just like him

the first time I met zayn, I fell in love . we started a relationship, our love grew even bigger than before.It got strong enough to that we got married . we promised we wouldn't hurt each other, if its feelings or physical. But that promise broke.
But once he leave I am left with the child that is 'just like him'; the way she act , the way she moves, everything
you're just like him zaya malik Edwards , and I wish you weren't.


2. oh god!

perrie pov

I woke up in zayns bed , he was peacefully sleeping, he was shirtless too! I stood up.. oh no!i'm naked head to toe.

"it cant be!" I wisphered to myself, I stand up to see myself naked, " god"

I took some clothes out of the closet and put it on as quickly as I could, I took the ones on the floor and put then in a bin. once I was finish I went down stair to make breakfast .I put the waffles in the toaster, 'how am I going to tell zayn?maybe he used safety. we were drunk there's no way he'll remember to use a .' I kept on thinking and thinking, then I remember something;

" little mix number one promise" I almost shouted,"urg!"

I paced around the room, think of what to say to the rest. i know jade, jesy, and leigh ann will take it a bit rough on me but what about zayn? he might even hurt me.. maybe I should....

"morning, what cooking good looking?', I would probably giggle at what he just said but I had my mind on the problem.

"err...waffles", he looked at me suspiciously

"you okay?"

"uh.. what? oh um yea", I said still thinking.

he came closer to me, guilt filed my body. he pulled my chin up making me face him, he studied my face for a minute. he got closer to kissed me but i turned my face to make him kiss my cheek.

"what wrong?" he said angry

"nothing" butterfly filled my stomach

"doesn't seem like nothing to me, you're acting weird" ,he said, he pulled my chin again and kissed me, this time it was on my lip. i smiled," there you go", my smile got bigger.
"waffles are ready!" i yelled,
" i know!" he laughed
- after breakfast -
zayn pov
   perrie was acting weird , maybe she freaked out that we had sex. I don't know , we were drunk and I was also naked, so I guess I could call it that .
"zayn can I talk to you?" she walked towards me
"err.. sure" I said trying to fore a smile
"I think I maybe...p-pregnant" a tear rolled down her eyes I caught it and then smiled.
"good!" I said,
perrie pov
did he just say wht I think he just said or is this a dream?
"yea, now we have a new member of the family!", I smiled
I left the room and I called demi, jesy, leigh anne ,jade , elenour ,and the rest
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