Ava and salih

This book is about Ava and Salih a good couple until Ava wants to move out and live with Salih but her parents don't like tht idea wht will she have to do to live with him


2. do u forgive meè

I get up the next morning and take a shower and brush my teeth I flat iron my hair and but it in a. Messy bun with a bow and a head band I put on a silk high waisted shorts with a pink tight shirt and tuck it in my shorts and but on my pink nike sneakers I get my keys and book bag for the last day of school I start to drive to school I get out the car and go to the tree like normal when I see Salih pull up to the school he comes over to me Ava I'm sorry it's fine she had a knife to ur stomach right yea she did he comes and picks me up I rap my legs around his waist and hug him and give him a kiss we go to my house after the last day of school we order pizza and put in a movie Salih falls asleep I hear a knock on the door I go down stairs and open the door OMG Haley u look terrible my dad tried to rape me she says as tears form in her eyes I got away and locked him in a room and got all my stuff and came here cause he doesn't no were u live so I'm here it's ok I feel so bad for u I say and give get a hug ok go get your clothes and park ur car in the second part if the twin garage ok and when if done take a shower put ur stuff in the guest room an there is pizza in my room and don't be loud Salih is sleep ok she says as she goes to do as she was told I go upstairs and see Salih is still sleep I kiss his head and put the covers on him and turn on the a.c I clean up my room real quick and put in the movie frozen I put on my fluffy night shorts and a tang top and put on Mich matched socks and fix my messy bun I hear a knock on the door it's Hal um were is the guest room follow me we walk down the hall and go to the guest room ok this is ur bed um you have ur own bathroom in here and there is a mini fridge with stuff in there make ur self at home thank you so much Ava it's nothing real friend help when a friend falls down thank u again

Haley's POV :

I get my silk shorts and a tang top and a bra and underwear for the shower u wash up and get out I blow dry my hair and put it in a pony tail I walk into Ava's room and see frozen is on yeek this is my fav movie

A mine too the pizza is on my desk

H ok thank you

Ava throws me a a pillow and a blanket I catch it and make a pallet on her floor we watch frozen and fall asleep

Salihs POV: I wake up and see Ava and her friend Haley is sleep I start to watch frozen and fall asleep on Ava's stomach

A I wake up and see it's dark I get up to pee and come back and turn on the tv and turn to the movie flushed away Salih wakes up hey babe hey I give him a kiss we watch the movie together until my alarm goes off it's 8:00 time for me and Salih to go to work 😑😒 we both get up I out on my work uniform for target and I put my hair in a pony tail and me and Salih drive to work as time goes by it's 12:00 now time to go home me and Salih home we stop in the front of my house Ava why Haley here her dad tried to rape her and he doesn't no were I live so she came here oh he gives me a kiss and we make out in his car for some time and then we go in the house and we see that Haley went to her room I get undressed and get in bed with just my bra an under wear Salih kisses me and we make out before going to sleep it's morning Salih wakes up and makes me strawberry pancakes with bacon he brings me breakfast in bed thanks babe your welcome anything for my queen I give him a kiss I place my food on my night table and kiss Salih he takes his shirt off and I take off mine we start to kiss more passionaly he takes my bra of an squeezes my boobs he takes off his pants he slowly takes my pajamas off an slowly pulls down my black panties he sticks his private into mine and moves it in and out I moan and moan and then a scream comes out I cover my mouth as he still moves his penis back and forth in my vigania I still moan as it feels so good he still moves it in and out and then he takes it out and we finish kissing and as more goes on 2 hours later we finish and I fall asleep in salihs chest

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