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4. t w o

∞ Millionaire ∞




    "So you have an option here. You can either play in Houston on the twenty-third or you can play in Dallas on the same date," I say as I look down at the calendar placed before me. My eyes travelled over to my computer to look at all the cities that we could possibly add to the tour. At the current moment we were trying to schedule the North American leg of the world tour, and honestly we were having a difficult time of doing so as he was not focusing all that much.


   I shift my gaze away from my computer screen and over to him who was currently feeding a strawberry to one of the sluts. Once he brought the strawberry up to her lips, she opened her mouth and took a bite out of it, her eyes never leaving his.


   "Mmmm," She mumbled once she pulled back, chewing what was in her mouth. She licked her lips in a seductive way after to collect any juice that had clung to her lips. I scoffed as I watched the two practically undress each other with just their eyes. The other girl who was seated next to his left was pretty much doing the same thing they were but she went to the point of rubbing and squeezing his arm. He shifted his attention away from the girl on his right to the other, their faces mere centimetres apart from one another. The one who wasn't getting any of his attention placed her hand on his cheek letting it travel down his neck then down his arm and eventually it disappeared under the table. His eyes widened a few seconds later and I am assuming that she touched a 


   "Mr. Styles!" I snap as I had finally had enough of him completely ignoring the matters at hand. We've been in here for an hour now and we have barely accomplished anything. My boss needs his tour schedule soon so he can put out the dates and get the sales started up, but at the rate we are going we probably won't get done until the tour is actually over. His eyes quickly averted over to me, lips turning down into a frown.


   "What?" He snaps at me, placing both of his arms around the shoulders of the sluts. Both girls smirk at me as they each place one of their hands on his chest as well as rest their heads on his shoulders.


   "I'm sorry to interrupt your little feel up session but you really have to make a decision here," I speak as I sit up a little taller, clasping my hands together as I rest them on the desk in front of me. He groans as he rolls his eyes.


   "What's my options?" He asks me and to be honest he sounded quite annoyed. Probably because I spoke up before anything could happen between the three of them. Well if that's the case then good.


   "You can either play in Dallas or Houston on the twenty-third of October," I say to him as I look down at the calendar just to double check that I had got the date and month correct.


   "Which one has the bigger arena?" He then questions which causes me to look back up at him, my eyebrows furrowing together as I was slightly confused as what he meant by that but I decided not to question it.


   "Um, I'm assuming that both have a rather decent sized arena as both are rather large cities," I slowly explain, just wanting him to make a decision already so we can hurry up and get the rest of this leg of the tour scheduled.


   "Well whichever one has the biggest arena, book that one. The bigger it is, the more people can come and see me," He cockily replies as he unravels his arm from one of the girls shoulders and reaches for the last strawberry on the tray, bringing it up to his lips. Why should the size of the arena matter? As long as he was performing somewhere in the state then all was alright, but I guess the size of the arena does influence the ticket sales.


   "Okay then," I mumble as I pull out my notebook and quickly scribble down a note to myself so I won't forget to look it up later. My eyes avert from my notebook and up towards my laptop to mark that date as an undecided. I pull the list back up of all of the possible cities that he could play in and begin to scroll down the long list, stopping on St. Louis.


   "Alright, now for the next show-"


   "Are we done now?" He cuts me off which causes me to stop my scrolling and look over at him. He was playing with the stem of the strawberry, eventually dropping it back down onto the silver platter before him.


   I sighed, "No, we are not. We are far from being finished-"


   "I said, are we done now?" He sharply cut in which caused me to jump slightly in my seat from the sudden outburst.


   I gulped before I cleared my throat, wanting to make sure that my voice wouldn't crack when I spoke. My eyes met his and I gave him a phony smile, "Yes. We shall continue this in the morning say around nine?" I ask.


   "We'll continue this on my own time, understood?" He then says as he cocks his head to the side.


   I simply nod my head, not wanting to raise another argument and for the bastard to just go away already, "I understand," I say as politely as I could.


   "Good. I shall see you sometime tomorrow, and in the meantime make sure that you get more strawberries. The ones today weren't as sweet as they usually are," He says as he grimaces for affect. He stands up and his two sluts follow right after, instantly wrapping their arms around his torso.


