Her Last Request (Luke Hemmings FanFic)

Leah Jamison's little sister, Rosaline, has acute myelogenous leukemia. Leah's Parents never leave their daughters side. When Make-A-Wish Foundation comes to hear Rosaline's wish, It shocks everyone. Most 14 year olds wish to meet someone famous, but not Rosaline. She wishes that her sister would fulfil her dreams of becoming famous alongside her best friend Luke. When Leah hears this she makes a promise to her sister to perform in front of thousands along with Luke. Rosaline tells her she will hang on until she makes that promise. Leah is left with a big problem; Luke is on tour with his band and knows nothing that's going on back home.


4. Seeing Rosa

Leah's' POV-

I wake up on the couch and try to sit up, that doesn't happen. I look up and see Luke has his arms around me. I huff and finally admit defeat. I lay there till I think of a plan.

"Luke, get up fire!" I yell trying to remove his arm. He hops up and frees me from his arms. I get up laughing.

"You!" he yells smiling then running to me. He tackles me to the floor causing me to groan.

"I c-c-an't br... eathe." I struggle to get out. He notices I wasn't lying and he jumps up and helps me up.

"Wanna get the boys and go eat?" He asks.

"I need to get ready first." I tell him walking to the steps.

"Right, you women have to take showers and have clean clothes before breakfast. We'll meet you here." He says walking backwards out the door. I laugh as he goes wide eyed then falls to the ground on his butt.

I walk into the bathroom and take a shower. I take a shorter one then the other day because I don't feel pain in my heart this morning. I get out and decide to wear a v-neck chiffon tank, tie-dye shorts, and 2B bellini flat sandals. I curl my hair then twist a few pieces and put it into a bun. I grab some bracelets and put them on. I grab my phone then go downstairs.

"Ello American!" Shouts Calum.

"Hey Aussie." I smirk at him.

"We ready?" I ask Luke and Ash who are wrestling. Michael is dozing back asleep on the couch. I throw a pillow at him.

"I'm up!" he yells sitting up. We all laugh then get into my car. It's the only one that can seat 5 comfortably.

"Can we go see Rosa after we eat?" Michael asks.

"Yep, sure can Mikey." I say focusing on the road and trying to not think about Rosa dying.

We get to IHOP and get out the car. Most people don't pay attention to us, but you have those fans who are always gonna pop up when a girl is around them. I run in ahead of them so you really can't tell I was with them. After 15 minutes they walk in. They see me and sit down.

"Thanks for helping us. Totally cool." Ashton says sitting down across from me.

"Awe your welcome." I say acting like I didn't catch the sarcasm. He rolls his eyes.

We all order and get our food. Once we finish we go to the hospital. I walk to the cancer ward. They boys stop before walking in.

"What's wrong?" I ask them.

"I can't do it." Luke whispers the rest nod in agreement. I sigh.

"You think I wanted to walk up here the first day either?" They shake their head and follow me.

I walk into Rosa's room to see her brighten up when she sees Ashton. Her and Ashton had this brother and sister love that her and Luke never had. Ashton starts to cry. He hugs her and cries more. I feel someone wrap their arms around me. I see its Luke; he is crying and holding on to me.

"I'm sorry I wasn't here for you." He sobs into my shirt. My mom walks in from her shift.

"Hello boys." She says waving. She grabs clothes and goes to the bathroom.

We all sit down and talk for a long time like old times. Rosa was only 4 years younger then we, so she always hung out with us. Luke whispers something to my mom, who nods.

"Leah, lets go get some lunch." I nod and stand up following her to the cafeteria.

Luke's POV-

Once Leah leaves I decide to talk to Rosa and the boys about what to do for Leah.

"So Rosa, you want her to perform with us?" I ask leaning onto Rosa's bed.

"Yeah, I want to see her perform also." She tells me in a weak voice.

"What do you want her to sing?" Mikey asks.

"How about a song about your relationship?" she smiles. I can't help but smile at that.

"Okay a song about our relationship. Are you gonna come watch?" I ask

"Yeah or die trying." Ashton's eyes go wide.

"Don't say that Rosa!" Ashton loved her just as much as Leah did. When the three were together, you would think they were all brother and sister.

When Leah and her mom come back you can tell they talked about something. Leah and her mom both have red puffy eyes. Leah comes and sits beside me, ignoring the world that's around her.

"Boys I think it's time you all to leave. Leah sweetie go home and get some sleep." She tells us.

Leah gets up and walks out to the nurse station. We wait for her in the hall. Some man comes out and talks to her. She crumbles to the floor. I'm sure everyone can hear her cry. Ashton runs over to her and picks her up. I just stare at her. I have never seen her break down like that over anything. Ashton drives back home. Leah fell asleep on the way home. I get her out and carry her inside. I put her in her bed and tuck her in. I walk back downstairs to see everyone looking at each other.

"What was that about at the hospital?" Mikey speaks up first.

"I don't know. I guess we'll know tomorrow." I say.

I was wrong. The next day, Leah stared at the walls in her bedroom. She didn't even leave her bedroom much less her bed. Whatever was talked about that night was never told to us.

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