Close As Strangers |M.C|

"I haven't seen your face in ages, now I feel like we're close as strangers" - M.C.


3. It hurts so much

When I woke up the next day, my pillow case was damp. Michael's right side of the bed was empty and cold. His pillows untouched. A pang hit my stomach, what if he was with anothet girl? What if he cheated on me?

I picked up my phone from my night stand. I swallowed and clicked on his contact. The phone rang and then I heard his phone being picked up. "Shari?" He breathed, his voice was dry and it sounded like he had a cold. 


"Yeah, it's me Mike," I confirmed. I heard a sigh of relief but he sniffled still. 

"I miss you, I miss you more than ever," My eyes pinched.  "And did Luke get to the house okay?" 

I sniffled. "Yeah, he did. He told me you're going to be away for a while. Well done on managing to write with All Time Low," I tried to smile, but I never had the power to. 


"Thanks babe," I leaned up, getting out my bed. 

"You're mum came round with Liz last night. It was nice.Mikey, I miss you and I'm finding it hard to cope, I love you," I let tears fall down my face.


"I love you too, baby," His voice was full of care and love. I could hear a voice in the background, I had ust remembered it's late over there, I had probably woken him up. I heard a girl laughing in the background as well as a male voice. 


"Michael, who's that?" My curiousity got the best of me. 

"Some girl Jack brought home," 


I pushed myself off the bed and looked out the window. I missed him more than ever. I placed my hand on the window. Looking over in the direction America is in. "I love you, babe, I love you so much," I whispered hoarsly. 


"I love you more than you know, Shari-Ann. I really do. Look after Luke, if he's bad, phone Liz haha," He changed the mood to a lighter one. 


"Yeah, all the fans call him shy but, trust me, he isn't. Especially not after 3 martinis, after that all the secrets come out," I laughed. 

I heard Michael chuckle lightly. "Yeah. Haha. Wait- did you say my mum was with you?" He gasped. I grinned. "Uh-hu," 


"Tell me what she said!" 

"Nu-uh," I laughed way too loud. "What time is it in the US?" 

"No idea, but it's late," He had a smile on his voice. 

"Get some sleep, Mikey. I love you!" I smiled. 

"Have a good day, baba. I love you too, bye!" 

"Bye." I heard the line go dead. I sat the phone on my bed and walked out into the kitchen. 


Luke sat reading 'Rock Sound' one of the best rock magazines ever. No as good as 'The Rolling Stone' come to think. 

"Hey, stranger," He grinned, jumping off his stool. He wrapped his arms around my small torso. I smiled, but tears from my phone call with Michael rolled out. "Hey," I sniffled into his bare chest. He pulled off and lifted my face up with his chin. "Don't give up, even though it hurts so much," 

I smiled slightly. 

"Thanks, Lucas," I teased.

 "Don't fucking call me that," He whined

"Oh, should I tell Mrs.Hemmings that you swore?" I asked. 

He gasped. "I'm so sorry Queen Clifford!"

I rolled my eyes at him. "Me and Michael aren't married," He smiled. 

"Not for long though," 

I raised my eyebrows. "And by that you mean...?" 

"Nothing, It doesn't mean anything," He winked. I growled and went through my kitchen cabnits. But one thing was on my mind; Michael. 


A/N: Soryy for too much speech. I decided this would be a very 'the-devil-is-in-the-detail' chapter. What do you think is going to happen? Also, does anyone like the new chapter? 

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-Shari (Cunning Cliffy Cat<3)



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