes and nice curly brown hair.

"Yea you can, starting by turning your shitty music down and watching how you drive you almost scratched my new motorcycle, " he said giving me look that could possibly kill me.

I swear if looks could kill a person I would probably be dead by now but seriously this guy was pissing me of.

"Ahh there's the key world "almost" meaning that I didnt maybe you were the one driving too close too me," I say confidently while raising an eyebrow. "You should be careful next time you could have scratched my brand new car."

He just gave that death glare snd said "Your right I should be more careful, and you should too," he said while giving me a smirk before putting his helmet on and driving off.

what the hell was that suppose to mean? 

was that a threat or something?

should i be scared?

I couldnt stop these questions to come flooding through my brain. I was interrupted from my thoughts when I heard a car beeping at me indicating that the red light had changed to green.

I said a quiet sorry and drove off still thinking of that curlyed hair boy whoes name I didnt know but I did know one thing I was definitely going go be late for my first period and thst he was definitely : CRAZY 



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