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9. s e v e n



s e v e n



   My eyelids flutter open to be met with the morning sun streaming in through the window across from my bed. I stretch a bit, my eyes squeezing shut as I do so. As I am stretching, my arm bumps into something, more like someone actually. I turn over onto my other side and notice a someone sleeping beside me. I lean in closer to get a good look at whoever it was and my eyes widen once they land on the familiar bunch of curls. A scream leaves my lips as I try to scoot away from him as far as possible, eventually falling out of the bed. I hear the bed creak, and I hear a thump on the other side of the bed and I know he also fell out of the bed. Probably startled by my screaming. I slowly stand back up and peer to the other side of the bed, seeing him rub his head. He stands up as well and looks straight at me, his eyes widening.


   "What the hell?!" He shrieks, "What the hell are you doing in my house?!" He yells, but then grabs his head, groaning. I look at him for a few moments before it's my turn to yell.


   "Excuse me, but this is not your house. This is my house." I say back, gesturing around the room then pointing to myself. He looks around then looks back at me, his eyes wide.


   "What the hell am I doing in your house?! We didn't sleep together did we? Oh hell..." He says, clutching onto his hair.


   I grimace at him, "Ew! Is sex all you can think about, Harry?!" I yell, grabbing one of the pillows off the bed and chucking it at him.


   "No, I don't always think about sex, but when two people wake up in the same bed together I kind of assume..." He trails off.


   "No! For your information, you got drunk last night at a club and if I didn't come after you last night you probably would have gotten yourself into a shitload of trouble with your manager." I say back, pointing at him. "And would two people who slept together be fully dressed when they woke up?"


   He looks at me then checks himself for clothes, a sigh escaping his lips. " Whew, thank God." He mutters and I roll my eyes. "Then can you explain to me why I am in your house and why I just woke up next to you?"


   "You were passed out in Niall's car last night, and I was in no mood to pat you down in order to find your house keys, so you spent the night here." I say as I fold my arms. He tenses at the mention of Niall and I furrow my eyebrows at him. He looked slightly angered at the thought of Niall and just as I am about to ask him what the matter was, he started talking again.


   "That still doesn't explain how we both woke up in the same bed..." He says as he points to the bed we were both just in, relaxing his shoulders. He seemed to snap out of whatever trance or mood that he was just in for those few seconds and I decide to dismiss it.


   "You wouldn't believe me if I told you so just forget it. The bathroom is down the hall to your left, and I'll be down in the kitchen making some breakfast. I'll drop you off at your house so you can get ready for our meeting at nine." I say as I turn on my heels to walk away but his voice stops me.


   "Even if I don't believe it, I still would like to know." He huffs.


   "If you want to know, before I left the room last night after making sure you got to bed, you asked me to stay with you." I say, turning back around to face him.


   He was silent for a few moments, taking it all in. "I was drunk." Was his response to me.


   "Yes I know you were." I reply and turn to walk away again.


   "So why did you agree to stay with me?" He asks, trailing after me.


   "I don't really know. I was tired so I was in a vulnerable state I suppose." I shrug as I walk down the stairs and towards the kitchen. He sat down at the bar stool at the island, groaning again and gripping onto his head. I walk over to a couple of cabinets and pull out a glass and a bottle of pain killers in another. Then, I walk over to the sink and turn the faucet on, sticking the glass under it and waiting for it to fill. Once its full, I shut the faucet off and walk over to him, handing him the glass and two pills. "Here." I mumble.


   He looks up at me as he takes the objects from me, immediately taking the pills and gulping down the water. "Thank you." He replies to me. I walk back over to the stove and turn it on, searching for a pan in the cabinet next to it. 


   "What would you like for breakfast? I have eggs, cereal, I could make pancakes or waffles-" I start but I am cut off by him.


   "You're so nice to me all of a sudden..what happened to the strong headed Elizabeth that I used to know?" He asks and I stop what I was doing and look over at him. He was right. All of a sudden I was being nice to him and with no explanation behind it all. What did happen to the old me?


   "It's part of my job to take care of you." I say to him as well as send him a small smile. He shakes his head.


   "But every time we used to see each other, we would bicker or argue or have some sort of disagreement. We always butt heads with one another, why have you all of a sudden gone soft?" He asks, looking at me skeptically.


   "Like I said, it's part of my job to make sure you are alright. I'm supposed to take care of your needs." I say as I turn my attention back to the stove. He drops the subject and answers my earlier question of what he would like for breakfast, 'bacon and scrambled eggs'. I quickly made it up and placed the plate down in front of him. His eyes lit up like a little child's and he quickly picked up the fork, devouring the meal.


   "Would you like something to drink?" I ask him as I walk over to the fridge.


   "Some apple juice would be great, if you have any." He says through a mouthful of eggs and I have to hold back my laugh. He sounded and looked so funny like that. What the hell am I saying? I shake my head as I look around, finding a jug of it on the top shelf.


