-The Fault In Our Stars-

"The marks people leave, are too often scars"


2. Chapter 1

I woke up to, what reminds me of dragon sounds, that came from the BiPAP. At first I just laid in my bed for a couple of minutes. Feeling the pain within my body tearing my organs apart, almost like a tumor spreading inside me and growing bigger by the second. But the tumor wasn't growing. The pain partly came from the fact my lungs suck at being lungs, but it's been like that since I was the age 13, so I've got used to it. The rest of the pain, came from a big hole in my heart were Augustus once were. As i realized the pain wasn't going to disappear I realeased myself from the BiPAP, and dressed up for support group.

Despite the fact that i abselutely hate support group, and Patricks talk about his fight against cancer, I'm still going to every meeting. I don't go because I want to feel better, I want Isaac to feel better so therefore I go. I drive Isaac to support every time and sit beside him every time, and today was no exception.

My mom and I picked Isaac up at his house, at the exact time as we always did. And then we headed of to support group.

"Ready?" I asked, just as usual, when my mom stopped the car outside the church.

"Ready." Isaac answered quietly.

I took him by the arm and led him to literally the heart of Jesus aka the basement in the church. Everyone else were already there so we quietly sneaked in and sat down in our seats next to each other. Just Like we always did. Eversince Augustus passes away, isaac and i had become really good friends. We were always together and did nearly everything in each other's company. One might say that we were lovers, but I wouldn't call it that. No one, especially not Isaac would ever be able to give what Augustus gave to me.

"Hazel, it's your turn now" the voice of Patrick felt so far from me, but I managed to pull myself together and ones again tell everyone about my 'happy and wonderful life' with cancer. As usually I began saying everything was fine, and ending up telling that life is just a different kind of hell, than hell after life.

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