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5. t h r e e

∞ Millionaire ∞




   I placed my pen down onto my desk, allowing my cramping hand to rest for a bit. My eyes fluttered closed as I raised both of my hands up to my face, my fingers pressing into my temples. The bastard had sent me a few extra requests right before I had went to bed. I told him I would get them done at some point in the day tomorrow but the ass said that I had to get it completed tonight or else he would go to Jackson. Honestly, I am quite terrified of my boss. Not only because he was the head of the label which means that he could fire me at any possible given moment, but because of what he allows to happen. He's basically allowing the celebrity run the label, allowing him to push every single one of the employees around.


   I re-open my eyes once more as a sigh slips past my lips, my eyes travelling over to the clock that hung on the wall to my left. It was nearly two in the morning already. I have to be up around seven so I could be at work around eight or eight-thirty at the absolute latest. My eyes wandered back over to the work in front of me, roaming over it all. If I didn't go to bed now, I would be a grumpy mess in the morning and he would somehow use that to his advantage.


   As I stretched as well as let out a rather lengthy yawn, I reached across my desk and flicked my table lamp off. I placed my hands on the edge of the desk and pushed backwards causing the chair to follow my movements as well as creak as it went backwards. With one final glance down at my work I stood up and pushed my chair in, walking to my bedroom after, tripping and stumbling over things along the way as I was half awake.


   Once I made it to the edge of my bed, I collapsed onto the soft and quite bouncy mattress. A content sigh slipped past my lips as I pulled the blankets up over me, snuggling down into the mass of soft blankets and pillows. A small smile made its way onto my lips as I settled in, my breathing slowing down as the feeling of drowsiness began to pull me into the wonderful land that was known as sleep. But right as I was on the verge of sleep, a thought slipped into my subconscious causing my eyes to snap open. I forgot to pick up the strawberries. 




   "Excuse me. Excuse me, please!" I ramble as I rush past the slower bunch of people, trying to get to the elevator. It was now around eight-thirty in the morning and I was running terribly late. I was supposed to be here at eight or earlier but I was slightly delayed due to having to run clear across town to get the bastard his strawberries. Oh the things I do to keep my beloved job.


   I stuck my free hand out to stop the elevator doors from shutting fully, earning a few groans from its passengers. Quickly, I slipped inside and pressed the number of my floor before stepping back to rest against the railing along the wall. My eyes travel around the small enclosed space at all the tired, grumpy looking associates. A few were taking long sips from their cup of coffee while others were flipping through their folders - probably double checking to make sure that they had everything that they needed for the day.


   The familiar ding of the elevator echoed throughout the small space meaning that we had come to a stop on one of the floors. The doors slid open and most if not all of the passengers filed out, a few new ones sauntering in as well and one of them was Niall.


   "We seem to always run into one another, don't we?" I question which causes him to look up from his folder. Once his eyes met mine, a smile spread across his lips.


   "Yeah we do, and this time no one fell to their ass." He points out which causes a smile to form on my lips.


   "So how was your first day?" I question, changing the subject.


   "It was alright I suppose. It mostly consisted of training though, which can get pretty boring." He said shrugging his shoulders.


   "Oh my gosh I hated training," I groan out as I roll my eyes, "all you do is follow an employee around all day long, listen to a couple lectures here and there about the rules and guidelines, and just basically sit around wasting the day away doing absolutely nothing productive."


   "You would think for such a high functioning label, they would have a lot more to their training." He says to me as his gaze travels back down to his folder.


   "I know, everyone has a specific way to get things done and I guess that it was just their own way of doing it." I sigh out as I run a hand through my wavy hair that was actually down for a change and in it's natural state. Since I was running late this morning I didn't have time to fix it in it's usual straight, slicked back ponytail - it made me feel more professional I suppose since it was a sleek, clean style. The ding of the elevator caused my eyes to shift over from Niall and up to the little screen above the doors to see that it was on my floor, 21. I shift the possessions I have in my hand before I run my free hand down my skirt, straightening it out as well as removing any unwanted creases. The doors slid open revealing the lobby for our floor and I began to step towards it.