   "Lucky for you, I have some, and just a little bit left at that." I say as I pull it out and place it in front of him, walking away to get him another glass for the juice and once I turn back around with the glass in my hand my mouth drops. He was drinking the juice right out of the jug. He looks at me and pulls the container away from his mouth, sheepishly smiling at me.


   "Sorry." He says, still smiling.


   "What if I wanted some, too?" I ask as I cock an eyebrow up.


   "There wasn't much left so I kind of just figured-"


   "That I would let you have the rest of it." I finish for him and he nods his head at me. I walk over to him and set the glass down, "You should have at least waited for a glass, it's more sanitary." I say to him as I turn away and walk towards the sink to do the dishes. "Besides, you don't know if anyone has drunk from the jug prior to you." I smirk as I hear him spit something out. I turn my head slightly to see him wiping his mouth with a napkin as well as pushing the jug away from him. This time a laugh slips past my lips and I have to place my hand over my mouth to hide it a bit. He sends me a glare.


   "That wasn't very nice, Elizabeth." He warns me as he finishes wiping his mouth and putting another forkful of eggs in his mouth. "I could get sick and miss important meetings or upcoming events." He says, "And it'll be your fault." He says as he points his finger at me.


   "My fault? You couldn't wait five seconds for a glass to take a drink, so if it's anyone's fault here it's yours because of your eagerness and your lack of patience." I say as I put the final plate in the dish washer. "Alright, I'm going to go upstairs real quick and freshen up, then I'll take you home so you can get ready for the day." I said as I wipe my hands on a towel before heading out of the kitchen and up the steps.




   "Hurry up, Elizabeth!" I hear Harry whine from downstairs.


   "I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yell back as I put my earrings in. I smile at myself in the mirror before I walk over to my closet and find my black heels, slipping them on. I then walk over to my bed and grab my phone from the charger and walk out of my room and back down the steps towards the living room. He's sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone, oblivious that I was finally done getting ready. I walk over to the door and pick up my purse and my briefcase that was sitting by the door, as well as grab my keys that were hanging on the coat rack. I clear my throat which causes him to look up at me. "You ready to go?" I ask him and he gets up off the couch and walks over to me.


   "It's about damn time." He grumbles as he walks past me and out the door. What crawled up his ass and died? He was fine this morning before I went upstairs to get ready... "C'mon, Elizabeth! I don't have all day!" He yells from outside and I quickly leave my house. I walk towards my car and see him impatiently waiting by the passenger side door.


   "It's unlocked, you can get in." I say to him and he immediately opens the door and gets in, slamming it after him. I then get inside and set my purse behind me as well as my briefcase before starting the car. I buckled up before I put the car in reverse and backed up, heading to his house.


   It was silent in the car for the majority of the trip so far, and the tension in the car made me uncomfortable. I don't know what happened while I was getting ready, and a part of me really wanted to know. We were doing okay this morning, actually talking to one another without any hatred behind what we said. I was really disappointed at his mood change, but it just shows that people really never change.


   "Are you alright?" He asks, surprising me. I take a quick glance at him before looking back at the road ahead of me.


   I gulp before I answer him, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking.." I say. I hear him hum as his response. I don't want us to go back to that awkward silence so I speak up, "How about you, are you alright?"


   "Yup." He answers, bringing us back to the silence we were just in.


   I can't hold this in anymore, "What happened back at my house? You seemed kind of upset." I say in a nice way, hoping he would answer me.


   "Manger wants to meet with me over something after our meeting this morning. He seemed pretty ticked at whatever it is and I guess that just put me into a mood as well." He grumbles and I feel my heart rate increase. His manager couldn't have seen the pictures already, it's barely eight thirty in the morning..


   "Do you know what he wants to meet with you over?" I then ask and I see him shake his head out of the corner of my eye.


   "No clue, but whatever it is, I have a feeling it's not going to go down well." I nod my head as I pull into his driveway, coming up to the gate. I roll down the window and press the buzzer, waiting for the housekeeper to come over the speaker.


   "Styles' residence, who might you be?" She asks us.


   "It's me, Lilly, and Elizabeth as well.'' Harry says for me and a second later the gates slowly open for us to go through. I thank Lilly before I drive forward towards his large estate, stopping right in front of the front steps. 


   "Well, I guess I'll see you in a little while for our meeting." I say as he unbuckles his seat belt and opens the door to get out. He looks back at me and doesn't say anything for a few moments, as if he was contemplating something in his mind.


   "Yeah, see you in about half an hour." He says to me as he gets out, sending me a small smile as he closes the door gently this time. He waves to me before he walks up the steps to his house, shaking his head in the process. I watched him as he entered his house before releasing a breath and pulling out of his driveway, heading towards work and wondering what the hell happened this morning.




A/N: Hope you all enjoy this! Please tell me what you think! c:

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