The Super Babies - Part 1 (9+)

Rotta and Greg Hecks have a baby, unaware of the powers he possesses. Finally they abandon him, but he is adopted by the police and trained to be a superhero. Baby Intelligence is born. He promises to train other babies who have unusual powers, knowing there ARE others. The S.M.S.B. is born! On top of it all, the darkest force their town has ever known may be returning, and more powerful than ever. Now it's up to Baby Intelligence to defeat them once and for all.


15. Duel of the X-Babies

Yep, Peter knew it. Sebiscuits was going to kill him. Oh, he'd make him work for it. He'd fight with everything he had.

He looked over to Paige. To his relief, she did not seem badly hurt. He turned to see Baby Strength, who had engaged Sebiscuits.

Sebiscuits parried Baby Strength's first cut easily. It hardly took any physical exertion to parry the second and third. "Baby Strength, you disappoint me," he said. "You are so poorly trained."

He's trying to distract me, Baby Strength thought, and fought on.

Sebiscuits struggled to keep up the pace, surprised by Baby Strength's relentless attack. For a moment Baby Strength hoped he might defeat his opponent after all. However, this newfound confidence only slowed him down, and before he knew it Sebiscuits was driving him back.

As Baby Strength gave ground, Sebiscuits quickened the pace. One missed thrust and he slashed Baby Strength, wounding his shoulder. Baby Strength screeched, then collapsed.

Sebiscuits brought his sword down for the final blow--to be met by another blade.

Baby Intelligence stood over Baby Strength, forcing Sebiscuits back. After a few swipes he used a telekinetic blast to knock Sebiscuit off his feet and slam him into a wall.

Sebiscuits panted angrily as he got back up.

"Sebiscuits? W-why?" Peter stammered.

"I've seen through your lies," said Sebiscuits. "I'm obviously a tool in you plan to overthrow the NoHeads. You filthy brat!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Peter replied. And it was true.

"Oh, I believe you do," said Sebiscuits.

"I just want to know all my students, not just you. When new students join I need to know all of them."

"Do not attempt to deceive me. You're using the others too. I see it coming. In time I know you'll betray them."

"All right, I may have gone a little overboard."

"I will not put up with this! I only have one friend! And you're trying to kill him!"

Baby Intelligence was bewildered. "Mr. Stupid NoHead?!"

"He's all I've got!"

"It is clear I've lost you to him...I will do what I have to!" He ignited his sword.

"Give me that!" Sebiscuits shouted, using his telekinesis to call Baby Strength's sword to him. Now he had two swords--one for each hand. Then he lunged at Baby Intelligence, and their swords clashed.

Baby Intelligence's sword worked in a blur to keep up with both swords, but he knew he couldn't keep this up for long. He didn't have to--he let his guard down one moment and Sebiscuits knocked him against a wall. Sebiscuits rushed at him, but Peter slipped out of the way. Sebiscuits whirled around and started throwing objects at Peter, including plates, furniture, and rocks. Peter slashed them all as he closed in on his enemy. Their swords clashed again.

Finally Baby Intelligence scored a lucky hit and knocked the swords out of both of Sebiscuits's hands with two slashes. He was just about to slash Sebiscuits when he took a giant leap and clung to the top of a pole holding up the enormous building. Once up Sebiscuits used his telekinesis to grab both swords. Then he jumped down to the ground and rushed for the door.

He's running away, thought Peter, and gave chase. Once at the doorway, both opponents slashed at each other simultaneously, and their swords locked. Peter could feel Sebiscuits drawing on the dark side in an attempt to press his weapon back, but the dark side was only an easier path, not a stronger one. Driven by the full power of the light side, Peter's blade was unmovable.

Finally, Peter gave one strong thrust, knocking Sebiscuits's sword aside and allowing him to leave the room. Sebiscuits chased him outside, where their clash continued. Their swords whirled and clashed and spun until Sebiscuits used his telekinesis to throw Baby Intelligence off the stairway. Baby Intelligence wasn't badly hurt; he managed to get to his feet just as Sebiscuits started to throw tiles at him torn out of the ground. Peter slashed them all--except one. The last brick knocked him off his feet. His exhaustion was starting to tell as he struggled to get to his feet. Once up, he realized Sebiscuits was gone.

The next moment he saw a hole cut open in a vent. Surely that coward is in there! Baby Intelligence walked inside, his sword en garde.

What he saw at the other end made him gasp in horror: Rotta was running out with Greg's corpse! He had no idea how this gut-wrenching sight came to be, he only knew it had happened.

Just then Sebiscuits attacked from behind. Peter parried his blow just in time. Peter struggled to get that image out of his mind as he focused on Sebiscuits's moves. Finally they found themselves cornered inside an elevator.

Sebiscuits, undaunted, fired a ray from his fingertips which blasted a hole in the ceiling, allowing him to escape. Baby Intelligence quickly climbed after him. Sebiscuits was already on the top of the stairway when he caught up.

Sebiscuits threw a beach ball at Peter, but Peter used his telekinesis to throw the ball right back at him. Sebiscuits went flying onto a table. Baby Intelligence rushed after him, where Sebiscuits rushed through an open door. Peter chased after him and their swords clashed once more as they neared the top.

Finally, Peter managed to drive Sebiscuits to the top of the stairway and out a trap the roof of the police station! With just a few more swipes and parries, Baby Intelligence used his telekinesis to knock both swords off the roof and knock Sebiscuits into a wall.

Sebiscuits looked up at Baby Intelligence, whose sword was pointed at his nose.

"I hate to do this," Peter huffed, "but I will have to finish you off."

"So do it!" Sebiscuits snapped, his grim face looking up at Peter's.

Peter's sword was halfway toward Sebiscuits when a barrage of laser blasts from behind knocked him off his feet.

That's NoHead's ship! Baby Intelligence thought as he watched Sebiscuits rush inside. Finally he threw a tracking device on NoHead's ship just as the door closed and the NoHeads took off.

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