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10. e i g h t



e i g h t



   Harry was late. As usual. Things never change with him. I should have offered him a ride to work, that way he would have been on time, but a part of me knew he would have declined it as it was 'out of the usual'. Hey, I don't know what suddenly overcame me to start being nicer to him. If I have to assume anything then I guess it would be seeing him in such a vulnerable state last night at my house. It surprised me honestly at how someone so cold could be so warm at the same time. But then again he was drunk off his ass and when you are under the influence you tend to do things that aren't usual for you. He even said it himself this morning that he was drunk and to not take it to heart, so that is exactly what I am going to do. Just let it go and continue on with my life.


   I have been sitting here in my cubicle for the past hour, gazing between the clock and the long hallway waiting for his tall, lanky figure to come this way but so far nothing. My fingers begin to tap against the wooden desk, impatience forming within me as well as nerves. I was worried for him. What if his manager got a hold of him before he could report here for his meeting? What if they had an argument and Harry took off somewhere to cool off and he got hurt? Stop worrying, Elizabeth, he's fine. He doesn't deserve your worry anyways.


   "Hey, Lizzy." I hear which pulls me from my train of thought. I spin around in my chair and look up to see Jewels smiling down at me.


   "Hey, what's up?" I ask her.


   "Some of us are going out for an early lunch and we wanted to see if you wanted to go with us, if you're not busy that is. I don't want to pull you away from your work." She says to me, smiling afterwards.


   "Sure, let me just grab my purse." I said as I reach down under my desk for my purse, pulling it out as well as standing up. "Alright, I'm ready to go." I say to her as the two of us begin to make our way to the lobby of this floor where the others are.


   "Hey! You managed to pull her away from her work." Liam said as Jewels and I approached the group. The others with him begin to laugh and I can't help but laugh along with them. I am known around here as the work-a-holic so when I do manage to get a break, everyone is shocked, yet also pleased that I managed to stop myself for a little while and relax.


   "Yeah, her offer of food really drew me in." I reply to them as I look over to Jewels, smiling slightly before erupting back into laughter.


   "So," Liam said, clapping his hands together to quiet us all, "Where should we go for lunch?" We all looked to one another to see who had a thought but no one seemed to speak up.


   "I know of a little cafe just down the road. The food there is decent and the people there are phenomenal. The environment is just relaxing and warm, trust me it's a great place." Jewels suggests to all of us and seeing that no one us had come up with anything else, we all settled on that. All of us were chatting amongst ourselves as we all began to file into the elevator. Just as I am about to step into the elevator with the rest of the group, the elevator next to us dings signalling someones arrival.


   "Elizabeth?" I hear his voice call to me and I stop and look at him, "We need to talk." His voice is stern and it sounds like he's upset. My mouth parts as I look back to the people waiting for me in the small space. All their eyes were on me, waiting for me to join them. Liam had his hand over the elevator door to hold it as they waited for me to join them. I then look back over to Harry who stood there tapping his foot against the floor impatiently. Maybe if I went with him, I could find out why he is upset and why he was late - like the nosey person I am. But then again that is his personal business, the last thing he needs is for me to be prying in it.


   "Lizzy? Aren't you coming?" Jewels suddenly asks me and I snap out of the trance I was just in. I look over to her then back over to Harry, then one more time over to her.


   "I'll meet you downstairs, I shouldn't be long." I softly say to them as I reach inside the elevator and press the main floor button, sending them on their way down. I then turn to face Harry who was already walking away, leaving me no choice but to follow after him. I tucked my purse securely under my arm as I ran after him, my heels clicking loudly against the tiles.


   "Harry!" I call after him as he takes an abrupt turn into the all to familiar conference room. I walk in afterwards, looking around. He closes the door behind me and that's when I turn around to face him. "Hey are you al-" He raises his hand as a sign for me to stop talking.


   "I just came here to get on with this meeting that I promised I'd be at." He grumbles as he looks at me.


   "Ri-right now?" I stutter, pointing towards the ground as a gesture to this exact moment.


   "Yes, right now. I didn't just spend an hour in traffic for no reason." He says to me. Ah, so that's why he was late, but that wasn't the reason why he was so upset. Something must have happened within that hour.


   "Um," I start as I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear, "Right now isn't such a good time, I was planning on going to an early lunch with some of the other workers." I mumble out, looking up at him.


   "Well, right now is the only good time for me. I have to meet with my manager soon about some shit that he saw on the internet today. I need to get on with this so I have less on my plate to worry about." He yells at me and I flinch, taking a few steps back. That just confirmed my suspicions. His manager had seen the photos, and he clearly wasn't happy about them at all, and the fact that I was in the pictures with him meant that his manager also had a bone to pick with me for not getting him out of there sooner. "You know what?" Harry suddenly said, "Go with the other workers." He yells, throwing his hands above his head. "I need to go blow off some steam." He says more to himself as he runs a hand through his hair before turning around on his heels and leaving, making sure to slam the door after himself.


   I am left there, wondering what the hell is going on and what is going to happen next with him. I am on a roller-coaster when I am around Harry, we go up and down and all around several times a day that I have no idea what will happen next. He's such a bipolar. One second he's alright then another he's in a pit of anger. I don't think I'll be able to put up with this that much longer. My health won't be able to tolerate it.


   I shake my head as I leave the conference room, gently closing the door after me. I then walk back down the hallway and towards the elevator, hitting the down button and patiently wait for it to come. My foot tapped against the floor as I waited for it, humming along to whatever song was softly playing in the background on our floor. Once the elevator arrived I stepped inside and pressed the main floor's button, the doors instantly closing. My phone buzzed in my purse and I pulled it out, seeing it was a text from Harry. I rolled my eyes. What could he possibly want now after what just happened in the conference room?


Meeting, tomorrow at noon. We're finishing all business then. - H


   I locked my phone, not even bothering to reply to him. I'm happy that tomorrow we would actually possibly get our work done, as long as nothing pops up or someone interrupts us. The elevator dings, and the doors slide open. I step out of the small space and begin to walk toward the front where everyone else is still waiting for me.


   "Hey, thank you so much for waiting for me." I say as I approach the group. They all nod their head at me and say it was no big deal as they knew the reason why I had to pull back for a few extra minutes. My work called, and I had no choice but to answer it. We all start to head out of the building, and begin to walk down the sidewalk towards the little cafe that Jewels recommended.


   "What happened between you and Harry up there?" Jewels suddenly asks me.


   "The typical yelling fest, you know the usual." I say shrugging my shoulders, "Why?" I then ask, confused as to why she was asking me that. She never asks me about what Harry and I talk about as that is all private information, it's strictly business. Unless something happened down here that I am unaware of.


   "I was just wondering, because when he came back down here he seemed pretty pissed about something." She then said to me and I press my lips into a line.


   "He's probably just stresses out with everything coming up. He did tell me that he was going to go blow off some steam before he met up with his manager, so maybe he's just really anxious for that." I say to her as we arrive at our destination.


   "He needs to blow off that steam then, he threatened to have some people fired if they didn't get out of his way." She says as we all walk over to a little table on the patio.


   "That's typical Harry for you, though." I simply say as I shrug my shoulders, picking up the little menu set before me. I begin to scan through all the options, tuning everyone out as I try to figure out what I wanted to eat. My mind couldn't get off of Harry though, I was truly worried for him. His manager was going to go off on him in a matter of hours and that will only anger him even farther. Who knows what he will do. I just hope he doesn't get himself into a lot of shit. If he does, oh boy.





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