Just Here For School

Teenager Veronica Maine comes home from school one day and gets a letter inviting her to go to Ireland to go to a singing school. The school had heard her voice on Youtube on day and loved it. When she shows up love hits her in the face, will she find it or think I'm only here for school.


1. The Letter

Veronica's P.O.V.

          "Don't forget that we start school in a week and we need to get our supplies." I said to my best friends Amber and Tyler.

          "Okay. I have to run home to get my guitar then I will meet you guys at the park." Amber said. 

          "Well I have to get my camera so I will meet you V at the park too." Tyler walked away. Amber waved and walk towards here house. I began to walk to my car so I can drive to the park. Okay I bet you are confused on who I am. I am Veronica Rylee Maine. I love to sing, watch soccer or any sport (mostly soccer). I have two best friends, Tyler and Amber. We have been best friends since birth. They are my only friends. Amber plays guitar and I play piano. Tyler has a camera and he lives making videos on Youtube and he loves to take pictures. He wants to be a camera man or a photographer. I want to be a musician and a singer. Amber love hair, make up, and clothing. She want to be a stylist. Tyler videos me singing and puts it on my Youtube channel. I play the piano sometimes but Amber always play the guitar. We are headed to the park to make another video. 

                                                                     *At The Park* 

           "When she talks she somehow creeps into my dreams..." I finished Baby Blue Eyes by A Rocket To The Moon. Oh I hope it's good. 

           "Was It good? Did I sound alright?" I asked Ty and Amber.

           "No. It was great! You sounded amazing." Tyler said. Amber began packing up her guitar and Tyler was putting away his camera. I got in my car, waved bye, and began driving away. I turned on the radio and blasted The Ready Set while singing along. As I pulled up to my house I swung by and grabbed the mail. I pulled in and started looking through the mail. 

         "Mom, Mom, Dad, Mike, Mom, Dad, Dad, Dad, Mike, Me!" I said sorting the mail. What could the letter for me be about. It can't be collage because I'm only going into 11th grade. Ugh, what's in the letter? I slipped inside my house and sat at the bar in the kitchen. 

        "Hi honey. What did you do today? Did you get the mail?" My mom asked me clearly exhausted from working all day. 

        "Yeah I got the mail. I just went to the mall with Tyler and Amber. Then we made another video. Tomorrow we are going school shopping. I also got a letter in the mail. Did I miss someone's birthday or wedding?" I said putting the mail on the table. 

         "I don't think anyone had a wedding and there was no birthdays. Open the letter and find out. Also take Mike along when you go school shopping." Mom said while finishing dinner. 

        "I'll open the letter, duhh. If I take him he's only coming for two hours." I said tearing open my letter. Inside the was a some sort of note. 

 Dear Mrs. Maine, 

    We would like to invite you to the singing school in Ireland. We have heard your voice on Youtube and love it. Please gather all of your thing you will need and school supplies please and take the plane ticket inside this envelope and fly out to Ireland in two days. We look forward to meeting you Mrs. Maine. 

                                                     Halways School 

                                                     Of Ireland

    I froze. Going to Ireland alone for school. This is one big shocker. What do I do...



What do you think of the first chapter? This is my first book no hate please. What do you think Veronica will say about moving to Ireland for school alone. 3+  comments for another update. 









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