City of Love

It's Kieren's birthday and Si decides to plan something special...


1. Chapter 1

Simon glanced over at Kieren. The late evening sun seemed to surround him in a halo of warm, orange light, bouncing off his strawberry blond hair. He looked ethereal - despite the old, faded grey hoodie and worn boots. Simon still couldn't quite believe that anyone this incredible could like him. Broken, lost, damaged him. They wandered, silently, down the narrow lanes, in no hurry to get back to Kieren's home. That was something he loved about their relationship. The fact they could be comfortable in the silence. There was no need for them to talk constantly just to fill the gaps - they were happy to just be.  

As they turned the corner onto the Walker's street, their pace slowed to a halt.

"What?" Kieren asked, a slight hint of puzzlement on his face. "You can come in you know. If you want, I mean..." He trailed off, waiting for Simon to respond. Now, a year into their relationship, he had thought Simon was more comfortable around his family.

"I know, I know, it's just..." He sighed, the corners of his mouth turning up. "It's just you. I don't want you to go inside. I want you to stay here. With me"

Kieren laughed. He couldn't help it.

"Stay here? Live on the street corner? Forever? Oh Mr Monroe how romantic"

"Yep. You, me, the pavement. That's the dream. Don't worry, you can borrow my jumper if you get cold. Now you're..." he leaned in, brushing his lips against his boyfriends ear. "Alive"

"Sounds perfect" Kieren whispered back, wrapping his arms up around Simons waist, under his ridiculous oversized coat, before turning his head and kissing that stupid, smiley pout. He pulled back, grinning.

"Come on you". Ignoring Simon's protests of "I'm serious let's just set up a tent - Amy has one we could borrow", Kier wove their fingers together and pulled the Irishman the rest of the way to his front door. At the last second he turned and leaned his back against the wooden board, pushing up onto his toes to peck Simon on the lips once more. But then - as it always did - once more became twice more, and quickly they had lost count. They were lost in the taste of each others lips.

"Ugh for gods sake get a room!"

Taken by surprise at this... interruption... They broke apart and looked round to see Jem leaning out of a window, fake-vomiting into the rhododendrons.

Laughing, Kieren gave her the middle finger. He was only half joking, but never the less he pushed the door open and stepped inside, eyes still locked on Simons.

"Thanks for walking me back. Go on now then, run off to your bungalow"

"Oh no. I really was serious about setting up camp at the end of your street. There's no keeping me away from you"

"Stalker much?"

"Very much"

For a few moments they just stood like that. Staring at each other with an intensity that made the rest of the world seem inconsequential. What could matter more than this?

"Come on loverboys, time to break it up. You'll see each other tomorrow at Kiers birthday party". Jem started playfully poking her brother in the arm until he finally shut the door, still smiling out through the glass until eventually she grabbed his arm and pulled him through into the hallway.

Simon trudged back, kicking at the dirt with the toe of his boots. Turning his face to the now darkened sky, he beamed up at the moon. Maybe this was it. Maybe he had found his home.

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