   "Will do, sir. Have a lovely rest of your day."


   "It will be lovely, because I am away from you." He shot back which caused the fake bitches to laugh. Right as he left the room, my middle finger went up in the air in the direction of the door. Gosh he got on my very last nerves and those sluts he brought with him today were the sluttiest. I really needed to have a chat with Jackson about him bringing them to work constantly and how big of a distraction they are for him when it comes to work. But knowing him, he'll just brush it off and say that if that's what it takes to make him happy then I'm just going to have to get over it.


   I stood up from my chair and pushed it in so it wasn't in peoples walkway, then I started to collect all the sheets of paper as well as all the folders until they were in a nice stack. Next I shut off my laptop and placed the stack of folders on top of the laptop then I scooped it all up into my arms and proceeded to the door. My eyes travelled down to one of the papers as my hand rested on the door knob, reading over what I had to get done this afternoon. So far I have to look up which arena was bigger, I have to run to the opposite side of town to get his strawberries, and I have to finalize the the dates we already have selected and present them to Jackson. I'm going to be up till all hours tonight, I already know it.


   Just as I stepped out into the hallway, I got knocked down onto my bum for the second time that day.


   "Au- really?! Watch it you bastard!" I seethe as I place my things aside to tend to my throbbing elbow. I suck in my bottom lip as I press down onto the sore area, rubbing it in small soothing circles.


   "Every time we meet, you always end up being knocked down because of my klutzy self," I hear someone say which causes me to look up and I see the familiar blondish brown hair. 


   "Ha. It seems that way, doesn't it?" I question Niall as I smile up at him. He laughs slightly before he extends both of his hands out for me, pulling me up off of the ground. I began to adjust my skirt and my shirt as he bent down to pick up my laptop as well as my folders and notebook.


   "Here you are," He says as he hands me back my things. I adjust them in my arms real quick before I speak once more.


   "Thank you," I say as I give a polite smile.


   "You're welcome," He says as he smiles back, "so how did your meeting go with Styles?" He asks which causes me to roll my eyes and scoff out of annoyance. "Not that good, huh?" He asks chuckling.


   "He's a son of a bitch," I harshly say, not caring if I came across as rude or not. When it came to him I would always speak my mind, whether the comment is harsh or bitchy. There is no kind thoughts of him that cross my subconscious, they are all negative.


   "What happened?"


   "He wouldn't focus on anything. The only thing he would focus on was his two sluts that he brought into work today," I said to him.




   "Yes really, I swear he has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to work," I sigh,  "And we still have more than half of his tour to plan as well as planning his new album." I shut my eyes and press my free hand against the side of my face, pressing down on my temple.


   "Why don't you just go and talk to our boss? He could settle it all." He asks and I begin to shake my head no. A long sigh slips past my lips as I re-open my eyes to look at him.


   "I can't do that."


   "And why not?"


   I sigh, "As complicated as it is, it would take a while to explain it all to you and I really don't have the time at the moment to do so." I quickly say.


   "Oh well maybe you can explain it to me sometime. Like over dinner tomorrow night?" He then questions, cocking an eyebrow up as well as a smirk slowly forming on his lips.


   "What?" I ask out of disbelief from his sudden question.


   "Well since you don't have the time at work to explain it to me, why not tell me about it over dinner?" He says, that smirk still there.


   "I'm sorry but co-workers aren't typically allowed to go out on dates with one another." I state, straightening my posture. 


   "Well, it can be two friends simply hanging out then." He says as he shrugs his shoulders.


   "But we barely know one another." I say as I smile at him.


"Then it'll also be a time for us to get to know one another," He says as he smiles at me, "So what do you say?" He asks after a few seconds of silence. I bite my lip as I look down at the ground, thinking. It wouldn't hurt, would it? Just two friends going to dinner to discuss some work matters as well as getting to know one another. Another sigh slips past my lips as I look back up at him, a small smile forming on my lips.


   "Pick me up at seven."








A/N: Please tell me what you think! c: And I'm sorry if this isn't the best! >.< I'll get started on chapter three straight away! c:


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