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12. t e n



t e n




           [Harry's POV]


   I stumbled out of Zayn's house late that night, shit faced and high as hell, but I didn't give a damn right now. I felt much better than I did hours prior to this, it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and that I was floating on air at the moment. Truth be told, I felt fucking amazing. I felt as if I could take on the world right now, climb the tallest mountains, be a dare devil even. I haven't felt this good in so long, I don't think I even remember the last time I was in this euphoric state; it's been way too long since I have not felt all the stress and the pressure from my everyday life, maybe I should be doing this more frequently.


   "Heyyyyyy Harrrold?" I hear Zayn slur from behind me and I turn around to face him, nearly stumbling on my own two feet in the process. He wasn't as wasted as I was, he was mostly sober, but he still had enough alcohol in his system to make his brain foggy and his words kind of slurred together.


   "Yesss, Zayn?" I ask, wanting to know what he wanted now. 


   "Maybe you should call a cab, bro. You're pretty drunk, and you're high as hell. If you get pulled over and they smell the alcohol on your breath plus the weed on your clothes, things won't be looking too good for you." He says and I roll my eyes at him.


   "Oh, I'll be fine. I've driven while I was intoxicated before and I never got pulled over. I even drove when I was high and nothing happened to me, so I'm going to drive my own car." I mutter as I wave my hand at him. 


   "But that was when you only had a little bit to drink and a little bit to smoke. You've had more than you ever had tonight, you went overboard a little on it. So please, for the safety of yourself as well as the safety of the other drivers out there tonight, would you please just take a cab?" He pleads to me and I huff out of annoyance. I could do whatever the hell I wanted to do, I'm Harry Styles world famous pop star, if I wanted to drive under the influence then I was sure going to do so. 


   "I don't want to come back tomorrow and get my car so I'm just going to drive myself home tonight." I say before I walk back to my car and open my door, crawling in. I see through my window Zayn shaking his head as he walked back inside his smokey house. After I see that the door is fully shut, I begin to feel around for my set of keys. "Damn it, where the hell did I put them at?" I question myself as I check all the pockets of my clothing as well as the glove compartment and the cup holders, eventually finding them in the passengers seat. Must have thrown them when I was getting out of the car. I shrugged my shoulders, finding that piece of information really necessary as I put the key into the ignition and bringing the car to life. My foot pressed down on the gas and the next thing I knew I was peeling out of Zayn's neighborhood, feeling the high take over my body.



         [Elizabeth's POV]


   "You haven't heard from him? Not even a call or text or even an email?" I question as I pace back and forth in my living room. I was on the phone with every person whom I knew was affiliated with the man who was known as Harry Styles who still hasn't turned up anywhere. I was beginning to worry as if we didn't find him soon then his manager wasn't going to be too thrilled as well as the record label. I could end up losing my job if that curly haired bastard didn't turn up any time soon. Wait...I shouldn't be worrying over my job, I should be worrying over him because he could be seriously hurt somewhere or he could have been kidnapped or worse, killed. 


   "No, I'm sorry, Elizabeth, but we haven't seen him anywhere nor have we heard from him." Liam says over the phone to my and my eyes shut out of frustration, a sigh escaping my lips as I place my hand on my forehead, pushing back the loose strands of hair. 


   "Can you inform me when or if you do, please?" I ask over the phone, my voice wavering a bit.


   "I will, Lizzy. I'll be out searching with a couple other people from work here in a little bit. In the meantime, please get some rest. You really shouldn't have as much stress as you do on yourself, so do me a favor and try to get some sleep." He says into the phone and I huff. 


   "How can I rest when the pop-star that is paying my rent is out there missing? It's like he just disappeared off of the face of this planet. If we don't find him soon, one or more of us is sure to get fired and I'm at the top of the list." I say as I pull on my hair in my ponytail.


   "Hey, no one is going to loose their job and most certainly you are not going to loose your job. You are too much of a hard worker to be fired, and Jackson absolutely adores you because of that. You are one of his favorite employees after all." He says into the phone to try and calm me down, "But seriously, it would make me as well as everyone else who knows you feel better if you just take it easy and try to go to bed. You have work in the morning and you need all the rest you can get if we do so happen to find Mr. Styles any time before your first meeting with him." 


