Her Last Request (Luke Hemmings FanFic)

Leah Jamison's little sister, Rosaline, has acute myelogenous leukemia. Leah's Parents never leave their daughters side. When Make-A-Wish Foundation comes to hear Rosaline's wish, It shocks everyone. Most 14 year olds wish to meet someone famous, but not Rosaline. She wishes that her sister would fulfil her dreams of becoming famous alongside her best friend Luke. When Leah hears this she makes a promise to her sister to perform in front of thousands along with Luke. Rosaline tells her she will hang on until she makes that promise. Leah is left with a big problem; Luke is on tour with his band and knows nothing that's going on back home.


1. Prologue

Leah's POV-

I remember it like it was yesterday. Rosaline, or as I always called her Rosa, wasn't feeling well she was really weak and had a fever for the past 5 days. I noticed her clothes weren't fitting very well. When mom noticed she got scared and made us all go to the E.R.

Turns out Rosa had acute myelogenous leukemia. I don't know who cried more me, her, or mom. I really haven't stopped crying. She went downhill in health fast. She welcomed death; she didn't even try to fight it off.

Now we sit here in an all-white hospital room, hearing the constant sound of beeping. Mom and dad somehow block it out, but me, it relaxes me. I hate this for Rosa, I want to take it from her and make her healthy again. I would go through what she goes through a thousand times over, if it meant she would smile.

Mom and Dad are pediatricians and only leave to work. They shower and eat in her with Rosa. I leave for school and most days come straight here. Sometimes I go home and just sit in her room. I try not to think that one day it will forever be empty. She doesn't talk about how she feels or anything.

The one person who would help me through all this is, well not home. He's off touring, being happy. I am jealous of him. He doesn't know what I'm doing or he would be here if he knew, but what friend would I be to ruin all the fun he's having?

Tomorrow is the day Make-A-Wish comes and grants her one wish. I wonder sometimes what she'll wish and sometimes I rather not know. She's 14 how much is there that she can wish for? I look at everyone and see their asleep. I take this as a chance to go home and sleep in my bed for the first time in 3 months. I gather my things and walk out the room. I wave goodbye to Dr. Ramirez and then walk out the hospital to the warm Australian weather. I get into the car and start to head home. I guess it's true when they say you cry when you're alone. I get home and get changed for bed. I go lay down, but my mind won't let me go to sleep. It keeps thinking about tomorrow, When Rosa says her wish out loud.

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