   "Hey Elizabeth?" I hear Niall call which causes me to turn back around to look at him.


   "Yes?" I ask.


   He smiles at me before he spoke, "You look beautiful today." I immediately felt the heat rush to my cheeks as well as bits of my neck.


   "Why thank you, you don't look too shabby either." I playfully respond as return the smile to him as well as a wink. He starts to laugh at my comment which only causes me to smile wider just hearing his laugh.


  "I'll see you in a little while and I can't wait until tonight." He says to me just as the doors slide shut once more to take him to his destination. I turn around on my heal and shut my eyes, biting my lip as well. A little squeal forms in the back of my throat and somehow manages to slip out. I honestly couldn't wait until tonight because it meant that I got to spend some time with Niall. I reopen my eyes and release my lip from inbetween my teeth as I begin to walk forwards once more, taking a left to go down the long hall of offices and conference rooms. My heels clicked along the floors, creating an echo that bounced off of the walls making it seem as if the place was vacant. My eyes shifted around my surroundings, looking in at all the open doors to see that most of the employees were at work on their computers. 


   Just as I had reached my own office, the sound of my name being yelled caused me to jump and nearly drop both bags of strawberries.


   "What?" I call back, already annoyed once I recognized the voice.


   "We need to get to work. I have to be in the studio at noon today and my manager said that I cannot be late again." He spoke which causes me to roll my eyes and proceed inside my office. I quickly set down all the folders and one of the bags and grabbed my laptop as well as the tour scheduling folders before I left to go meet up with the ass. My feet led my to the familiar room that I was just in yesterday to see him already sitting in one of the many chairs, scrolling through his phone.


   "Alright so I believe we left off yesterday with scheduling the North American leg of your tour." I say as I sit down in my usual chair, spreading my possessions on the table. 


   "Mmhmm." He grumbles to me, not bothering to look up from his phone.


   "Oh and before I forget," I start which causes him to look up from his phone and at me, his eyebrows furrowing together. I stand up from my chair rather quick and walk over to his end of the table, placing the bag of strawberries down in front of him. "Here. I think these belong to you." I say before I retreat back to my seat at the other end, sitting back down. I watch as he looks in the bag, a frown on his lips as he looks back up at me.


   "I'm not eating these." He snaps as he points to the bag.


   "And why not? They are your usual strawberries from uptown." I say as I lace my fingers together and place them on the desk before me.


   "Unless they are washed and have the stems cut off, I am not eating let alone touching one of them." He states as he shoves the bag away from himself. I roll me eyes and huff at him.


   "Suit yourself." I mumble as I pull out my folder, pulling out the desired sheet that I was looking  for. Then, I reach over and grab my laptop, pressing the on button watching the screen come to life. I wait until it boots up to the login screen, then I place my fingers on the keys and begin to type out my password.


   "Who were you talking to earlier?" He then says which causes me to turn my gaze away from my laptops screen and over to his figure.


   "Pardon me?" I question as I cock an eyebrow up.


   "I heard you talking to someone out by the lobby this morning. Who was it?" He presses on.


   "None of your concern." I say to him before I look back over to my laptop, clicking on the web browser so I could access my email so I would be able to see the lists that Jackson had sent me as well as check for any new information or updates.


   "Tell me." He seethes.


   "Mr. Styles, I already told you that it was none of your concern-" I start but I am abruptly cut off by him.


   "I'm the pop-star, remember?" He yet again reminds me which causes me to sigh as well as let my eyelids draw closed.


   "He's one of the new assistants here." I finally say, hoping that my answer would satisfy him enough.


   "What's his name?" He then asks, causing all hope of him dropping the subject to disappear.


   "Niall." I respond.


