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18. s i x t e e n



s i x t e e n





Harry's manager was pacing the floor in front of me at a rapid rate, muttering to himself in a rushed sort of way. It almost didn't even sound like he was speaking English, instead it reminded me of a furious latina. He was taking long strides and very sharp turns on his heels as he continued to hastily walk back and forth in front of me. 

One of the ladies, Marissa, who worked on this floor entered the room and walked over to his, what appearred to be, angered frame. She held up a couple fingers to try and get his attention, speaking ever so slightly as well. 

"Sir, would you like any coffee, a pastry maybe-" She began to ask him, but he abruptly stopped and turned to face her, shutting her up instantly just by his harsh glare.

"Coffee." He said to her.

"Anything else? Any creamers or-" She tried saying but with his loud voice cutting in she couldn't.

"Just the damn coffee. Quit pestering me and move along." He harshly spat, his brows turning down and his lips in a snarl. 

She jumped a bit from the sharpness of his voice before muttering a 'yes sir' and scurrying out of the room. Marissa was a sweet, shy person who really hung onto what people said or did to her. So I bet she would be taking how he treated her to heart. 

I looked to my left to see if Jackson would do or say anything to him over mistreating her, but he just shook his head at me. I roll my eyes; someone needs to say something to him. He honestly can't say anything to anyone anytime he wants to. I know I can't change how a person acts, but he should be more considerate of others and speak to them with a kinder tone. Yes, he has to hold a ground when it came to certain things and be firm with what he has to say, but something as simple as asking if he wanted a coffee then he should have a softer approach. 

I am very aware of how he is and how he acts so without a doubt in my head, that mouth of his has made him a lot of enemies. But it's gotten him to where he is today so he must be doing something right with it.

"Why won't you?" I huff at him, pulling his attention away from the folders sat on his lap. She is one of his employees, he was her boss, he should be standing up for her in some way. 

"Because, Elizabeth, it is not my place to scold a grown man. Especially him," He leans over and whispers to me, pulling out a pen from his pocket in the process, "And it's not your place either so don't get any ideas and start running your mouth to him. Keep your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself." 

I fold my arms across my chest and look ahead at the fuming man, knowing exactly why he was so aggitated. He had a right to be upset, but he shouldn't take it out on others surrounding him. And with the situation we currently were in, he really couldn't do anything to solve it. He really could only wait like the rest of us. 

Clark, Harry's manager, had two other meetings scheduled for today to square some things away before the weekend. So he only had an allotted amount of time with us and the clock was ticking on our time slot. With how much we had to discuss, I was becoming a tad worried that we wouldn't have enough time to go over it all. Plus, knowing Harry, we won't successfully make it through the meeting without him having a fit over something. 

I looked over to the clock on the wall to see what time it was and it was nearly eleven in the morning. We were supposed to be in the meeting at ten sharp, but that obviously didn't happen. 

"Where the hell is he?" Clark snapped, looking between Jackson and I, stopping his movements.

Harry had locked himself out of his house this morning, and for security reasons didn't keep a spare under the flower pot or the door mat. He had to call a lock smith just before he called Clark to let him know that he'd be running a bit late. 

At least this time it was actually a reasonable situation rather than showing up late because he was tired and didn't feel like it. Or because he had a hangover or was with one of his sluts... or both at the same time. 

He could be fibbing about this to make up an excuse, but I don't think he would make this up.

"It doesn't take this long to get a lock smith to open a damn door." Clark yelled to us. "I don't have all fucking day to just wait around for him to get his house opened. If he doesn't arrive within the next fifteen minutes this tour is not happening." 

"Clark," Jackson sighed from beside me, looking up from his paper work, "You have to remember, his house isn't the easist thing to get into. He has so much security that he has to disable the alarms somehow before he can manage to get his door open." He explained. After hearing this maybe it would finally calm Clark down. "And let's be reasonable here, he's going on that tour no matter what happens today because one, he's the most popular artist in the world currently so therefore he's going to be bringing in some major money, and two he's your favorite client." 

Clark shakes his head, "They have apps for everything now so he should have an app on his phone that disables the alarm system without him even having to set foot on his property," He lowers his voice slightly, but he is still on edge, "The money he's racking up is paying for us to live, so you bet he's one of my favorites - if not my absolute. I'll admit that." He holds his hands up to us. Clark continues to pace around, rubbing his face as he emits a groan, showing his frustration.

"That's another security hazard. What if he lost his phone? Someone would be able to get into his house." Jackson says, trying to protect Harry as much as he can.

"There's passcodes to prevent that type of stuff from happening. If his phone ever were lost or got stolen then we would immediately lock it up so no one could try and jailbreak it." Clark concludes just as the door to the conference room opens and in steps the man of the hour. Jackson and I raise to our feet to be polite. "It's about damn time, Styles!" He practically yells at him, striding over until he was a mere foot away from Harry.

"Sorry, the lock smith didn't get there till nearly a quarter after, and his slow ass couldn't seem to figure out how to get the door open once we managed to disable the alarms. I couldn't do anything about it." Harry explains, his demeanor shifting slightly due to his manager yelling at him the second he walked through the door.

"You shouldn't have locked yourself out in the first place." Clark huffs at him, annoyance laced within his tone. 

I watch Harry closely as his face hardens slightly, his jaw clenching and his eyes slowly darkening, "Because locking yourself out of your own fucking house is something you do on purpose as a means of fun." Harry seethes. 

"Don't get sarcastic with me, boy, or else your ass won't be touring." 

"You're acting like locking myself out of the house was something I intended to do." Harry defends. 

"Because you didn't use that brain of yours to remember your damn keys!" Clark shouts. 

"I forget things sometimes. I'm a human being just like you are, so just cut me some slack. Jesus." Harry breathes out at the end, turning his body slightly as he rolls his eyes. 

