Close As Strangers |M.C|

"I haven't seen your face in ages, now I feel like we're close as strangers" - M.C.


1. Prolouge

I picked up the phone, tapping in Michael's phone number. I had memorised it now. I heard the ring, then I heard Michael swallow. "H-Hey, Shari. I miss you. A lot. I wish you were here," I heard him sniffle. I had small droplets dripping onto Michael's old sex pistols tank top that I have. 

"I miss you too, Michael. When will you be back?" I asked, regretting I asked instantly. He sighed shakily. I could tell that he never wanted to tell me something. "Mike, please tell me," I closed my eyes, entering my mind. My memories. Mostly of Mike, all my happy memories involved him. 

"Shari, I'll be back in-" He was cut off. I growled and hit the phone of the table. He was about to tell me. A few seconds later, my doorbell rang. A part of hope sparked, thinking it could be Michael. Maybe he had a plan to surprise me! 

I walled to my front door. The person rang the bell again-and-again. "Just a minute!" I said with annoyance detectable in my tone. I put my hand on the silver door knob and placed the the other on the key. I twisted the key clock-wise then I pulled up on the door knob. I slowly opened the door. I heard the creak from the hinges, I looked up just to see some scout girls selling cookies. 

"Oh. Hi there," I said. The tallest one had a perky smile on her face. She had long ginger hair, ginger freckles and pale skin. Her eyes were brown and she looked so pretty. 

"Would you like to buy some cookies, Miss?" She asked ever so politely. I looked down to the smaller chubby one. She had a double chin, a round belly and almost dead eyes. She looked so plain, so scared. I was guessing she had social anxiety. She must have been only eleven or so. I looked at her arms. They had thin lines patterned on them. She self harmed. 

"Yes! Of course!" I smiled. The chubby one pulled down her sleeves. I looked at her and took my hand in hers. I pulled up her sleeve. "You are a tiger, you never ruined your body," I whispered to her.  I took out my black marker pen and drew a butterfly. "It get's better," I pulled her into a hug. The other girls smiled at me, and the chubby one grinned. 

"Thank you," She said hoarsely before passing me a box of white chocolate chip cookies. 

"Here you go, and thank you!" I smiled, giving them $20. I waved them off before closing the door. I was sad that It wasn't Michael, but at least I helped them. 

Then, the doorbell rang again...

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