Vas Happenin?

It was a warm, crisp morning. The birds were chirping charmingly, with a soothing melody. The sun was shimmering vividly. Soon Julie woke up, even thought she stayed up all night, she still felt fresh. Last night she had felt like the luckiest person in the world. It all started yesterday when Julie had just turned sixteen...


1. Spring Time Crush

She had gotten a wake up call from her two best friends, Georgia-Rose and Diana. "Happy B-Day! Sixteen B-Day gurl!" She did her morning routine as usual. Ate her breakfast, and zoomed out the door to the bus. As she was waiting for the bus, her crush, Zayn Malik, a "cute" exchange student from Britain, pulled up next to her.

Zayn: Hey Julie. Vas happenin?

Those words were like magic. Oh, how he stole my heart.

I had responded in a geeky way. "Oh, it's just my sixteen birthday, and whatnot..."

Zayn: Well, happy birthday!

The next thing he did surprised me. He had kissed me on the cheek. I had felt alive. Once we had got on the bus, I sat next to my friends. "You won't believe what Zayn did to me!"

Diana: What?!

"He kissed me."

Georgia-Rose: Eeeeeeee!

"But...on the cheek. Unfortunately."

Georgia-Rose: Aww!

"Girls, what does it mean?

Diana: Welll, I think he likes you. It's that or a birthday kiss. Many girls don't get that. Even I didn't.

"Well...I don't know." I muttered.

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