For The Fallen Dreams


1. This is my life.

   I walked into the front double doors of the building a bit soaked from rain. But I guess it's okay no one notices me anyway. I walked down the hall trying to avoid getting shoved by the popular people. They always seemed to be so jumpy these days. In my mind it's like 'Bitch!! Sit the hell down you're seventeen for someone's sakes' but I can't speak. I can't even shared thoughts. That'd draw attention. Attention I don't want or need. I just need to be alone. Alone. 


  "Jaclyn. Umm Jaclyn you alive there?", Drake's voice broke me out of my thoughts. He sees slightly concerned but then again everybody did when I don't respond. I just nodded and tried to side step him and leave. He's not really a friend. Just a kid I used to know. Then he hit puberty and got 'HOT' as some would say. He grabbed me by my shoulders and started speaking. Again. "Jaclyn is was wondering if you wanted to go this weeks dance with me?" He smiled at me. I looked up at him bright red and feeling a bit faint. No one's ever asked me out.


   Suddenly laughter was heard all around me. It hurt a bit more when I felt some in my face. It really hurt to see Drake laughing at me, a cruel joke. That's new. I heard them talking and laughing even more. I walked away with my head down. Heading towards my locker. It kills me. All the fucking tormenting. It never cease to exist. The rude comments are enough but really this is enough. I put my books in my locker and took out what I needed. I walked up the east wing stairs to the female bathrooms no one ever used there. There's only two toilets here but it's really spacious. Over the course of two years since I was a freshman, I began to clean in up. I put a new lock on and threw out o of the toilets. I added some chairs and a used couch from the teachers lounge up here. I also put a mini fridge up here stocked with some Monster, Rockstar and a few bottles of water. Also I added a shelf fille with books and some bags of chips. I also added a radio and put in a cheap fan invade it gets hot. And my most prized item a window with a latter so I can climb up to the roof or climb up here at night. It's really amazing if you can get pass the fact that you have to hear boys use the bathroom and gossip all the time. But that's why there is a radio. I can just listen to so Sleeping with Sirens or Asking Alexandria kick back and watch Netflix on my phone. Simple plan created for me. 

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