The Super Babies - Part 1 (9+)

Rotta and Greg Hecks have a baby, unaware of the powers he possesses. Finally they abandon him, but he is adopted by the police and trained to be a superhero. Baby Intelligence is born. He promises to train other babies who have unusual powers, knowing there ARE others. The S.M.S.B. is born! On top of it all, the darkest force their town has ever known may be returning, and more powerful than ever. Now it's up to Baby Intelligence to defeat them once and for all.


8. Nightmarish Revelation

Meanwhile, NoHead's mysterious female sidekick prepared to engage the police's source of power.

"Prepare for attack!" she shouted.

Just then, the police fired a cannonball, knocking out a few robots.

"All missiles fire!" she shouted.

Both ships exchanged cannonballs and missiles until the police hit the large power button near the top floor. The ship began to fall out of the sky and toward the city streets!

"Magnetize!" the mysterious woman shouted.

"Magnetizing," the robots replied.

That only made the ship fall faster.

"Stabilize both ends so they meet!" shouted the woman.

The robots did, The ship gave a jolt and stopped in its tracks. Smoke rose from the edge, and now it was visible below the clouds.


Just then, Baby Intelligence returned to consciousness. He still felt weak and his head was pounding. And something was digging into his stomach. He opened his eyes and saw Sebiscuits clinging to the wall of a sideways hall. Below it was only darkness. Wait a second! he thought. We're clinging to the top of an elevator shaft! "Have I missed something?" he asked. "Where's Mr. Stupid NoHead?"

"He escaped," Sebiscuits said quietly.


"We're in a bit of a situation. Can we discuss this later?"

Touchy, touchy. But Sebiscuits had saved his life, and brought the Mayor out without any help. He was allowed to be a little touchy. Ah. The thing digging into his stomach was the Mayor's shoulder. "Hello, Mayor. Are you well?"

"I think so," she said, looking under them into the darkness.

Suddenly, Baby Intelligence heard a CHUNK-THUMP from above and looked up to see something coming toward them. The ceiling? "Uh...what's that?"

"Great. The elevator's running!" said Sebiscuits. "Jump!"

They jumped. Several floors below, they hit the side of the elevator shaft, sliding along its length ahead of the moving elevator. Suddenly, the doors of the elevator shafts all fell open. Barely ahead of the elevator, Sebiscuits, Baby Intelligence, and the Mayor fell into the hallway below.

They leaned against the wall, fighting to catch their breath. Finally, Baby Intelligence straightened. By now gravity had shifted, and the halls were horizontal like they should be. "Let's see if we can find an escape pod. Come on."

Meanwhile, a robot reported to NoHead's sidekick. "General, we've located the rescue squad. They're in D-Wing, in the hall."

"Activate the energy walls."

"What about the force fields?"

"Good call," said the woman, smiling.

As the rescue squad ran through the hallway, a purple shield suddenly erupted in front of them. Baby Intelligence stopped short, holding out his arms to keep the Mayor from running into it. They were trapped in a force field.

"How did this happen?" said Baby Intelligence. "We're smarter than this."

"Apparently not," said Sebiscuits. "I say patience."

"Patience?" Baby Intelligence stared at Sebiscuits. "That's the plan?"

"Exactly. A squad of robots will release the shield and take us, and then we'll wipe them out."

As if to prove Sebiscuits' words, a squad of robot soldiers revealed themselves. "Hand over your weapons, babies!"

"See? No problem."

Just then the robots activated a switch that sent the force field away on a conveyor belt. This is not a good day, Peter thought as they took the ride to the top floor.

The cloaked woman smiled as the robots brought along the Mayor and the two mutant babies. One robot came forward with the two babies' swords. Holding them, the woman turned toward the three prisoners. "That wasn't much of a rescue."

"You seem to forget, ma'am, that we are the ones in charge here."

Had the baby gone mad? He was surrounded by robot soldiers, unarmed, handcuffed...he in control? "Oh, so sure of yourself, Peter. But it's all over for you now. And your filthy parasite."

"Who are you, that you should insult the hero of the day?" Sebiscuits asked.

"Who is she? I can find out!" Baby Intelligence turned around and used his telekinesis to throw off the cloaked woman's hood. Nothing could have prepared him for the villain he saw. "Rotta?! MOM? You're with them?"

"Peter Hecks...we meet again!" she replied. "See what I must do for a living? Work for the NoHeads--a mere criminal!"

Baby Intelligence gritted his teeth as he looked into those familiar brown eyes.

"So, your mom is a NoHead?!" Sebiscuits asked.

"Apparently so."

"If that is true, we'd better get out of here!" He fired a ray which melted Peter's cuffs. Peter could feel the heat on his wrists. Realizing the plan, he used his telekinesis to yank Rotta's stolen swords and use Sebiscuits's sword to cut neatly through Seviscuits's bonds, setting him free. "Take it!" he cried. Sebiscuits did. The next thing they knew, they were standing back-to-back, deflecting laser blasts with their energy-shielded swords.

Rotta backed up, leaving her personal, sword-wielding bodyguards, NC-1 and NC-2 to battle the two mutants.

As their swords flashed through the air, the power suddenly went out!

Baby Intelligence's wonders was answered when a robot suddenly shouted over the chaos, "Mistress! The police ambushed us with an ion cannon. Without the station's electronics, we will surely fall out of the sky and be killed!"

"Tend to that," Rotta said automatically. But without the electronics, the robot couldn't fix anything.

"The ship is breaking up!" the robot repeated.

Clearly we've run out of time, thought Rotta. No point, now, in staying to win this fight. Let the babies burn up when our crippled base crashes. Nearly all the robots were gone. Sebiscuits had already cut the last robot in two when Rotta had boarded a small starship.

"Peter! Over here!" he shouted. Baby Intelligence rushed over to see Rotta about to take off.

"You may have won this time!" Rotta shrieked from inside the starship. "But the NoHeads will prevail next time!" With that, the starship took flight, leaving the two babies and scattered robots behind.

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