"You're a pop-star, you should never forget something-" Clark grabs Harry's head and jerks it back so he's looking him straight in the eye, "Look at me when I'm speaking with you!" 

I gasp at how rough Clark is being with Harry, and just as I am about to walk over to the pair to push them apart, Jackson sticks out his arm to stop me. I'm worried that if someone doesn't do something then they'll end up fighting each other. 

"Get your fucking hands off of me." Harry yells, shoving Clark away from his body. I swear I hear Clark growl at Harry. 

"You're lucky I didn't slap you to get your attention." Clark threatens. 

"I would have sued." 

"And you would be out a career." Clark smirks at Harry.

Harry glares at him, his face tightening up. He shakes his head, keeping his eyes trained on the man standing before him, "Let's just get this damn meeting over with so we can both go our separate ways for the day." He begins to walk towards Jackson and I, but Clark grabs ahold of his upper arm, pulling him back.

"You and I are finishing this after we leave this office." He sternly says. Harry scowls at him while ripping his arm out of his grasp.

Him and I make eye contact for a brief second, the first time in almost a week, his eyes softening slightly for a moment but hardening again seconds after. He strolls over to one of the chairs and sits down quickly, the three of us following after. 

What a way to reunite with each other. Having his manager fight with him; especially in front of the head of the label.

Once we all are comfortable, I begin to pull out all the folders with our work in it as well as papers that his manager and Jackson needed to sign off on. Jackson spread his paperwork out discussing how much the label would get from Harry's sales and how much he would get from it. 

While I was getting everything sorted out, I couldn't help but peak up at Harry, just to check on him. He had his eyes locked straight ahead of him, not really looking at anything. His jaw was still clenched, indicating he was still tense. I wouldn't blame him. Considering what just went down in front of me, I can only imagine what else happens between the two of them. I bet that was only a small bit of what goes on, like a little sneak peak. As I continue to think, I suddenly get curious if Clark has ever gotten more physical with Harry or if ever got close to it. 

I shake my head to get rid of my thoughts and continue to organize, prepping what I was about to show. I slide copies over to Jackson, Harry, and Clark so they are all able to see the finale results and so they are able to follow along with what I have to say.

The silence between the four of us is abruptly broken when Clark's loud voice fills the room, "Where is that damn coffee girl?"


"...Just sign here, initial here, and sign one final time down on that line and we should be good to go." I point out where all three of them have to sign off, and once they finish they slide their packets over to me. I stack them neatly before slipping them in a folder and handing them to Jackson so he is able to put them in the record books. 

Clark and Jackson were content with the tour schedule which was very pleasing to hear. It was a relief, really, to have that finally completed and approved. 

Jackson rose from his seat as did Clark and they both shook hands, thanking each other for the time here today. 

We managed to get the meeting over by one, just in time for Clark to head over to his other appointment across town. Once we had gotten started everyone mellowed out and started to really work. Harry remained silent throughout the entire meeting, only uttering simple answers to our questions for him. He couldn't really be vocal with us since his manager was sitting beside him and he would have gotten in trouble if he dared to open his mouth again.

Harry rose from his chair, and as Clark and Jackson stepped away from the table and towards the window, he took this opportunity to start walking towards the doors. I knew he wanted to get as far away from his manager as he could at the moment. I would too if I were him, hell, I want to get out of this room as fast as I can and back to my cubicle where I could sit and work in peace. But I wanted to make sure he was okay before he walked out. I didn't know when I was going to see him again afterall. 

"Harry?" I softly called out to him, briefly looking over at the two to make sure I didn't draw attention to him or myself. Sure enough they were still chatting amongst themselves. I looked back at Harry to see him with one hand on the door, peering back at me with his eyebrows raised. I walked as quickly as I could over to him, adjusting my skirt along the way. My heels clicked along the floors as I walked and once I was in front of him, I sighed. "Are you alright?" 

Harry lowly chuckled, "What do you think, Elizabeth?" He sarcasstically spoke. 

"I think you're tense from the outburst you had earlier with Clark..." I softly say to him. "You were quiet the entire time today and I wanted to make sure you were okay after it."

"I've been tense ever since I woke up this morning," he spat, "But stay out of my business. Even if I fought with Clark in front of you does not entitle you to approach me and ask about my feelings." 

"Has he ever physically hurt you?" I ignore his statement and press on. 

"Fucking hell, Elizabeth," He places his hands on his face and roughly pulls them away, "Did I not just tell you to stay the fuck out of my business?" 

"Well, he grabbed you face today so I was just wondering..." I start but he silences me.

"Shut your damn mouth and leave what happened between me and Clark stay between the two of us," He seethes, loud enough to bring attention to us. "You don't need to be in everyone's business all the time, and you sure as hell should never be in mine. You don't know anything about who I am, and you don't give two shits about me. So quit the act, Elizabeth, and tend to your own problems instead of mine." He turns to leave again but Clark's voice stops him.

"Where the hell do you think you're going, Styles?" Clark harshly calls after him. 

I watch closely as Harry turns back around and takes a large breath, trying to control himself, "To get the fuck away from you." He then pushes on the door and bolts from the room.

"Styles!" Clark calls, hastilly walking towards the door, "Styles you get your ass back in here or else!" Clark leaves the room, chasing after a pissed off Harry, leaving me and Jackson alone in the room, looking at one another with confusion in our eyes.

I look back towards the door and gulp; I had sent him over the edge.



A/N; woooooooo an update. i actually managed to get another chapter out within a few days of the last update. i am honestly very pleased and very happy, and i really hope you all are as well! this one has Harry in it and his manager as well.

what did you guys think about it? feedback is highly appreciated! xx.

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