The Super Babies - Part 1 (9+)

Rotta and Greg Hecks have a baby, unaware of the powers he possesses. Finally they abandon him, but he is adopted by the police and trained to be a superhero. Baby Intelligence is born. He promises to train other babies who have unusual powers, knowing there ARE others. The S.M.S.B. is born! On top of it all, the darkest force their town has ever known may be returning, and more powerful than ever. Now it's up to Baby Intelligence to defeat them once and for all.


7. Rescuing The Mayor

As Sebiscuits flew to find Peter, Peter was desperately trying to avoid robot fighters belonging to the NoHeads. He swerved to avoid four oncoming robots.  Then he swept around one side of the robot formation, then swooped unexpectedly to the two nearest ships. One fighter saw him and followed, but the next kept on course, and the two robot skyfighters collided.

Two down, two to go. But the other two fighters wouldn't fall for the same trick. They flew after him. They weren't having much trouble. Baby Intelligence rapped on the controls and pedals desperately, occasionally knocking himself into the side of the cockpit by accident. Laserfire flashed, barely missing his fighter. Suddenly, he heard bullets firing, then one of the fighters behind him exploded.

"Thanks, Zett," he said.

"I'm not Zett," the pilot said.

The voice sounded familiar, but his thoughts were distracted by the fourth fighter, who kept on firing. Its aim was sharp, too. His ship rocked as his pursuer exploded a little too close by. A burned chunk of metal hit his ship, damaging it. He was enraged when he looked behind him. It was Sebiscuits!


"Oh, I agree," said Sebiscuits combatantly. "But I will eventually."

"A mistake like this could cost the Mayor's life!"

"I am well aware of that."

Suddenly, two robot fighters appeared in front of them and fired two missiles each. Two went after Baby Intelligence and two went after Sebiscuits.

The trouble is, they go wherever I go. Baby Intelligence went in a tight loop, and the missiles collided and exploded.

Meanwhile, Sebiscuits swerved like crazy to outmaneuver the missiles. Finally, he zoomed right over the power generator controlling the robots--soldiers and ships alike--and the missiles crashed behind him, knocking the control station in the side. Darn! If only the missiles crashed closer to the center!

But due to the charred metal that crashed into Peter's ship, the gas tank under the dent was about to catch fire! Sebiscuits looked for a place to hide Baby Intelligence's ship before it ran out of gas and dropped out of the sky and hit the ground. Just then, Sebiscuits pointed. "NoHead's ship is dead ahead!" Great. That's just what we, it really is just what we need! "Holst your ship on my wing, and you'll be safe."

Baby Intelligence realized that he had no choice. "Well, has it ever occured to you that there's a force field guarding it?"

Oooops. Sebiscuits fired on two buttons that generated the force field blocking the doorway on either side of it. A moment later, the two skyfighters flew toward the doorway, avoiding a barrage of turbolaser fire, and landed inside. Bullet-resistant doors slammed shut behind them. Baby Intelligence was glad he hit the ground when he did; the ship was no longer useful without its gas tank and spreading flames. Meanwhile, robot soldiers rushed in from all directions.

Baby Intelligence drew his sword as he leaped out and engaged them. As Sebiscuits found a sword of his own inside the ship (which had taken no damage), Peter deflected the robots' bullets and cut them down one-by-one. Sebiscuits ran and joined him, and together they cleared the robots from the hangar floor.

Baby Intelligence deactivated his sword. "I'll have to let you come along. It's too late now!"

Sebiscuits deactivated his sword in response. "Yeah, I guess you're right," he replied, despite that being what he was hoping to hear at some point of the mission. "Isn't this NoHead's secret base?"

"Yes it is," Baby Intelligence replied. "It's the Wasp."

"What an interesting name."

"Enough talk. Locate the Mayor."

Sebiscuits used his electric powers to tap into the ship's computers and activate an electronic map. "The detention chamber is at the second top floor," Sebiscuits reported, "and there's no doubt the Mayor is being held captive there."

Thus they made their way through the base. Robot soldiers and obstacles occasionally got in their way, but they quickly cleared out each one. Finally, they found themselves searching through the halls of the second-to-top floor.

They reached the door at the end of the hall, and it opened. They found themselves on a platform overlooking the enormous detention chamber--and the Mayor, who was strapped in a chair at the far end. Peter looked around carefully, but saw no signs of robots. Still, it felt wrong. And there was another presence--"He's close."

"The Mayor?"

"No, Mr. Stupid NoHead." He was going to point out that the Mayor was a girl, but he thought better of it.

Cautiously they climbed down the stairs from the platform to the detention chamber.

She doesn't look hurt, thought Baby Intelligence as they reached the Mayor, but she's not happy. Then again, who would be under the condition she's in? Tied up, bored, about to be shipped off any minute now... "Are you all right?"

"Look above you!" the Mayor replied.

As one, they turned to face the platform they had climbed down from. The tall and cunning villain Baby Intelligence had faced once before calmly walked to the edge of the balcony.

