For The Fallen Dreams


2. Alone with the new kid.

          I ended up skipping first block and going to second since it was on the third floor. I was the first one to Mrs.Timmons Math class. Trig is hard to most people. But to me it's just a matter of memory. I walked in and took my usual seat against the wall. First chair near the door. It was okay. I got here first I left first. 


       Slowly the class started to fill up. I looked up and smiled at a girl I never saw before. She smiled at me revealing a bunch of braces. She looked pretty cool to me. Wearing a Black Veil Brides shirt and a pair of Andy Beirsack leggings with combat boots. I wish my mom would by me that. She was a bit on the chubby side but that was fine. She looked really pretty. "Hi." She said as she sat next to me. I replied by saying "Hello." Damn I hate being so formal. I turned forward and faced the from not looking at her again although I could feel her staring at me. I closed my eyes I could feel a headache coming on. First it's a wave of tiredness and then it's a full on migraine. Great I thought to myself. And I have gym next. 

Class ended and gym began. I quickly changed before anyone could see my scars. Someone once said "Scars show where we have been, not where we are going." But I just can't stop losing hope. I've never done anything wrong. I do my homework, get good grades, and still get treated like shit. Live is just useless to me. More of a nuisance than anything specia-, "Hello, I'm Rian." The new girl stuck her hand out for me to shake, which I did and introduced my self.

We stand in awkward silence and then I noticed we are alone. This is not good. For me or for her. Shit!!!

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