   "What were you guys talking about?"


   "That is private information, Mr. Styles. I cannot provide you an answer to that question, I am sorry." I say to him just as I click on my emails.


   "Elizabeth..." He taunts which causes me to look over at him, seeing that he had that playful smirk on his lips as well as one of his eyebrows cocked up. I groan as I place one of my hands on my face, letting it slide down until it slips from my face and onto my lap.


   "We were talking about the company as well as our plans for this evening."


   "This evening? What are you two doing this evening?" He asks as his eyebrows furrow together.


   "Dinner so I can inform him on a few of the things that are currently taking place at the label." I state, annoyance laced in my tone. "Are we done asking questions about my personal life? We only have a limited amount of time to get this done and I'd rather not waste this precious time on something that pertains no relevance to the subject at hand." I say to him. I watch as he nods his head as well as lean back in his chair, pulling out his phone.


   "Um, I actually have to go now. Apparently my manager needs me down there as soon as possible." He says as he stands up from his chair, stuffing his phone back into his pocket.


   "But we haven't even started yet. I'm sure it can wait for at least an hour." I say, annoyed that his manager was requesting him earlier than he was due. He ignores what I said and walks over to the door, placing his hand on the doorknob. "Mr. Styles! We really need to schedule a couple more dates before you leave." I say as I stand up from my chair.


   "We will continue this later this afternoon as tomorrow I am busy." He states as he turns around to face me.


   "Sir, I can't tonight remember-"


   "I said, we will continue this in the afternoon, understood?" He questions as he cocks an eyebrow up, "I'm sure 'Niall' would not mind you postponing your little date for a few hours as you have to tend to more important matters, me." He says as a smirk makes it's way onto his lips. "I'll see you say around four or five?" He says in a rude tone as he turns to leave again. My eyes wander around the room eventually landing on the window at all the skyscrapers surrounding us.


   The asshole, he was doing this to me on purpose. Rude comments were running through my mind as my anger only continued to grow as well as the hatred towards the man. He probably didn't have any plans tomorrow, he was just saying that so I had no other option but to stay later tonight and to postpone my date with Niall. I mean I went to the extreme point of mentally slapping him over and over again. . . or murdering him. "Don't forget to fuck yourself on the way out." I grumbled out, not realizing that I had said it.


   "What did you just say?" I then hear him ask which causes me to shift my gaze back over to him.


   "Huh?" I mumble out, my eyebrows furrowing together.


   "I asked, what did you just say to me?" He questions, his eyes turning a darker shade of green as well as his lips turning down into a frown and his eyebrows furrowing together out of anger. Shit. He heard what I had said. I bite my lip as I look around the room, trying to think of something to say to him that wasn't rude or snarky in any way shape or form. A few seconds of thinking, a smirk spread on my lips.


   "I said, don't forget to fuck yourself on the way out." I spit, a new-found confidence spreading throughout my body. His jaw dropped at my comment, his eyebrows unfurrowing out of disbelief at what I had just said to him.


   His hard glare returned after a few moments of disbelief, "Oh fuck you." He seethed at me as he gave me the finger.


   "You wish." I cockily reply as I fold my arms over my chest, my smirk still on my lips. He turns to leave once more but not without muttering a 'bitch' along the way. The door slammed behind him, rattling the walls a little bit causing me to sigh as well as rub the back of my neck. Another long day was about to take place, and this time I was going to have to be extra nice to the bastard to make up for my recent behaviour towards him. I knew that he would hold this over my head for the next week or maybe even month or worse, he would report it to my boss. I didn't want to get fired, so I will do whatever it takes to let this little incident not get back to Jackson.








A/N - So sorry for the long wait on the third chapter but as a lot of you know, I just recently started school again so I have barely had anytime to myself. c: Anyways sorry that this chapter sucked a lot xc I'll try to update as soon as I can I promise! c: Feedback would be greatly appreciated! c: <3



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