Call me Ashley - Ashton Irwin fan fiction

When Ashton grew up, the kids at school were teasing him a lot. They called him names, and well.. in the end, he started believing them.


1. Prologue

Hello, my name is Ashton Fletcher Irwin. I was born on July the 7th 1994. The day I was born, was the day my dad left. I’ve always thought that it was my fault he left, even though everyone keeps telling me it’s not. I’ve got two siblings, Harry and Lauren, but I’ve never seen them, the reason of that is because the men who got my mum pregnant ran away just when Harry and Lauren were born. It’s quite sad that I’ve never seen them, but it would’ve been even sadder if I had.

I was born in Hornsby, which is a city that is located 25 kilometers from north-west of Sydney. It was a really nice place, but the people there weren’t.

When I started at school, some guy named Jack started teasing me because of my big hands and feet. It didn’t really mean anything to me at that time, but later on he started teasing me because of my hair. Back then I was the guy who had the longest hair in my class, it went just below my ears, even though that doesn’t seem long, I had a killer fringe.

They started calling me a girl, and well… I guess that I ended up believing them.

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