   I sigh, "You have work as well in the morning so you need to be getting some rest as well. And you're right, you are right. But you'll call me if you do find him, right? Even if it is the middle of the night?" I ask him.


   "I have tomorrow off so I can be out searching as late as I want too and as late as it is needed, you on the other hand have to be at work at eight on the dot and it's after midnight now so you really need to be getting your rest. I'll call you if we find him anywhere." 


   "You promise?" I ask, sounding like a small child making a pinky promise.


   He laughs, "I promise, Elizabeth. I'll talk to you later, goodnight." 


   "Goodnight, Liam, and thank you...for doing this." I softly say into the phone as I clutch it tighter to my ear.


   "You're welcome, now get your rest." He says. 


   I nod my head as I lick my lips, "Bye." I mumble before I pull the phone away and click the end button, allowing the silence to fill the air around me. I sigh as I sit down on the couch, my head resting in my hands as I try to think of the places that he could be at. The clubs maybe? No, Niall already checked those. The bars? No, Liam already went to them. The studio maybe? No, he couldn't be there, those things are locked up tight at ten at night and have high security until eight in the morning. Any place I could think of has either already been checked or is a place where he would never go to.


   "Please...please turn up somewhere. Even if you're hurt, I'd rather you be injured than dead." I mumble to myself as I look at the book shelf in front of me. "God, the bastard really does know how to get into trouble as well as push all of my buttons. Even when he is missing he still finds a way to get me so worked up and tense." I groan as I shake my head. Part of me sometimes wishes that I never accepted the position I am in at the moment, I would be under a lot less stress and would probably be able to go out a lot more and live my youth years freely instead of stuck at home most nights working on paper work for one air head of a pop star.


   My hands find their way to my hair, tugging on the roots as I try to think of any more places that he could possibly be at. His disappearance has really rattled my brain. Usually he's out there at some club, hooking up with some random slut who has probably been with more guys than I can count. The paparazzi would have managed to snap a few pictures of him tonight if he was out there; he's definitely one of those who never go by unnoticed. Maybe he was actually at home for once instead of being at a party.


   My phone lit up on my coffee table so I grabbed it and immediately accepted the call, not bothering to look at the caller ID as I did so, "Have you found him?!" Was the first sentence that slipped past my lips. No 'hello' or 'how are you doing', I wanted to get straight to the point because the only reason someone would be calling me this late would be if they found him or not. 


  "....Found who, Elizabeth?" I hear his voice say through the phone and I about jump off my couch in relief. 


   "Harry! Where the hell have you been?!" I shriek into the phone as I stand up and walk around, nervously biting on my fingernails. 


   "At a friends." He says calmly and I can picture him shrugging his shoulders like it was no big deal, but this was a very big deal. 


   "Do you realize that half of the staff at the record label have been scavenging the entire city to try and locate you?! It was like you disappeared off of the face of the planet!" I yell into the phone.


   "Lower your voice, Lizzy, I have a massive headache." He whispers into the phone. 


   "Sorry," I mutter as I roll my eyes since I shouldn't be the one apologizing at the moment. 


   "And have you guys ever heard of privacy? Damn I would like to have some every once in a while if you all please." He scoffs into the phone. 


   "Well I apologize for the concern but when a pop-star who is supposed to be going on tour soon suddenly disappears without any contact we all kind of panic." I sharply say to him.


   "Listen, I got to go. Your voice is hurting my head." He says with a groan and my eyes widen.


   "Oh no, no, no. Where the hell are you right now?" I ask ad I hear him breathing on the other end of the line.


   "In my car." Was all he said before hanging up on me. I mutter out a string of curse words at him for hanging up on me so abruptly as I pace about my living room, refraining from throwing my phone at a wall. He was sure as hell frustrating me at the moment and all I wanted to do was to slap some sense into him, some common sense at that. 


   I dial Niall's number and press my phone to my ear, waiting for him to answer. 


