Sweet Nothing

"I HATE you Harry Styles!" "But, not as much as you love me." Harry was the school bully. He touched every one e.x. NIkki. Nikkei has a hard life with her mom's death, her abuseive, alcoholic father, and the one and only Harry Styles. Nikki like life is to much to handle. Will Nikki be able to handle this fine out in Sweet Nothing


2. The nightmare begins!


I ran upstairs and threw on a tank top and short shorts. After all that I did my homework.        AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I HATE MATH. 

                                                                  3 hours later. 

Finally after 3 long hard hours of work. I'm finally done with it. So I decided that it was time to check in on dad.As I walk down the stair and I smell  something. I looked in the kitchen to see dad cooking, which he rarely does not that I'm complaining. "Hey dad what yah cooking."

"Just some spaghetti for us."

"Ok I'm just gonna take a nap. Wake me when it's done."

I started to fall a sleep till I smell smoke. Dad ran into m room and packed my clothes and carried me out as i watched the house i grew up in burns.

"Dad were  we going to live."

"Don't worry I have a place."


            I will try to update every Monday and Wednesday. Luv you my bunnies

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