The Super Babies - Part 1 (9+)

Rotta and Greg Hecks have a baby, unaware of the powers he possesses. Finally they abandon him, but he is adopted by the police and trained to be a superhero. Baby Intelligence is born. He promises to train other babies who have unusual powers, knowing there ARE others. The S.M.S.B. is born! On top of it all, the darkest force their town has ever known may be returning, and more powerful than ever. Now it's up to Baby Intelligence to defeat them once and for all.


6. Sebiscuits' Dream

Peter, whose new name was Baby Intelligence, was doing well at his job.

Sebiscuits wanted to be the first member of Baby Intelligence's group! Finally he went to visit him in the MBH.

Before long, he found himself in Peter's office. He stood before Peter, who was sitting at his desk. Apparently he was waiting for him.

"I can't just dub you," was the first thing Baby Intelligence said. "I have to test you."

"I can hardly wait!"


Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence returned to his office.

"I am to be trained, then?" Sebiscuits asked eagerly.

"No," said Baby Intelligence solemnly. "You will not be trained."

Sebiscuits couldn't stop the tears rolling down his cheeks. "How can you do this?" he sobbed.

"I know you have potential," he said. "You can cast lightning and other electric attacks, like flying beams or rays. You can also swordfight impressively, and your gunning isn't bad."

"So...what do I lack?"

"Anger! Paranoia! Potential hate! In you it is plentiful."

"If that's the case, then I can learn to control it! You can help me rise above it!"

Baby Intelligence sighed. "By then it would be too late."


Suddenly a siren blared across the room. Sebiscuits covered his ears as the beeping continued.

Baby Intelligence hit a switch, and the alarm stopped.

"What the hell was that?!" Sebiscuits grumbled.

"The distress bell," said Peter. "It rings when one is in danger. I've got work to do. Now go on. Off with you now."

Sebiscuits left, but secretly he was following Baby Intelligence to the control center one floor below. There, Baby Intelligence activated the screen in front of a series of buttons and levers.

"What's the situation?" he inquired. Meanwhile, Sebiscuits hid behind a wall.

"Mayor kidnapped."

"I'll be there. I need you to pinpoint the location."

"One moment, please...

Here you go."

Peter rushed toward his skyfighter and flew off into the distance. Sebiscuits watched him leave, then looked around. Ha! An emergency skyfighter! He knew just what to do: He would fly there, he would find him, he would prove his worth, save his life if possible...


Laser blasts flashed around Peter's skyfighter as he journeyed across the sky battle already waged between police and robotic fighters of unknown design. His fingers danced around the controls; his small, agile fighter danced in response, avoiding the blasts. Finally, he spotted his destination and reported to the much larger police fighters.

"Dead ahead--the Wasp--a NoHead ship? I knew it! And it's packed with fighters. This is going to be easy!"

Robotic fighters shouted to each other in their strange robot language, then lifted off, rising from the Wasp in a dark cloud. They headed right toward Peter!

"Zett, do you copy?" he said.

"Copy, Peter."

"Mark my position."

Five police fighters lined up in formation behind him. Baby Intelligence just barely had time to acknowledge their arrival before they advanced on the robots, who returned fire. Explosions and lasers flew everywhere as Peter zoomed ahead.

"They're all over me!" shouted Percy. "Get them off my tail!"

Suddenly, the ship exploded behind him. Sebiscuits, in his fighter, swooped in!

"Help is on the way!" he said. "But my actual destination isn't far. Not far at all!"

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