   "Hello? Elizabeth?" He asks over the phone.


   "Hey, he called me." I say and I hear him sigh over the phone.


   "That's great! Do you know where he's at?" He asks me. 


   "No, I have no clue where the bastard is at. All he said to me was that he was at a friends house and now he's in his car somewhere." I say as I run a hand through my hair. 


   "Hey at least we know he isn't dead," He says with a small chuckle, "But do you want us to keep looking to see if we can try and locate him?" He asks me. 


   "No, you guys have done enough tonight. I'm going to try and call him again to see if I can get him to tell me exactly where he is. But thank you guys so much for looking, you all should go home and try to get some sleep." I say.


   "Alright, but don't stay up too late as you also have work in the morning." He says to me and I smile at how he cared.


   "Will do, goodnight, Niall." I say.


   "Goodnight, Lizzy." He says to me and I pull my phone back to hang up. Now to call the bastard back.


   I press his number and hold my phone up against my ear and wait for him to answer, but he doesn't. I call him a few more times and each time I do so I get the same thing - voicemail. I sent him a couple of texts as well and he still hasn't responded to me. Now is when I begin to worry about this. What if he got into a car accident? I quickly send Niall a text about this and he responds within a matter of moments saying how I was working myself up over nothing and that everything is fine and how I should just go to bed and get some sleep. I lock my phone and walk towards my room, sitting down on my bed as I plug my phone in. I pull the covers up to my shoulder and stare outside my window at the night sky and all the city lights. A sigh slips past my lips as I turn over and shut my eyes, hoping to get some sleep.


   But that wasn't possible and wasn't going to happen the second I heard my phone go off. I quickly sat up and grabbed it, unlocking it and going to my messages. I drop my phone on my bed and scurry out of bed, quickly slipping on my shoes and my jacket, grabbing my car keys and running out the door.



              [Harry's POV] 


   I groan as I throw my phone into the passengers seat of my car, leaning my head back against the head rest, slowly rubbing my temples to try and soothe the massive headache I had. I really shouldn't have smoked or drunk that much this evening and her annoying voice didn't help at all. Why the hell did I even call her in the first place? I knew she was going to only scold me for not contacting anyone anyways, and when she asked where I was, to be honest I had no idea where the hell I was and I still have no idea where I am. All I know is that I am in my car and I'm on the side of the road somewhere.


   My head felt like it was going to explode any second from how much pressure was building up against my skull from the horrid headache. I leaned over and opened the glove compartment, searching through it in hopes of finding some pain killers but sadly I found none. Damn it, I thought I always kept some in the car for nights like this. I placed my hands on my face as I sat back up in my seat, hoping that my headache would just go away soon. 


   Bright car lights suddenly come into view and I wince as I hold my hand up to shield the blinding light out of my eyes. The car suddenly stops and someone gets out, practically running towards my car. Once I see who it is, my eyes narrow at him.


   I roll my window down as I glare at him, "What the fuck do you want?" I harshly ask. 


   "We've been looking for you all night, Elizabeth was worried sick about you." Niall says to me and I no longer feel myself glaring at him. She was worried about me? She actually cared about me? "Yes she actually cares about you, she works for you for Christ's sake of course she was worried out of her mind for you." Damn it I said that out loud. I guess when you're drunk and high off your mind things just slip past your lips without you even knowing. "I've got to call, Lizzy." He says and begins to walk away from my car but I quickly grab his arm. 


   "No, don't." I seethe to him. 


   "But I've got to let her know that I've found you so she can sleep." He says as he tries to shrug me off but I grasp onto him harder, "Hey, man that hurts let go of me." He says.


   "If you want to keep your job, so help me God, put your damn phone up and don't contact her, are we clear?" I say to him and I see him hesitantly nod his head. "Good, now can you please tell me where the hell am I?" I ask as I look around.


   "You're on the outskirts of town, in fact you're just right down the road from my apartment building. You can crash there if you want?" He asks me and I let out a laugh. Me? Stay with him? Ha!


