Close As Strangers |M.C|

"I haven't seen your face in ages, now I feel like we're close as strangers" - M.C.


2. All Time Low

I made my way to the door. I placed my hand on the cold handle, then I opened it. I looked down and I saw a familier pair of fully black vans. I scanned upward. I saw black skinny jeans and a 'you-complete-me' tank top. Then, I gazed at one of the most friendly faces I knew. I saw his dirty blonde hair in a quiff, his bright blue eyes that melted hearts, his light pink lips; decorated with a black lip piercing. "Hey, Shari!" He smiled. His arms opened wide.                                                                       "Lucas Robert Hemmings. I've missed you!" I grinned wrapped my tiny arms around his built torso.  I could feel his warm breath against my neck. I placed a platonic kiss on his cheek. "Why are you home?" I questioned. Feeling dissipointed that Luke wasn't Michael, yet don't get me wrong, I love Luke, Ash and Call as well. Just, in a brother-sister way. Even though they aren't related to me.            "Me and Ashton are both back because we aren't going to be writing on All Time Low's new album," Luke laughed, running his hand through his hair. I gasped. "So, wait. Are you saying that Mike and Calum are co-writers with All Time Low?" I questioned once more. He hates questions, but he has to love mine.                                                                                                                                                           "Allternitive. Oh, and Michael is making me stay here to look after you," He said ever so casually. I was over-joyed about him staying. Other than Mali-Koa, Calum's bg sister, Luke was my bestfriend. I moved to the side to let him in. "Nice house," He gazed around.                                                                 "Thanks. So, how are you? And how was Michael when you left him?" I closed the front door, then I walked into the spotless kitchen. He smiled, shaking his head slightly. Knowing that I had to include Michael in our conversation. "I'm great, and I just realised I haven't even told my mum I'm back, so I won't be for long," He chuckled. "And Michael was upset, he was scared that a boy would wisk you away," Luke told me.                                                                           "It's great that you're great, for now. But, why would he think that? I'm his, and he's mine. And Karen's, that reminds me, Karen is comming over with your mum tonight," I laughed. Luke' face made a scared look. I rolled my eyes and turned on the kettle. "M-My mum? Oh lord. Why are mine and Michael's mum's comming around?" Now he was the one asking question.                                  I got out two coffee mugs before giving my answer. "Just for a chat, I guess. Do you want me to phone your mum?"                                                                                                                                       "Yes, please."                                                                                                                                                 I got out my mobile and put the phone on loud speaker. The ring went on and on. "Hello, Shari!" Liz's voice sounded pleased.                                                                                                                        "Hey, Liz. I have news for you," I smiled.                                                                                                       "Umm, okay," Said Liz. With a very puzzled tone.                                                                                    "Lucas appeared at my front door a few minutes-a-go," Luke breathed out before saying, 'Hi mum'.                                                                                                                                                               "Luke! I'm comming over, Shari!" Liz yelled to the point where even deaf people would feel the viberation of her voice. 

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