Close As Strangers |M.C|

"I haven't seen your face in ages, now I feel like we're close as strangers" - M.C.


5. Emo

I examined Mike's features carefully. We were only on FaceTime though. His eyes. They seemed to come off as emerald green, but when you look more intently, you can see the light ice blue that blends in with the emerald. On his right eye, he had a small patch of chestnut brown at the bottom. He had a smile on his face, but his eyes were sad and dull. His skin was paler than usual and bags were noticable under his eyes. "So. When do you think you'd be comming home?" I questioned. It seems like I always ask that when we speak. I envy that. 

"About in 3 weeks or something. I can't wait. I miss you, it's boring without my bestfriend," Michael sighed. I saw a pillow fly across the room. It hit him in the face. "Oi!" Calum's voice came into the chat. Cal's a great guy, kind natured, funny, cute. Though, I see him as a brother. I couldn't help but stiff out  laugh. 

I went back to looking at Mike. He had barbie blonde hair now. He also had a eyebrow piercing and three new tattoos'. He's changed alot since he had left. When he left, his hair was black and white. He called it 'reverse raccoon'. He never wore his black stud earings, he basically only wore his metalic hoops. Not the big ones', the small hoops. "Shari? Babe?" Mike clicked his fingers close to his iPhone. I unzoned out. 


"Hmm? Sorry, I was in another place," I laughed slowly. Mike smiled. His eyes' glistened, just like they did when we first met. We met in HMV, where I worked at the time. 




The front door was open, letting some wind glide in. It made my fringe slightly blow to the side. I thought I had put too much hairspray in this morning, yet, my hair still wouldn't stay still. My hair was a dark brown. I was fed up of the same colour. Never alowed to dye it. Never alowed to do what I wanted with it. Never alowed to do anything with my hair, to be completely honest. Music blared through the speakers that played in the store. I hated that music, it was all Jennifer Lopez and CeeLo Green. I was more into bands, to be more exact with that. I was more into bands like Mayday Parade, Slash, Black Stone Cherry, Bring Me The Horizion and Green Day. 

I looked to the door, a boy was standing by the more 'emo' section. I was the only person that worked here that really cared about music like that. My boss, Mr.Jefferson, wanted to stop stolking the CD's because he wanted today's youth to be more calm. I said my things on it, and he decided to keep them, but to make sure that I dealt with emos' and punks', like myself. 

Therefore, I had a two sections to look after and my counter was between them. Nobody else really came over where I was, they were too scared because goths', punks', emos', and 'scene/alternative' teens/kids would hang around. The sections I had to look after was all-types-of-rock and all-types-of-punk. 


The boy that was standing by the emo CD's and posters' was holding a All Time Low episode. I never really listened to All Time Low, I only knew a few songs. Not many though. The boy went through his pockets, looking for his money. He counted it and smiled, seeming pleased enough. He made his way over to me, I could see the vast dirty blonde fringe that was covering one of his green eyes. Well-they seemed green, but instead, they were mixed up with other colours. 

"Hey," He smiled pleasently. He looked roughly about my age. Which is 15. I was illegal to work but, I never saw a problem with getting paid. Who does? 

I smiled back at him. "Hi. I'm guessing you like All Time Low? Or is this a present for a friend?" I said, very awkwardly. Very...awkwardly. 

He grinned. "Yeah. I like them. I'm guessing you like Mayday Parade?" He said, pointing to my rubber band. 

"I love Mayday Parade, I was supposed to be seeing them in concert,  but I don't have anyone to go with," I explained. His face lit up, but then it downed again. 

"What about your boyfriend, doesn't he like Mayday?" 


I sighed. "I actually don't have one, and I probably never will. To be completely honest. I never have," I moaned. 

"Don't say that. You're nice, good looking and you have an amazing music taste, I'm guessing because your bracelets and phone case by the way. And the fact that you've been sat between everything that not a lot of people listen to," He chuckled. I shrugged and handed him his All Time Low CD. 

"Remind me to listen to All Time Low more," I told the boy. "Oh. And what's your name?" 

He smiled. "Michael, Michael Clifford. And you're Shari-Ann," He said looking at my name tag. 

"Do you want to come to the Mayday Parade gig with me?" Popped out of me. He might have thought that I was insane asking him straigt away. 


"I'd love to, Shari-Ann," He said, writing his number on a piece of paper. 




When we first met, his eyes glistened because the wind. But today, it was because of something else. "Mike, what's up?" I sighed. I hate seeing him upset. 

"I'm worried that you won't like the changes I've made to myself. I just want to be back home with you, holding your body in my arms, kissing your soft skin, falling asleep beside you, in the same bed. Under the same sheets. Like we were the same people. But we aren't, well I'm not. Not personality wise, just looks wise," He rambled on. 

I frowned. "Mikey, listen to me, it'll be the same, Our relationship will be stronger. I love you and how you look. I love your personality, I love your voice, your eyes, I love you completely," I said sniffing slightly. 

"But- Michael. I have started some...habits," I then continued. 


"Love you too baby, but what habits?"

"Umm, smoking and drinking, not like, too much," I hid my face behind my fringe that was still incredibly long. 

Michael exhaled deeply. Deeply and sharply. "That could kill you," He pointed out the obvious. 

"That's why I do it," I mumbled under my breath. Michael raised his eyebrows. Hoping that he never heard what I just said. 

"Shari. I've decided that I'll be visiting, only for three days but, at least I'll be able to see you," He said. I grinned widely. "Oh my god, seriously?!" I screamed.

He laughed. He was coming home, he was really coming home!




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