"You'd better cooperate with me, Sebiscuits," said Baby Intelligence. "We can't afford to lose."

"Get help!" said the Mayor. "Two babies against one NoHead? No chance."

"And where do you think we can get help from?" Peter replied. He and Sebiscuits ignited their swords simultaneously. Mr. Stupid NoHead jumped off the balcony and landed lightly. "You said you would leave, I will not trust you again."

"Oh, if it isn't that steel baby?" NoHead jeered. "Come and fight me, and your new pet hamster will be spared."

Sebiscuits gritted his teeth. "I'm no hamster! I'm a Super!" I'm going to teach this twit a lesson!

"Don't get cocky, Sebiscuits," Peter said. "You're not a Super yet."

"Sebiscuits?" NoHead taunted. "Who babysat your biscuits?"

"That's not what it stands fo--THAT'S IT!" Sebiscuits charged NoHead, his sword flying in all directions. Undaunted, NoHead calmly parried each strike.

"Sebiscuits! Calm down!" Baby Intelligence shouted.

Sebiscuits backed away in a sweeping motion. "Peter...I don't know what came over me!"

Baby Intelligence nodded. Maybe he's not as fierce as I-- At that moment, NoHead attacked, and he warded off the strike. Just as calm as before, Sebiscuits joined him in his attack, and together they kept NoHead at bay. "Don't think that because there are two of you, you have the advantage," NoHead warned.

"You won't make it out of this one," Baby Intelligence said. "And this time I'm not taking prisoners." Nevertheless, even with Sebiscuits it was just as hard to break through his defenses. But at the same time it seemed he wasn't doing any better than his enforced partner. Sebiscuits slashed, ducked, and parried quickly in a fierce yet graceful manner. And yet NoHead blocked them both with ease.

"I believe I heard you wrong," said Sebiscuits. "I thought you said I was the lion and you were the hamster."

"Bitch," NoHead replied, clearly miffed.

"Don't taunt him!" said Peter as he continued to slash at his opponent. "Anger feeds the dark side, you know. Do we really need his power to grow every moment we fight him?"

That was all NoHead needed. Baby Intelligence seemed to be slashing in one direction, letting NoHead attack in the other! Baby Intelligence dodged just in time, but NoHead used a surge of dark energy to lift him. He tried to use his own telekinesis to counter NoHead's attack, but the pain was getting stronger and he was still recovering from the startling move. A toxic combination. He saw NoHead twist, kicking at Sebiscuts with all his weight behind him. Sebiscuits fell backward, and NoHead sent Baby Intelligence flying over the edge of the balcony. The impact knocked the wind out of his small body. His last thought before he lost consciousness: Good thing Sebiscuits's all up to him now.


As Baby Intelligence lost consciousness, Sebiscuits rushed at his attacker and kicked him off the edge of the balcony, then followed him down. Keeping his concentration and pace, Sebiscuits dueled NoHead, driving him away from Peter's unconscious form. Down the long length of the room they fought, neither one able to gain the advantage.

Behind him, he heard the Mayor calling something, trying to be heard over the sizzles and metallic clashes of the swords. "Use your aggressive feelings, Sebiscuits! Call on your rage! Without it, you don't stand a chance."

Sebiscuits hesitated. Baby Intelligence warned me against such emotions before he left to find her. Surely I can risk it just this once! For the Mayor, Baby Intelligence... He looked at NoHead and let himself feel the emotions he had struggled to lay aside. After all, this was the man who nearly killed Peter, who tortured the innocent, who kidnapped the Mayor, who was trying to kill him this very moment...

He let his rage guide him, allowing him to attack with lightning speed and finally slam NoHead's sword out of his hand. Sebiscuits reached out and caught his sword. The anger still sang in his veins. He put the two swords at the NoHead's neck and started panting with the effort to control himself.

"Good, Sebiscuits!" said the Mayor, smiling in relief. "I knew you could do it! Kill him. Now!"

Sebiscuits turned his head.

"Finish him, Sebiscuits," the Mayor repeated.

Sebiscuits swallowed hard, fighting the anger that still burned inside him. "I shouldn't--"

"Do it!" the Mayor snapped. "Just imagine all the damage he'll do!"

"But Mayor, he's unarmed."

"So? You've got to finish it!"

Sebiscuits sighed. He was about to cut him when NoHead ignited his jetpack and soared into the distance.

"You did well, Sebiscuits," said the Mayor. "You were so close."

"I know, but he was an unarmed prisoner. I'm glad he escaped. That wouldn't be right." Then he realized the Mayor was still strapped to the chair. He used his sword to carefully cut the bonds.

The Mayor stodd up and rubbed her wrists. "All right, I get it. Now we must leave."

"Wait! Baby Intelligence!" shouted Sebiscuits as he rushed over to him.

"I'll carry him, okay?" the Mayor offered.


The Mayor bent over and slung Peter's unconscious form across her shoulders. Then they headed determinedly toward the elevator.

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