Her Last Request (Luke Hemmings FanFic)

Leah Jamison's little sister, Rosaline, has acute myelogenous leukemia. Leah's Parents never leave their daughters side. When Make-A-Wish Foundation comes to hear Rosaline's wish, It shocks everyone. Most 14 year olds wish to meet someone famous, but not Rosaline. She wishes that her sister would fulfil her dreams of becoming famous alongside her best friend Luke. When Leah hears this she makes a promise to her sister to perform in front of thousands along with Luke. Rosaline tells her she will hang on until she makes that promise. Leah is left with a big problem; Luke is on tour with his band and knows nothing that's going on back home.


2. The Wish

Leah's POV-

 I wake up in the morning. I use to hear bird annoying me, but now it’s like they know there’s hearts slowly breaking in this cold dark house. I get up and go take a long warm shower. The warm water is like a pain killer to me. I finally get out when the water goes cold. I get dressed in yellow skinny jeans and a navy tank top and navy TOMS. I loosely curl my hair. I grab my book bag and go to the car. I get in and drive to school. Ugh school I hate every minute of it. All it is in sympathetic  looks for everyone, even the jocks and cheerleaders. 

I walk park in the student parking lot. I got put with all the rich kids because we have nicer cars.  I get out and lock my doors. As I'm walking to class Emma walks up to me. She one of the only friends of mine, after what happened to Rosa, I closed the rest of them out for a long time. She was the only one who knocked on my door every day to see how I was, not if I was okay, because let’s face it. I wasn't okay and I’m still not.

"Hey chicka!" She says in her thick American accent. She moved her when she was 15 and made sure to listen to Americans everyday so she wouldn't lose her accent. 

"Hi." I say walking into class.

"How you been?" She says with genuine concern.

"I've had better days. You know when Make-A-Wish comes it means death is close." She nods with a sad expression then diverts her eyes somewhere far from mine. 

The rest of the day goes by quick because I don’t want to go to the hospital and hear what Rosa is gonna say. I walk to my car to see Jake leaning on my car with some of the other Jocks. His dad works with my parents so every year we hang out at the family picnic for the hospital. I walk up hoping he will move, but he doesn't. I'm not mad though, it means I have a reason to be late on arriving at the hospital.

"Can I help you Jake?" I ask him.

"I heard about Rosa and what’s happening today."

"Yeah, so what about her?"  I ask him sitting in the driver seat.

"If you need anything, my family is open for help." he says walking away.

I have to leave for the hospital now. I huff out a breath and leave the school. I take the long route to the hospital. Once I'm there, I walk to the cancer wing and walk through the double doors. When you walk in everyone stares at you. When they see you’re a regular they carry on. I walk to room 150 and hover my hand over the handle. 

I finally have up enough nerve to turn the door handle. I walk in the room to see Melissa from Make-A-Wish talking to Rosa. Mom and dad are listening to very detail. I offer a sad smile to them. Melissa whispers to Rosa and Rosa nods.

"May I speak with you outside Leah?" She asks. I nod and follow her.

"Your sister wished for something that involves you." She pauses. "Your sister wished you would fulfil your dreams." I stare at her and start crying. 

I walk over to Rosa “What dreams?" I ask her

"Your dream is to perform alongside Luke...In front of millions. Promise me you'll do it." She says weakly. “I must see it live to." she finishes offering what is supposed to be a smile

"I promise if you promise to stay on earth that long." I say crying while hugging her close to me.

"I promise Leah." She says giving a sad smile.

How in the world am I going to pull this off? I am pulled from thoughts when I feel bony arms entangling me. 

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