   "What makes you think I would ever stay with you?" I say as I look at him with an arrogant smile on my face, "You probably have fleas or some shit." 


   He ignores what I say. "You're completely wasted and shouldn't be driving, you need to just come back with me and I'll drop you off with your car in the morning." Niall says to me and I shake my head.


   "No way in hell am I going to stay with you." I harshly spit at him.


   "It's either that or I contact Elizabeth, Harry. You're choice." He says as he shrugs his shoulders. I purse my lips to the side and think. If he calls her, then I'll probably get a long ass lecture from her on the way home and with my headache I probably wouldn't last long and shove her out of the car or I can sleep on his couch and wait until the morning to deal with it all. 


   "Fine." I huff as I grab my phone and keys and get out of the car, locking the doors behind me. He smiles at me as he leads me to his car, I get in on the passenger side and make sure to slam my car door shut. He looks at me weirdly before he puts the car into drive, and pulls away. 



          [Niall's POV]


   As soon as we get to my place and we're inside, he's knocked out on the couch. I sigh and shake my head as I walk into my bedroom to get dressed and to send Elizabeth a text to let her know that I have him. She responds within a matter of moments asking for my address and I hesitantly type it in clicking send. 


                                                                                     I'm on my way. xx.


   She sent to me and I lightly smile as I glance at the two x's at the end. She sent me kisses. I didn't reply to her saying that Harry didn't want her to come because I knew she would just ignore it anyways. I lock my phone and tip toe out into the living room to sneak into the kitchen to get a glass of water and a couple pain killers for him when he woke up. Even though he treated me like complete shit, I needed to be the bigger person and just kill him with all the kindness in the world. 


   I walk back into the living room and set them both down on the coffee table by his snoring figure just as there is a light knock on my door. I tip toe over to it and slowly open it to reveal Elizabeth standing there in her pajamas. 


   "Come in," I say and step aside for her to walk inside. She smiles at me as she walks into my apartment, her eyes instantly falling on his sleeping body.


   "Thank God you found him." She says as she turns back around and surprises me by hugging me tight. I wrap my arms around her body and hug her back, nuzzling my face into the crook of her neck. 


   "You're welcome, love." I say to her just as she begins to pull her head back. 


   "How'd you find him?" She whispers to me, her eyes scanning my face.


   "I was driving home and I saw a car parked along side the road and I remembered that you said he was in his car somewhere. It was really late and I knew that no one would really be out this late at night so why would there be a car sitting there and it dawned on me that it might be him, so I stopped and there he was all bright eyed and bushy tailed." I say with an eye roll.


   "So I am assuming he was an ass to you then?" She asks, cocking an eyebrow up. 


   "Bingo." I say with a smile. 


   She looks back over at him, "Will he ever learn his manners?" She huffs before she looks back at me. "I'm sorry about him." 


   "It's alright, at least I managed to convince him to get in my car so he could sleep here." I say to her.


   "What did you use to convince him?"


   "I told him if he didn't get in my car and let me take him back to my place, then I'd contact you and have you come out and get him." 


   "And he knew I would have lectured him the entire way back I'm assuming so that's why he got in the car with you." She says and I smile at her. 


   "Probably." We both look over at Harry when we hear him stir in his sleep then mutter something. "C'mon let's go get some sleep." I say and release her from the hug but instantly grabbing her hand and leading her to my room. She lets go of my hand and crawls into the bed, pulling the covers up over her. I slide in beside her and pull the covers over my body. "Goodnight, Elizabeth." I softly say to her. 


   I feel her scoot over until she was right beside me, then I felt her place her hand on my cheek a few seconds later. Before I know it I feel her lips on mine and I feel my eyes shut, gently kissing her back. 


   "Goodnight, Niall." She mutters as she pecks my lips one more time. I wrap my arms around her and pull her closer to my body, her arm wrapping around my waist. I gently kiss her forehead before I shut my eyes, a smile on my face as I fall asleep.




[WoAh long ass chapter there holy shit. I got carried away ooppssssiieeee cx anyways tell me what you think maybe? And sorry for the delay in an update xcI hope this long chapter makes up for it! c:]




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