Michael and me

Me and Michael were in love no one could separate us we were both young lovers


1. New chapter

Me and Michael me and Michael was the word that kept playing in my head as I cuddled with him on the bed while watching world war Z he was playing with my fingers I looked up at him " hey Mikey"

" yeah " he said looking down at me

" I love you " I said while smiling at him

" I love you more "

I smiled and turned and watched the movie

I felt tired I turned and cuddled more into Michael and fell asleep


I woke up to a empty bed I got up and went to the the bathroom to see Michael brushing his teeth I gave him a hug and went back to bed waiting for him for a little bit he came in and cuddled with me I crawled on him and laid on him like that while hugging him he pulled the back of my shirt up and rubbed my back " hey babe ". Michael asked me

" yeah "

" can I kiss you " I looked up at him and kissed him so gentle but he kissed me hard not to hard but nice for a kiss we separated from the kiss he was rubbing my hip bones I leant in to kiss him again only for it to turn into a make out session some how my shirt got off I was only wearing my bra and underwear he had one hand on my hip and the other on the back of my neck he flipped us over so he was on top but still kissing me he was about to kiss my neck when the door bell ranged " I'll be right back ok babe " he said I nodded after five minutes he came back " who was it "

" Ashton "

" what did he want "

" he was drunk and he wanted to stay the night "

" what did you say "

" nothing he just walked away "

I nodded and got up and kissed Michael he picked me up and kissed back he kissed my neck and looked up at me

" I forgot some thing "

" what is it "

" I'll go get it one second "

He put me down gently

He came back with a silver necklace with a heart " I thought you know I would get you a neck lace because I love you he handed me a necklace he gave me it it was a heart locket

-skip to morning-

I heard the shower running it would be Michael I walked to the bathroom and striped and got in " good morning babe " I said to Michael while kissing his shoulder " good morning soon to be mrs Clifford " smiling while he said that he turned around " really I like my new last name " I love you " I said " I love you to but hopefully soon ill love someone els " he said. " what do you mean " I said frowning " I hope I can have a kid with you that's what I'm saying baby girl " I smiled and nodded

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